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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONTROL

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Psychology1, xviii:new technique has been given as to the control of the body. [xix] Second, teaching has been givenPsychology1, xix:his way if he profits by the teaching and learns control; the third, could you but realize it,Psychology1, xx:likewise certain rules and formulas for its control. How many who have read the teaching profitedPsychology1, xxv:inertia, mental depression, lack of emotional control - keep you from taking fresh hold and withPsychology1, 9:will and the thought work in unison, until mind control and the creative work of the focused mindPsychology1, 26:toward governmental dictatorship and the imposed control of a central governing body. It may be ofPsychology1, 38:one coordinated whole, in order the better to control them. [39] Thus the Personality of the soulPsychology1, 69:time. Quality - the power to evolve. Let mind control. Let the clear shining of the sun of lifePsychology1, 82:the New Age. Owing, however, to defective mental control and to an almost universal ignorance as toPsychology1, 101:desired, but it will come as the result of mind control and illumination. Men will learn to subjectPsychology1, 105:soul force and soul powers, and in the trained control of the mechanism, that evidence so producedPsychology1, 124:needs. They will enable human beings so to control the ethers that weight will be for themPsychology1, 124:and therefore less tiring. In the human control of the etheric levels lie the lessening of fatigue,Psychology1, 153:by, and therefore under the astrological control of, the twelve constellations whose energies arePsychology1, 163:VII Ceremonial order. Ceremonial observances. Control over forces of nature. Jupiter. Bright.Psychology1, 174:Russia. This has been subversive of the rule and control of the aristocracy, of the bourgeoisie andPsychology1, 175:organized business [175] seeking to regulate and control every department of the economic life ofPsychology1, 176:many other thousands are restive under the control of theological authority. They have neverthelessPsychology1, 176:and their consequent easy exploitation and control by the religious demagogues, fervent prophetsPsychology1, 192:determines the appearance, is intended to control or direct the feeling or desire life of thePsychology1, 192:quality according to the egoic capacity to control or express, it is distorted by [193] substancePsychology1, 201:wilfulness, hardness, arrogance, desire to control others, obstinacy, anger. Virtues to hePsychology1, 206:to be acquired: Serenity, confidence, self-control, purity, unselfishness, accuracy, mental andPsychology1, 207:method of approaching the Path will be by self-control, thus gaining equilibrium amongst thePsychology1, 211:practice and of ritual, and can easily evoke and control the elemental forces. From many of thePsychology1, 228:the Lord of the seventh ray is taking over the control of affairs and the ordered working out ofPsychology1, 235:human kingdoms. In other words, by the conscious control of the static mineral nature, as itPsychology1, 238:kingdom, but in the vegetable kingdom three rays control, for that kingdom is more evolved (alongPsychology1, 239:in the five kingdoms; in four cases, two rays control; in the case of the vegetable kingdom, threePsychology1, 239:in the case of the vegetable kingdom, three rays control. It must not be forgotten that these raysPsychology1, 246:with Venus and Jupiter contending for control. The link with the vegetable kingdom is then strong,Psychology1, 257:subhuman kingdoms will be brought under the control of man. This has been happening with greatPsychology1, 272:laxity and license, and through their lack of control, they have inaugurated an era of disease,Psychology1, 276:an ultimate heaven, where self-discipline, self-control and sexual abstinence will receive a justPsychology1, 276:divorced from the animal nature and whose minds control their daily acts is the glory of humanity.Psychology1, 283:This is due to the modern understanding of birth control methods and secondly to the increasedPsychology1, 294:and through giving him a sound grounding in mind control, as well as training his memory to thePsychology1, 294:the keynotes of the teaching imparted. Emotional control and right-thinking will be inculcated, andPsychology1, 294:is on its way. What laws will be enacted for the control of the people on this difficult subject ofPsychology1, 306:in order to demonstrate to himself that he can control the animal and instinctual side of hisPsychology1, 322:procedure followed in order to produce conscious control is that of adaptation. All forms in thePsychology1, 344:of Earth. From the fourth great plane they thus control the battle. "The Lord of Harmony, Who sitsPsychology1, 353:the Aryan race and the two rays which govern and control its destiny. The third Ray of IntelligentPsychology1, 353:Aryan race. The plan of God that humanity should control matter on the physical plane reaches aPsychology1, 353:of perfection in the Aryan race. Of this, man's control of the electrical forces of the physicalPsychology1, 355:of man, but to an effort to enable man to control the physical forces of the planet. One ratherPsychology1, 355:This gave to the initiate the needed physical control - a control which has today been so perfectedPsychology1, 355:to the initiate the needed physical control - a control which has today been so perfected in thePsychology1, 359:the forces of nature and swings them back into control of advanced humanity. This can already bePsychology1, 359:train the modern