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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONTROLLED

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Externalisation, 163:- to the planetary life. Pervaded by light and controlled by the Spirit of Peace, the expression ofExternalisation, 183:had immense power in all European countries; it controlled the education of the people, but laid noExternalisation, 188:[188] in which the educational processes will be controlled by the dominant super-race. AllExternalisation, 188:eternally right. All sources of supply must be controlled by Germany, and consequently even thoseExternalisation, 214:the unthinking masses, swayed by propaganda, controlled by their governments, and the prey [215] ofExternalisation, 372:separative outlook. Selfish interests have controlled the reasons for which every nation hasExternalisation, 452:nations and their psychology; humanity is still controlled by racial and national bias and byExternalisation, 499:the big cartels, trusts and monopolies that controlled the past few decades, preceding this worldExternalisation, 559:first step is the appearance of certain Ashrams, controlled by certain Masters, upon the physicalExternalisation, 588:kingdom of God is simply the appearance of soul-controlled men on earth in everyday life and at allExternalisation, 653:of the Christ must be most closely guarded and controlled; wishful thinking and the formulation ofExternalisation, 653:have to learn in this work of preparation, is controlled thought and sensitivity to hierarchicalExternalisation, 665:personality, that personality has to be subdued, controlled, purified and dedicated to service. ItExternalisation, 667:now come to a consideration of the vast Ashram controlled by the Master R. He is the Lord ofFire, 25:heard. The Word of Love succeedeth. The Past controlled the form. The Now evolves the life. The DayFire, 31:radiates as directed from the second sphere, controlled by the Ruler of the merging ray. TheFire, 46:in the ray of intelligent activity and is controlled by the Law of Economy in one of itsFire, 91:S. D., I, 232-238. The whole cosmos is guided, controlled and animated by an almost endless seriesFire, 125:The kundalini fire is consciously directed and controlled by the mind or will aspect from theFire, 125:and the uprising of the inner fires of matter (controlled and directed by the conscious action ofFire, 142:matter is brought about by rotary motion, and is controlled by the Law of Economy (one of theFire, 147:or the first Logos (who embodies cosmic will) is controlled by the Law of Synthesis, the cosmic lawFire, 169:The center near the diaphragm. The spleen. Man controlled from the astral plane. The base of theFire, 169:of the spine. The solar plexus. The heart. Man controlled from the mental plane. The base of theFire, 170:The heart. The throat. [170] Man partially controlled by the Ego, advanced man. The heart. TheFire, 219:of any plane in its seven divisions can be controlled. The Law of Adaptation, is the law governingFire, 256:he needed for manifestation. That choice was controlled by: [257] Cosmic Karma. Vibratory capacity.Fire, 259:of Consciousness, the time factor [259] being controlled by the measure of the unfoldment of allFire, 260:demonstrating as heat, light and motion, is controlled and utilized - he will discover the sourceFire, 282:the laws governing forms and hence both are controlled in time and space by KARMA, which is the LawFire, 291:The planetary Lord of Venus has dominated and controlled the five subplanes and is working on theFire, 292:with their systemic interrelation adjusted and controlled by the Law of Action and Reaction. ItFire, 327:fourth chain has to be completely mastered and controlled by the Human Hierarchy, the fourthFire, 407:of the mental plane, and be more and more controlled by purely concrete mind. Unless this isFire, 494:of the time, through color and sound so entirely controlled the elementals that they utilized themFire, 496:this they cannot do until the fourth ether is controlled, and its secret discovered. As timeFire, 512:This force when rightly directed and properly controlled is the great transmuting agency, whichFire, 534:take physical form, animated by purified desire, controlled by mind, and are the dispensers ofFire, 572:of the Logos), was gradually built up, how it is controlled and held together, and how numerous andFire, 576:via the Ego, through the personality lives, and controlled throughout from the plane of buddhi.Fire, 584:control in the three worlds. The lower is always controlled from above, and the effect the buddhicFire, 585:The aim of human [585] endeavor is both to be controlled by this law, and likewise to wield it inFire, 586:and Death. These laws are all dominated and controlled eventually by the three higher laws in theFire, 604:animated and vitalized by prana, and its actions controlled by the indwelling Thinker. TheFire, 604:animated and vitalized by Fohat; its actions are controlled by the informing Intelligence we callFire, 618:his lunar body." 1 Evil is that which can be controlled and subdued but which is permitted toFire, 625:are centers in substance) are contacted and controlled. Through their activity, directed throughFire, 640:the knowledge of "the words" by which they are controlled, the future scientific alchemists (I useFire, 663:exoterically right. Nevertheless, if the man is controlled by them, he is as yet under devaFire, 667:at