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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONTROL

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Intellect, 41:mechanism on the physical plane. Finally, the control of these means of expression is brought aboutIntellect, 51:process is to enhance and deepen the control of the soul over this instrument. When this isIntellect, 52:with the indwelling soul. Later comes control by the soul, and a steadily increasing expression ofIntellect, 58:and gradually assumes an active and natural control. Like the physical and emotional organisms,Intellect, 78:work with the system. Meditation calls for self-control in all things, and unless the work ofIntellect, 78:under the "ordered process" (such as self-control and active service) it will fail in itsIntellect, 82:Son of God; the physical body is under direct control of the soul, for the illuminated mindIntellect, 82:Its method is that of focused attention, of mind control, or of meditation, and is a mode ofIntellect, 85:developed, but because as the inner God assumes control and dominates His bodies, His powers becomeIntellect, 95:who can think the most successfully, and who can control and utilize his apparatus of thought, isIntellect, 99:others - is that of concentration, the gaining control of the mental processes. Aspiration isIntellect, 99:and necessary step is the attainment of mind control. Meister Eckhart, writing in the fourteenthIntellect, 100:eastern method, which aims first to put a man in control of his mental apparatus, so that heIntellect, 100:by thoughts and ideas over which he has no control, and which he cannot eliminate, no matter howIntellect, 100:II, 52-53. The first step, therefore, is mind control. This means the power to make the mind do asIntellect, 108:gradually overcomes the difficulty of control and brings about results which might be enumerated asIntellect, 108:seem to make of both stages an achievement of control. Through the practice of concentrationIntellect, 108:Through the practice of concentration sufficient control should be achieved, so that the student isIntellect, 110:God. What is really needed is that we should get control of the mind and of the brain processes, soIntellect, 112:always be made and a sound foundation laid. The control of the mental processes can be begun, andIntellect, 119:One school teaches its students to gain control of the instrument of thought before anything elseIntellect, 119:of this instrument through primary failure in control, and then, through concentration andIntellect, 120:of living, but the majority never attain mind control. Educational methods as we now have them doIntellect, 124:the stage in our study of the process of mind control when we must proceed upon hypothesis. Yet,Intellect, 138:are to be known. Later, when a man has gained control of the mind and can offer it to the soul as aIntellect, 142:is necessarily brief at first but as progress in control develops, it lengthens. The key to theIntellect, 142:the instrument, the mind, is now in a state of control. It is, therefore, possible for the thinkerIntellect, 148:the meditation process, for it entails careful control of the mind and a scientific approach to theIntellect, 154:he has achieved a large measure of mind control and learned how "to hold the mind steady in theIntellect, 157:is the way of the mind, and its discipline and control. He steadies the mind; he stops itsIntellect, 168:one of constant intellection and steady mental control, and it is only in the early stages ofIntellect, 202:and intelligence in search of truth in order to control nature and transform matter for the serviceIntellect, 205:can be cognized by the man who can train and control his mind. Second: Upon the basis of thisIntellect, 206:of coordination: First, the endeavor to gain control of the mind, through the endeavor to live aIntellect, 221:is no true understanding of the process or right control by the mind of the "versatile psychicIntellect, 221:has developed faculties he is totally unable to control, and he finds very often that he is unableIntellect, 222:In the ancient teachings of the East, the control of the breath was only permitted after the firstIntellect, 228:Stages The attainment of physical comfort and control. The breathing is noted as rhythmic andIntellect, 234:we are making by our increased efficiency, self-control, stability and helpfulness. We have foundIntellect, 238:the world originator of all ideas. Through mind control, we become aware of the ideas which lieIntellect, 242:energy has us in its grip. By learning to control the energy of the spoken word we begin to masterIntellect, 251:over the reins of government and submit to the control of any entity, incarnate or discarnate;Intellect, 258:relations in order to demonstrate to himself his control over the animal nature; in other cases, itIntellect, 260:this situation can be summed up in the words: - control of the thought life and transmutation. AnIntellect, 262:between the eyebrows," and from that high place control all aspects of the lower nature, and guideIntellect, 265:along the paths of right education; they will control our economic, social and national destinies.Magic, 27:is directed by his soul and utilizes the mind to control the physical plane activities through theMagic, 27:development was two-fold. As the soul assumed control, via the mind, so the brain became responsiveMagic, 48:present, and man now can