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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONTROL

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Patanjali, 220:- Book 2 - The Steps to Union 50. Right control of prana (or the life currents) is external,Patanjali, 220:abstruse, owing to the dangers incident to the control of the bodily forces. The ideas and teachingPatanjali, 220:parts: I. The external, internal or motionless control [221] of the life currents of the bodyPatanjali, 222:briefly with our three points. I. The external control of the prana or life currents concerns thosePatanjali, 223:rhythm. This inevitably produces the "external control of the life currents!" The internal controlPatanjali, 223:control of the life currents!" The internal control of the life currents is brought about in threePatanjali, 223:dynamic, psychic, and magic. The motionless control of the life currents is the effect of thePatanjali, 224:of the other [224] two, external and internal control and must be present before the fifth means ofPatanjali, 224:the outgoing or incoming forces. When motionless control is reached, the yogi can withdraw from hisPatanjali, 224:triplicities must be recognized, and right control of the life currents must be seen to be relatedPatanjali, 225:Some knowledge of this is essential to the right control of the life currents, so that the disciplePatanjali, 225:the lower man becomes possible through the right control of the pranas and this "illuminatingPatanjali, 226:and external phases. We have seen how the control of the life currents can be either externallyPatanjali, 227:help the student if he realizes that the right control of prana involves the recognition thatPatanjali, 228:for through the work of purification and the control of the life currents the light in the headPatanjali, 229:sutra summarizes for us the work done in the control of the psychic nature, and gives us the resultPatanjali, 231:have to master the first two stages and learn to control the avenues of perception, the fivePatanjali, 233:in the Aryan root-race, for the complete control of the mind, which should be the contribution ofPatanjali, 234:which is seen; then follows the moment of mind control. Then ensues a moment wherein the chittaPatanjali, 234:the constant power to contemplate. 12. When mind control and the controlling factor are equallyPatanjali, 234:Yoga Sutras which deals specifically with mind control and with the effect of that control. ThePatanjali, 234:with mind control and with the effect of that control. The first fifteen sutras are given to thePatanjali, 234:The first fifteen sutras are given to the control of the mind and how it is to be attained and thePatanjali, 234:concern the results which take place after this control has been gained. Twenty-four results arePatanjali, 251:has learnt and mastered the three states of mind control. Through that mastery he has producedPatanjali, 255:Yoga or the [255] science of union through mind control and development. Patanjali, 256:through the achievements of poise and rhythmic control of the energies of the body, and through thePatanjali, 258:deal with the nature of the objects seen and the control of the mind as the real man seeks to focusPatanjali, 258:which is seen; then follows the moment of mind control. Then ensues a moment wherein the chittaPatanjali, 259:of the ascending degrees is the development of control. First there is the overcoming of thePatanjali, 259:comes the manifestation of the mind-impress of control. Then the perceiving consciousness followsPatanjali, 259:consciousness follows after the moment of control. This is the development of control." Perhaps thePatanjali, 259:moment of control. This is the development of control." Perhaps the simplest way to understand thisPatanjali, 259:Recognition of an object and the immediate control of the responsive chitta occur like a flash ofPatanjali, 259:out through the senses and the yogi tries to control it, that very control itself will be aPatanjali, 259:and the yogi tries to control it, that very control itself will be a modification." The impress ofPatanjali, 261:the instrument, the mind, is now in a state of control, it is therefore possible for the thinker toPatanjali, 261:of balance between excitation of the mind and control can be achieved with greater frequency byPatanjali, 262:two things occur: [262] An instantaneous control of mind at will, producing A still mind, free fromPatanjali, 263:3 - Union achieved and its Results 12. When mind control and the controlling factor are equallyPatanjali, 275:those mentally polarized and with the mind under control can regain this knowledge if they so wish.Patanjali, 275:to see thought-images only comes through mind control, and the mind can only be controlled by thePatanjali, 275:the akashic records and because their mental control and equipment are not adequate, they cannotPatanjali, 281:in the true or spiritual man and to control the thinking principle. It is an occult law that "as aPatanjali, 284:quality of luminosity is completely under the control of the ascetic, he can, by the process laidPatanjali, 284:and training involved in the work of gaining control of the thinking principle and setting up thatPatanjali, 305:of vital forces and take the entire man under control. The glands corresponding to the threePatanjali, 320:of spirit, and demonstrates purpose and control. Through the unfolding and use of the heart centerPatanjali, 326:aspirant to know what these powers are, how to control them and not be controlled by them, and