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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONTROL

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Rays, 404:that the occultist has to learn to master and control the forces and energies within himself; theRays, 405:it is to tread the second Path are taught the control and direction of systemic energies and ofRays, 407:in some planetary scheme, before taking the control and guidance of Their Own body ofRays, 411:decision. It was therefore necessary to control more definitely the passage of initiates on to theRays, 413:violent attempt of the Forces of Evil to gain control, and their resultant failure. Rays, 417:known as the "Great Sacrifice," for (under the control of this law) He created our planetary lifeRays, 417:the Law of Attraction is beginning to gain some control, particularly in the work which theRays, 425:to live rightly, beautifully and usefully, to control the mind and to achieve loving understanding,Rays, 432:into creative activity and thus under the control of the disciple in training or in process ofRays, 432:with the mechanism in the head. Let him learn to control and consciously employ the mind; let himRays, 444:of human life) is imprisoned and subject to the control of the lower three energies for the majorRays, 446:discipleship, and also the necessity for self-control, for tolerance and for unselfishness. ButRays, 446:uses of thought. He achieves a measure of mind control; he can turn the searchlight of the mind inRays, 448:emotional relationships, we shall have learnt to control the mind and to have bridged theRays, 459:searchlight of the soul. It can be brought under control through the processes of concentration. ItRays, 465:Recognizing and reacting to soul contact and control. Sensitive to the first impression of theRays, 469:and "attempt." They simply indicate the final control of substance by the initiate. One of theRays, 492:sacrifice petals of the egoic lotus are assuming control in his life, when his knowledge is beingRays, 493:on behalf of humanity, love is beginning to control; and then the significance of the "divineRays, 498:Lives informing our solar system from all form control. Bear this carefully in mind, realizing theRays, 511:today have made much progress towards the control of the personality, and the disciples in theRays, 523:some way ahead - is soul consciousness and soul control. It is the mystical way and the way of theRays, 537:the mental level where it is subject to soul control; it then in turn becomes the directing agentRays, 545:a disciple has advanced in knowledge and can control his radiation (permitting only those streamsRays, 557:initiation puts the initiate in a position to control certain related energies and enables him toRays, 561:consciousness of the soul, is the perfecting and control of the mind, plus the demonstration ofRays, 563:is present to guarantee that minimum of soul control which will make the initiatory processRays, 570:the spiritual man, each seeking to achieve control. In the early stages, after the "birth" andRays, 576:developed and cannot, therefore, adequately take control. He discovers that he lives in a chaos ofRays, 577:second initiation he must demonstrate emotional control; he realizes also that he must have someRays, 577:that as yet no initiate demonstrates complete control during the intermediate period between anyRays, 584:They have fostered the trend to ideological control of the human consciousness. It is the passingRays, 588:pointed out - to function, first of all, in control of his physical instrument, demonstrating thisRays, 588:succeeding initiatory processes; secondly, to control his emotional, feeling nature, demonstratingRays, 588:emotional, feeling nature, demonstrating that control at the second initiation; at the thirdRays, 597:the spiritual man demonstrates his complete control of the personality. The physical body has beenRays, 600:glamor. Illusion is, in the last analysis, the control of the mental processes by great and massiveRays, 601:less will any involved energy have a personality control or connection. Progressive and recognizedRays, 606:individual disciple uses it to emerge out of the control of matter in the three worlds, beginningRays, 606:worlds, beginning with the emergence from the control of the physical body, passing out of theRays, 606:control of the physical body, passing out of the control of the emotional nature, and formulatingRays, 606:ideology which enables him to pass out of the control of the three worlds of forms, and so begin toRays, 618:energy of harmony through conflict is under the control or influence of the energy of the secondRays, 621:entire human family, so it must [621] inevitably control the life of nations to a greater or lesserRays, 622:in other countries. By means of these sources of control, the growth of true understanding isRays, 624:in the emotional nature and not yet under control of the soul, is conditioned by the first Ray ofRays, 634:years immediately following the war, under the control of a glamor imposed by the ZionistRays, 637:the true idealism will eventually appear and control - the ideal of right human relations; it isRays, 638:it is the [638] struggle between emotional control and a steadily developing mind control which isRays, 638:emotional control and a steadily developing mind control which is conditioning mankind at thisRays, 655:[655] continue