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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONTROL

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Magic, 247:the field of conscious service, of directed control, and of force utilization towards specificMagic, 258:purity only exists when entire freedom from control has been brought about. The soul is groupMagic, 258:body has been overcome and liberation from its control achieved) the real significance of purityMagic, 258:primarily therefore liberation from emotional control and desire. Hence the constant, e'en thoughMagic, 259:moods and feelings run riot or who lack physical control cannot be counted upon in an emergency byMagic, 260:controlling the left-hand path, or the path of control by form and desire. Let there be noMagic, 279:"as a man thinketh so is he"; that for him the control of mental substance and its use in clearMagic, 280:when a man cannot work in mental matter, control his use of thought, watch the effect of his mentalMagic, 287:is the center through which complete and utter control and coordination is achieved, through theMagic, 290:they can do is to discipline their lives, and so control their appetites that they build a cleanMagic, 295:expansion, development, adjustment and control under the impulse of the mental body and of theMagic, 297:that I say "method of direction" not method of control. Aspirants must learn that they are workingMagic, 308:as follows: Know thyself to be the undying One. Control thy mind, for through that mind the undyingMagic, 317:love), right speech (because governed by self-control), and right action (because founded on anMagic, 318:that springs from true understanding and control of the personality by the soul, that leadsMagic, 320:All true esoteric [320] schools begin with the control of the astral body, and the chela had toMagic, 322:are personal or racial and which all concern the control of the astral vehicle. Opportunity isMagic, 322:of the ego or soul, and its capacity to control and dominate in its little sphere of influence.Magic, 327:to the understanding of the laws of nature which control the superhuman realm and the supernaturalMagic, 333:divine heritage, and working as a soul and in control of his mechanism (physical, emotional, andMagic, 338:laws of nature and which he can learn to use and control. But, in accordance with the moreMagic, 353:The second initiation marks the crisis of the control of the astral body. After baptism thereMagic, 353:three temptations, demonstrating the complete control of the three lower vehicles. Then comes theMagic, 354:of lesser devas or angels who suggest, guide and control. Others more advanced work in smallerMagic, 358:forging ahead towards full liberty and full control of the earth, which it is his right to inherit.Magic, 359:Through right understanding and right use and control of the astral nature and a comprehension ofMagic, 360:work with the intellect so as to bring it into control, to subordinate other forms to the mind andMagic, 376:is his kurukshetra. The aspirant has to learn to control his emotional psychic nature through rightMagic, 376:his emotional psychic nature through right control of the mind, and this Krishna seeks to emphasizeMagic, 383:entirely with mental energy, in an effort to control, master and use it. Their attempt isMagic, 383:automaton of the soul. Then the intuition takes control, and energies from the intuitional orMagic, 383:personality. Prior to this period of intuitional control, there are many lives lived wherein theMagic, 384:of the thinking principle, and to the control of form by mental energy. As the central Thinker ofMagic, 385:such time as the aspirant comes under complete control of the second aspect of divinity, and passesMagic, 389:dominated by a fourth and special group. These control the exoteric processes of physical planeMagic, 389:of the fire. These are directly under the control of the Lord Agni, Lord of the mental plane, and,Magic, 390:of the buddhic or intuitional level has a subtle control which is steadily waxing stronger. AllMagic, 390:Body. As time progresses, Indra will swing into control and the age of air will be ushered in. MoreMagic, 390:corroboration of this can be seen in the gradual control by men of the air. In an esoteric sense,Magic, 412:of intercourse, commerce and exchange. They control the multiplicity of form-objects which modernMagic, 429:to those who have trained the mind and learnt to control the emotions. Hence the key to what is nowMagic, 459:specifications, look for those suitable for the control of the work, and assemble the neededMagic, 463:of the mechanism, of the form-apparatus. This control is only possible where there is alignment ofMagic, 466:existence, only this time in full awareness and control. In the group with which they findMagic, 473:in its midst locate the golden thread of truth. Control the body of emotion, for the waves thatMagic, 475:so clear and so powerful that right motive will control and true work in building will be possible.Magic, 475:of their own souls, and who, through mind control merging into deep meditation, can manipulate theMagic, 476:and the emancipation of that form from the control of the one who has brought it into being. It isMagic, 493:evolved man has added to these two the conscious control of his mental apparatus, though only inMagic, 495:these two points, the spiritual man seeks to control the mechanism. Thus functioning on theMagic, 499:of the average medium, who