howPatanjali, 330:the capacity to function in the head and to control the entire nature from the point within thePatanjali, 330:the head becomes active and through its correct control and through mastery of it, the rightPatanjali, 332:passed through the four crises or points of control from the birth to the crucifixion. Thus thePatanjali, 332:Another interpretation might be "through control of samana the AUM (the Word of Glory) manifests."Patanjali, 345:complete subjugation of the lower nature and the control of the senses and their organs so that thePatanjali, 345:and there comes the manifestation of that control by the display of certain powers. [346] ThePatanjali, 355:"Mastery over the Pradhana means the power of control over all [356] the modifications of thePatanjali, 384:the rules, posture or attitude, right control of the life force, abstraction, attention, meditationPatanjali, 384:the Rules, posture of attitude, right control of the life force, abstraction, attention, meditationPatanjali, 389:meditations and though he can direct and control the "modifications of the thinking [390]Patanjali, 392:and to spirit on the other. Meditation, or mind control and thus the creation of that mechanismPatanjali, 392:of that mechanism which renders to the soul the control of the lower vehicles, and makes possiblePatanjali, 399:matter and one more completely under the control of the man. By the practice of dispassion and ofPatanjali, 399:and of non-attachment, and by the strenuous control of the desire nature it becomes possible forPatanjali, 399:reality. This is first attempted through the control of the vehicle of thought, the mind, and thePatanjali, 400:substance of those forms, bend them to his will, control and subject them. Form has certainPatanjali, 409:dangerous and useless, because that which seeks control is the man on the physical plane, and hisPatanjali, 410:work in group formation and under the direct control of those Thinkers who embody the divine logoicPatanjali, 415:them is great. The nature of mind, its purpose, control, its problems and processes are subjects ofPatanjali, 424:(the mystic line) on to the path of intellectual control, - the approach via the head, the occultPatanjali, viii:various organs, so that they could consciously control them, and the meaning of the symbol of thePatanjali, ix:race, the subjugation of the mental body and the control of the mind is brought about through thePatanjali, ix:and through assuming that point of directional control which is to be found by the man who centersProblems, 7:themselves; greedy desire and unlawful ambition control and not the inner knowledge. To put itProblems, 21:on her own terms - the terms of a general control of other lands, beginning with the smallerProblems, 25:insofar as the laws of capital and finance seek control. The same is largely true of Great Britain.Problems, 26:of the race shows itself as yet in a wonderful control of nature and in great construction projectsProblems, 26:construction projects which bring water under control, or which relate all parts of this vastProblems, 39:individual and national selfish interests would control. All nations, in their own way and degree,Problems, 42:proved) but which can in the future so wisely control. Problems, 52:emphasis in the future upon: A developing mental control of the emotional nature. Vision or theProblems, 55:schools, the intellectual unfoldment and control of the mental processes will be emphasized; whilstProblems, 55:of living imparted, plus the inculcation of self-control. The secondary schools will regardProblems, 67:of labor; one is the problem of established [67] control of the purely selfish interests which haveProblems, 70:- national and international - who today control the world's resources, the capitalistic system hasProblems, 71:coal, [71] power, light and transportation; they control publicly or sub rosa the world's bankingProblems, 71:the greatest menace mankind faces today; they control politics; they buy prominent [72] men inProblems, 74:to be seen which of the two will eventually control the planet or if a third group made up ofProblems, 79:plenty for all? Must some form of totalitarian control be adopted by the various world governmentsProblems, 80:finance, taxation - these are the words which control our planning, arouse our jealousies, feed ourProblems, 82:humanity as a whole. The responsibility for its control must lie in the hands of the men ofProblems, 82:in the hands of the men of goodwill. They must control its destiny and make it available alongProblems, 83:and concepts and can bring to an end the subtle control by the financial interests and the violentProblems, 85:which so many labor today, the imperialistic control of certain nations, the lack of educationalProblems, 93:is seeking to hold the place of paramount control in South America and in the Far East commerciallyProblems, 94:other groups; the rich are organizing so as to control the finances of the world; the poor areProblems, 98:habits of were formed which still control. Added to this, and due to the separativeProblems, 109:as follows: Will the Negroes of Africa arrive at control of their own continent by violentlyProblems, 109:their own hands and gradually eliminate white control? Will the white nations who todayProblems, 132:government and their centralized authoritarian control. Again, however, the first efforts toProblems, 158:will enable mankind to function under the control of the inner divinity, or interior spiritual man;
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