intelligently use and control, not only the machine, but the activeMagic, 55:of modern Eastern and Western investigators. Control the forces of his own nature and learnMagic, 59:and brings his desires and thoughts under control, the second field of knowledge is revealed -Magic, 62:soul is seeking expression, and endeavoring to control. Magic, 64:will drive the form into right action and right control. This is our objective and our goal. AMagic, 66:reaction and interaction, then people will control their bodies scientifically, synchronizing theMagic, 67:It involves a dual activity. [67] Learn to control thought. It is necessary to guard what youMagic, 77:and people will come into a normal and safe control of that most potent instrument, the vital body.Magic, 85:whose minds are gradually being brought under control. The man therefore is utilizing the lowerMagic, 86:the physical, which, for the majority, is the control, by the positive astral nature, of theMagic, 88:of the Hindrances As the man seeks to reach control of the mind, the soul in its turn becomes moreMagic, 100:these are welded by understanding, the soul will control in the three worlds and in all kingdoms ofMagic, 103:in thought. This will primarily result in the control of speech. Harmlessness in emotionalMagic, 105:into its vehicle, and, when the man is under control of the soul, there eventuates the shiningMagic, 108:energy. This is brought about by the magnetic control of the soul, seated "on the throne betweenMagic, 113:When you speak of the ego taking more or less control of a man you really mean that he has builtMagic, 113:matter of the higher subplanes. The ego takes control with interest only when the man has almostMagic, 113:of the fourth subplane the ego extends his control; when there is a certain proportion of the thirdMagic, 116:and form the basis of later progress. They control the man during his little evolved state, andMagic, 121:and also to have achieved some measure of mind control. These rules are not for beginners in theMagic, 133:useful disciple only becomes possible when the control of all his three bodies is coordinated andMagic, 158:in the work of meditation and their inability to control their minds, whereas both those aspects ofMagic, 161:who have achieved a fair measure of self-control and of personal disinterestedness. They are notMagic, 165:which are not as yet intelligently under his control. He experiences flashes of insight, and ofMagic, 165:form, and potent when employed. He cannot as yet control it and he is quite incapable of calling itMagic, 167:soul, he enters into voluntary and intelligent control of his instrument and learns to understandMagic, 168:and he will feel as if he were losing in mind control instead of gaining it, but this is only aMagic, 169:a time he regains his poise, and purpose assumes control of his life. He works at his own job, andMagic, 171:psychism, physical disability, and lack of mind control, and he therefore discovers that he has toMagic, 180:body is not involved and so the soul is not in control. The medium is an unconscious instrument, heMagic, 182:a longer experience upon the path and a wiser control of themselves. They do not work withMagic, 183:definite work along meditation lines, mind control, and the inflow of spiritual force. [184] b. TheMagic, 184:plane life and nature to the impress and control of the soul. This is covered sufficiently in theMagic, 184:rules and methods which bring the mind under control, stabilize the astral body and so develop andMagic, 188:response to the Plan, but they learn to control themselves and to fit themselves for service. ThereMagic, 194:grasp is that the will aspect of the soul should control the personality, via the mental [195] bodyMagic, 203:peaceful and to cultivate detachment and so gain control of himself. We teach him that in place ofMagic, 203:he can tabulate the forces which he feels control his life, and thus arrive at a reasonable andMagic, 204:Unceasingly, as the soul takes more and more control of its instrument and the soul nature steadilyMagic, 215:corresponds to the personality. The aspect of control through magnetic energy and the attractiveMagic, 215:has hitherto been the master, no longer can control, and the soul comes into full domination in theMagic, 222:separator, that the astral body is brought under control. Magic, 224:action is taken, and the disciple proves his control of his emotional nature. This may take theMagic, 237:problem is. The average man is learning the control of the physical body and the organizing of hisMagic, 237:of accepted discipleship has to demonstrate this control and begin to discipline the mind natureMagic, 238:but only by letting Krishna assume the reins of control, by learning mind control and by theMagic, 238:assume the reins of control, by learning mind control and by the revelation of the form of God. ByMagic, 240:Dweller and permits its steady and increasing control becomes a "deluder of souls". He is the trueMagic, 242:only be safely worked out when the soul assumes control of its triple instrument. Humanity is nowMagic, 244:what is going on and he awakens to the desire to control consciously this ebb and flow or (to putMagic, 244:He stands at the midway point and wants to control his own cycles, the "ebb and flow" as he himselfMagic, 246:is to achieve such a condition of conscious control that at will a man may be focused in his soul
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