speaks under the control of his own thought-form (built by himself andMagic, 500:Let it cease to be the one thing we cannot control and which inevitably defeats us and let us beginMagic, 500:which inevitably defeats us and let us begin to control our passing over to the other side, and toMagic, 502:at death. It can be seen also that an effort to control the astral life and the emotional natureMagic, 515:into that of the soul in contemplation and can control and wisely guide their work in the world ofMagic, 520:selfish purposes of the form nature assume undue control. This dire event happened in AtlanteanMagic, 551:be creators and in teaching them to govern and control their own destinies, the Teachers of theMagic, 568:of the vital body, and gains power in the control of the vital fires or the pranas of his ownMagic, 570:help the student if he realizes that the right control of prana involves the recognition thatMagic, 589:will lead to thought and from thought to soul control; through religious propaganda and the effortsMagic, 596:be studied, for it indicates the measure of soul control and the relative purity of the vehicles,Magic, 603:at will in any direction. It can govern and control the emotional sensitiveness, not only of theMagic, 621:treatise on individual development and on astral control, a vision has been given and a rule ofMagic, 630:of numbers, of power or of a formulated doctrine control them. Unless what they do measures up toMagic, 637:which is, as you know, a treatise on the control of the astral body and a right understanding ofMagic, 637:a right understanding of its laws. Only mental control, plus true spiritual perception, willMeditation, 6:the two at the same time. When that is done, the control of the physical brain and its finalMeditation, 26:out, and assuming its proportions. The man has control of the physical body and each life he buildsMeditation, 30:and the indwelling Thinker cannot control in the three lower worlds without the aid of the lowerMeditation, 34:All the Monads are, as you know, under the control, or rather form part, of the consciousness ofMeditation, 37:of a Master. By frequent attempts to definitely control the lower self, a thing distasteful to theMeditation, 49:yet over, and for long will remain with you. The control of the mind is the present aim ofMeditation, 85:swayed purely by reason and his emotions do not control him. This may demonstrate in the personalMeditation, 89:Formulas that put the lesser devas under the control of man will not yet be imparted. Human beingsMeditation, 91:will bring the devas of lesser degree under his control. The dangers are so great and the perilsMeditation, 97:all three bodies more completely under the control of the Ego, and lead to a coordination and anMeditation, 97:plane, bringing the two lower vehicles under control of the mental and making them the instrumentsMeditation, 98:human family; it is the most difficult body to control, and is practically the very last body to beMeditation, 99:by the development of the faculty of conscious control - that control which even in the moments ofMeditation, 99:of the faculty of conscious control - that control which even in the moments of highest vibrationMeditation, 99:of the emotional ovoid and its positive-negative control. The stability of the emotional matter andMeditation, 100:will realize, if you think clearly, - under the control of the Deva Lord Agni, the great primaryMeditation, 100:the fire of the mental plane, its inner control and dominance and its purifying asset coupled toMeditation, 111:and from those levels making the effort to control the two lower. In the Aryan root-race, theMeditation, 112:days they are still more dangerous now. Their control is much more widespread. Hence the emphasisMeditation, 125:opportunity to obsessing entities to assume control. This, as I said before, is rare and is theMeditation, 131:that matter, to manipulate the fluids, and to control the builders. In so doing he encroaches onMeditation, 135:will and vengeance on all opponents. Under their control work sometimes the elementals of the earthMeditation, 135:colors brown, gray and somber-hued. They cannot control the devas of high development, nor theMeditation, 135:move on occasion to their assistance, and in the control of these forces of involution they atMeditation, 137:is the prime essential. If a Dark Brother gains control over any man it but shows that that man hasMeditation, 145:Later, as the Ego comes more and more into control, it will involve also the ability to look uponMeditation, 148:manipulation and uses, and he has to master and control all lower forms of manifestation, and learnMeditation, 151:the elimination, through conscious knowledge and control, of sheath after sheath. He meditates uponMeditation, 168:adjusted to the desired line, the student can control step by step the various intermediate statesMeditation, 175:occult lore you need to remember two things: You control elemental forces. You cooperate with theMeditation, 175:in the other case you endeavor to work with. You control through the activity aspect, by theMeditation, 175:get in touch with the various elementals, and control them. The Ceremonial Ray - by coming intoMeditation, 176:call and reveal the elementals. [176] Rites that control and direct them when summoned. In workingMeditation, 177:as followed by the Brotherhood of Light - is to control these involutionary groups and low grade
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