to make the decision which will control Their future progress on one of the sevenRays, 659:unforeseen by humanity - Shamballa will assume control, and from the Council Chamber of SanatRays, 663:at the third initiation, and of monadic control which increasingly possesses the soul-infusedRays, 670:with which man is endowed; it is brought under control through the lack of directed interest and isRays, 671:the eyebrows) is active and is coming under the control of the soul. This has an immediate effect -Rays, 674:has small influence. At the third initiation the control of the soul-illumined mind is finallyRays, 676:therefore, remains within the area of material control and interest. The solar plexus center isRays, 676:and economic material decisions which control and motivate the individual, the group or the nation.Rays, 677:He has, theoretically at least, cast off the control of the astral body and nature; much stillRays, 678:attitudes and desires may still at times assume control; selfishness may continue to play a potentRays, 680:movement, and the group of men who direct and control the policies of Russia, are against theRays, 681:are only groups of unillumined men who seek to control national destinies. There is still emotionalRays, 682:this initiation releases men from emotional control and enables them to shift their consciousnessRays, 682:levels, and from that higher point of focus to control their normal and well developed emotionalRays, 684:work goes on. The emotions are brought under control, and necessarily the factor of the mindRays, 684:but producing eventually the needed control which will lead to and result in freedom. Ponder onRays, 685:I mean. Initiation I. - Birth. Freedom from the control of the physical body and its appetites.Rays, 685:Initiation II. - Baptism. Freedom from the control of [686] the emotional nature and the selfishRays, 688:fifth and seventh initiations are under the control of the fifth, first and second rays. These, asRays, 691:himself so that eventually he may consciously control and direct all the incoming divine energies.Rays, 698:in its first three phases, the initiate rejects control of the energies which are seated in theRays, 698:than is at present realized, is also under control - a control which is related to normal andRays, 698:at present realized, is also under control - a control which is related to normal and properRays, 698:an extent that it can pass under the complete control of the heart center, which henceforth andRays, 698:hierarchical work and living and are under the control of the initiate - a control which becomesRays, 698:and are under the control of the initiate - a control which becomes increasingly perfect until theRays, 700:or the level of abstract thought - loses its control over the initiate and is henceforth onlyRays, 709:their freedom from authority or the control of the disciple, and the quality of their spiritualRays, 720:that the second initiation with its evidenced control of desire (indicating right choice) was "theRays, 723:and links sensitivity, its interpretation and control, with the everyday life of the ordinaryRays, 742:controlled for millennia of years will finally control. This reactionary and material spirit taintsRays, 742:of powerful men. No country is free from this control, or from this attempted control. TheseRays, 742:free from this control, or from this attempted control. These powerful groups are swayed in theirRays, 743:- liberate themselves from the expressed thought-control of the powerful dominating groups and fromRays, 753:one which men are well equipped to handle and control. There is that in them which can transmuteReappearance, 66:Him; He, too, works under law and is subject to control from various sources - just as are allReappearance, 97:that it will need no further distribution or control by the Buddha. He can then reorient Himself toReappearance, 102:- physical, emotional and mental - have achieved control of the physical level of consciousness, ofReappearance, 107:accomplished upon the physical plane and in its control of nature, as Christ knew men would,Reappearance, 119:man slowly develops mind, then mind begins to control the feeling, emotional nature, and finallyReappearance, 123:and forces which men as yet cannot and do not control; they know nothing of them and yet upon themReappearance, 127:renounce the materialistic standards which today control in every layer of the human family. One ofReappearance, 129:the major spiritual values will assume greater control. The culmination of a civilization, with itsReappearance, 130:Christ" (Phil., II, 5.), we shall find that the control of this emotional nature and this sentientReappearance, 130:term!) becomes complete. Then this past sentient control and its entire area of influence no longerReappearance, 131:render his fellowmen is to free himself from the control of that plane by himself directing itsReappearance, 131:and in Himself demonstrated that true love could control it. Part of the three great temptations ofReappearance, 135:free themselves from all delusion and emotional control. The moment that the hearts of men areReappearance, 173:donors, or the religious prejudices of those who control the disbursement of the funds. In theReappearance, 189:bring due reward of light and love. Let the soul control the outer form, And life, and all events,
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