aspirant in right motive, mind control and brotherly love, - all of which must andPsychology1, 367:present dictators and powers will take over the control towards the year 1955, and they will bePsychology1, 378:turmoil of terrestrial life, and free from the control of the tides of his emotional existence, hePsychology1, 380:aspirant, of the need for mental and spiritual control as a first step. The world of mentalPsychology1, 380:a first step. The world of mental unfoldment and control. The world of the soul or ego. When thesePsychology1, 380:comes the recognition by the disciple of ... The control of the physical plane life by the soul.Psychology1, 384:Britain. England is an exponent of the art of control, and her function has been, as you mayPsychology1, 388:upon: The point in evolution. The measure of the control of the personality ray. The emergingPsychology1, 388:the control of the personality ray. The emerging control of the egoic ray. The polarization of thePsychology1, 390:of appearances - imposing order and hierarchical control upon the planet. It must be rememberedPsychology1, 392:and the demonstration of the technique of egoic control. The soul pattern may be translated by thePsychology1, 395:attention was upon the physical nature and its control. The Old Commentary expresses what happenedPsychology1, 405:The cyclic ray. The national ray. All of these control the personality life of each man. The egoicPsychology1, 406:of the physical life into activity and under control. All the above propositions could be summed upPsychology1, 407:THE FIVE GROUPS OF SOULS RULES FOR INDUCING SOUL CONTROL [411] Psychology1, 414:on Cosmic Fire, p.564.) The four minor rays control the four kingdoms: The 7th ray controls thePsychology2will employ in discussing egoic and personality control. All that is said in this connection is inPsychology2, 13:forces which they are not yet able to handle and control. They have done a great deal of the neededPsychology2, 14:of the soul is beginning to dominate and to control the lower types of force, and - according toPsychology2, 14:of the soul - so will be the body in which that control will begin to make its presence felt. ThisPsychology2, 14:It should be remembered that very little egoic control need be evidenced when the first initiationPsychology2, 14:personality success and prosperity. The power to control the emotions and yet have the full use ofPsychology2, 18:and undying love") should gain fuller and deeper control over each of us, and this, at any personalPsychology2, 26:this happens, the desire nature is brought under control, and consequently the physical nature canPsychology2, 26:the personality and the emergence into definite control of the personality ray, with its synthetic,Psychology2, 55:fundamental ideas which take shape and appear to control the "way of a man on earth", as it isPsychology2, 66:mode of communication, of distribution and of control, and finally of ultimate withdrawal,Psychology2, 66:or in the technique of inducing that stage of control known as Samadhi. 8. When the directing AgentPsychology2, 69:human life) is imprisoned by and subject to the control of the lower energies for the major part ofPsychology2, 71:discipleship, and also the necessity for self-control, for tolerance and for unselfishness. ButPsychology2, 71:uses of thought. He achieves a measure of mind control; he can turn the searchlight of the mind inPsychology2, 79:and the unreal. Complete liberation from the control of the lower mind. The period wherein thePsychology2, 90:beautifully possible. An increasingly scientific control of the elements in which we live, and ofPsychology2, 103:the antahkarana, which releases the man from the control of personality life. The evocation of thePsychology2, 113:so the Law of Magnetic Impulse can begin to control them when, again as a group and only as aPsychology2, 150:felt. Up to that time it has been the growing control of the soul which was primarily registered.Psychology2, 152:The Law of Disintegration. The Law of Magnetic Control, governing the control of the personality byPsychology2, 152:The Law of Magnetic Control, governing the control of the personality by the spiritual nature, viaPsychology2, 156:Law of Repulse can, for the first time, begin to control his reactions. This takes placePsychology2, 183:it should be remembered that purity of body, control of the emotions, and stability of mind arePsychology2, 185:of Thinkers, Who, working in mental matter, control from the subjective side of life, the emergencePsychology2, 188:the emphasis laid upon emotional-desire [188] control in all treatises on discipleship and onPsychology2, 198:Progress begins definitely to function and to control. It might be of interest, if we here listedPsychology2, 206:natures are alive and active but they cannot yet control them as they should and the higherPsychology2, 214:I - The Egoic Ray - Rules for Inducing Soul Control IV. Rules for Inducing Soul Control InPsychology2, 214:Soul Control IV. Rules for Inducing Soul Control In considering the rules which can induce soulPsychology2, 214:In considering the rules which can induce soul control, it is not my intention to recapitulate thePsychology2, 214:we emphasize the details of living which must control the man who is seeking to function as a soulPsychology2, 216:which govern the effort which the Hierarchy of Control and the Custodians of the Plan utilize, asPsychology2, 216:I - The Egoic Ray - Rules for Inducing Soul Control 1. The Aim of these Rules The objectives canPsychology2, 220:I - The Egoic Ray - Rules for Inducing Soul Control 2. The Seven Rules The seven factors or "Rules
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