self-control. Devas must develop by being controlled. Man is innately Love - the Force whichFire, 677:from our point of view. They are gradually being controlled, and when the last of the Lemurian EgosFire, 710:intelligent personal self can be developed and controlled through the medium of the mental unit,Fire, 799:of form influences. All atoms are always controlled by the following factors, just as a man in theFire, 799:Logos within His greater Whole will be equally controlled by the same basic principles: TheFire, 800:play upon all atomic lives. The atom likewise is controlled by its own "esse," or by its ownFire, 802:worlds of his endeavor; he is still nevertheless controlled by the group karma of the planetaryFire, 819:are occupied by the Thinker, are gradually controlled by him, are bent to his will and purpose, andFire, 852:karma on a large scale, and whose "wheels" are controlled by cosmic forces and not by purelyFire, 872:but as yet views this force as something to be controlled and not something to be consciously andFire, 877:The lunar Lords of the three bodies have been controlled, and their vibration synchronized, so thatFire, 908:be contacted, and the words whereby they can be controlled, will be withheld. Laxness in theFire, 952:words and sounds whereby they are directed and controlled. When the energy currents of the humanFire, 1008:that the thought form is energized, directed and controlled and the lesser builders or forces areFire, 1010:or Spirit; it is responsive only to that will as controlled by the Son-aspect, the revealer of theFire, 1025:mental plane, have much power, and can only be controlled properly by the solar Angel Himself.Fire, 1036:seven cycles. All that originates on that Ray is controlled by spiral-cyclic efforts based upon theFire, 1057:thousand years, being, as might be supposed, controlled by the energy of the first aspect, andFire, 1059:the spiral cyclic [1059] activity is egoic and controlled from the egoic body, so in connectionFire, 1098:order. This group of Lives is manipulated and controlled, in the macrocosmic sense, from cosmicFire, 1127:(of which the sacred planets are examples) are controlled by the second Aspect, and that secondFire, 1137:out of the period of existence wherein he is controlled by [1138] that which he has borrowed fromFire, 1139:of these groups as units in manifestation is controlled by three factors: The moon, for these areFire, 1142:physical plane appearance of a solar Logos is controlled, and the length of a cosmic pralayaFire, 1167:by the relation of these two, and is itself controlled by a greater cosmic law which is theFire, 1174:consider it. Three main groups of existences are controlled by it: Human beings from the momentFire, 1212:which are subhuman and [1212] which must be controlled, and awareness of a place within the planGlamour, 29:wherein the aspirant is being definitely controlled by: A thought-form of such potency that it doesGlamour, 32:whose minds are in any way developed but are controlled by these vast illusory thought-forms, whichGlamour, 66:can only be understood when a man has controlled his personality and eliminated all aspects ofGlamour, 127:of some Being, limited and confined and controlled by substance. You will note that [128] I sayGlamour, 128:for the reason that gross matter is always controlled by the forces which are esoterically regardedGlamour, 148:of maya, for a man succumbs to maya when he is controlled by any other force or forces than thoseGlamour, 154:mental plane, plus desire or ambition, and he is controlled at least to some large extent by mentalGlamour, 154:to a discriminating discipline and finally controlled and mastered, are mainly three: The stageGlamour, 199:this task will be first of all instituted and controlled in group formation only by aspirants whoseGlamour, 247:aspect of himself, the etheric body, can be controlled and rightly directed, then vision andGlamour, 247:the man. Is that physical body to be controlled by emotional force, pouring through the sacralGlamour, 247:breath, under the direction of the inner eye and controlled by the spiritual man. Which energiesGlamour, 247:under direction? In what manner can they be controlled? Should they be ignored and so renderedGlamour, 260:will be the result of right breathing, of controlled and organized rhythm, of true pure thought andGlamour, 262:establishes the ordered and cyclic rhythm of a controlled lower nature. That breathing exercisesHealing, 7:the patient; the radiation of his astral body, controlled and selfless, will impose a rhythm uponHealing, 83:the subtler worlds, and, when energized and controlled by the soul, the spiritual realms stand wideHealing, 85:From the heart, the blood circulates and is controlled. Thus these three great systems are related.Healing, 94:you will note that disease will eventually be controlled by the release of the soul in all forms,Healing, 94:rhythm upon the lower forces that disease can be controlled. Disease is therefore the result in theHealing, 95:with astral energy, becomes dominated and controlled by astral reactions of an undesirable kind,Healing, 107:two are closely related. The nervous system is controlled principally today from the astral body,Healing, 107:The circulatory system of the physical body is controlled principally from the etheric body. WhenHealing, 107:body that is not adequately or properly controlled, you have in these two the source of the
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