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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONTROLLED

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Healing, 108:later at long and separated periods, and will be controlled by the will of the man. He will ceaseHealing, 121:They are, however - little as it may appear - controlled in these cases from soul levels, and theHealing, 173:initiation, these basic energies are raised, controlled or distributed by an act of the will of theHealing, 176:But as the race progresses, this center will be controlled and its activities will be carriedHealing, 181:Spine. This center is, above everything else, controlled and governed by the Law of Being, aboveHealing, 181:activity by an act of the will, directed and controlled by the initiate. It is responsive only toHealing, 203:and the radiation from the sun. It is not controlled in any way from the spinal column. It must beHealing, 213:glandular system and the free, safe use of the controlled nervous system will then be possible; theHealing, 236:may say) they are disappearing among the more controlled areas of the human family. As the life ofHealing, 236:process; the life of the sacral center will be controlled and the energy usually focused there willHealing, 239:this stimulation will be regulated and [239] controlled, and the heart will be subjected only to aHealing, 239:of trouble. Normal reactions, instead of being controlled and transmuted into creative activity,Healing, 240:veins, arteries and capillaries within the area controlled by the center under consideration. ThisHealing, 272:unthinking masses along certain broad lines of controlled living, and to keep clearly in theHealing, 272:diagnosis of requirements can be intelligently controlled, and [273] its practice (when in theHealing, 324:used and certain destructive agencies are controlled and prevented from going the destructive way.Healing, 348:is the will evoked. When a man's life is run and controlled by the mind from mental levels, thenHealing, 439:even though They are not governed or controlled by the laws of the natural world, as we call it.Healing, 442:be so firmly established and so scientifically controlled that the work of the trance mediums willHealing, 445:certain aspects of the lower nature are now so controlled and purified that they have dropped belowHealing, 465:previous solar system wherein the entire man was controlled via these minor centers, with only aHealing, 515:with the basic fact of the illusion which has controlled the entire cycle of incarnation and soHealing, 530:of the transmission and circulation of certain controlled energies. This combination of two aspectsHealing, 546:would be that the Law of Karma no longer controlled, and this is not the case. The final sentenceHealing, 546:that only when truly large numbers of men are controlled by the Spiritual Triad, have built theHealing, 552:to pass effectively to the right center and its controlled area. This can be brought about by theHealing, 553:low down in the evolutionary scale, he will be controlled psychologically by the consecratedHealing, 560:upper part of the body and those areas which are controlled by the centers above the diaphragm;Healing, 599:versus good. It is this fifth principle, when controlled and used by the Son of Mind, Who is a SonHealing, 620:the monad, and its expression, the purified and controlled personality, but also between the sevenHealing, 621:perfect, emotionally stable and mentally controlled. In modern terms, the "pattern of the behavior"Healing, 623:behavior upon the physical plane is conditioned, controlled and determined by the nature of hisHealing, 623:nature of his glands, and these are conditioned, controlled and determined by the nature, theHealing, 623:centers; these, in their turn are conditioned, controlled and determined by the soul, in increasingHealing, 624:they are conditioned, [624] qualified and controlled by the astral body, and later by the mind. TheHealing, 643:through the stimulation of the patient's aura controlled by the patient's soul. The two types ofHealing, 654:help can offset the work - quiet, silent and controlled - by the healer. Once, however, the rapportHealing, 687:Triad gradually supersedes the life of the soul-controlled personality. In the Council Chamber atHercules, 18:demonstrated that the physical nature no longer controlled, but that he could strangle the serpentHercules, 35:representing matter that has been dominated and controlled. Cassiopeia will be found seated on theHercules, 48:polar opposite, then he is a victim of and is controlled by the lowest part of his nature, theHercules, 82:mass consciousness. Equipped, therefore, with a controlled mind, a capacity to registerHercules, 83:and of the steady progression, and of the controlled unfolding of the various forces which playHercules, 108:has a mind and he is using it. His emotions are controlled, or else are so blended with his mentalHercules, 110:have a personality rounded-out and active, self-controlled, with pronounced mental activity andHercules, 134:an ordered arrangement of energies directed and controlled by an over-arching will-to-good. TheHercules, 144:has been gained. Such power must then be rightly controlled and channeled. Beneath the rock ofHercules, 228:[228] thenceforth his problem changes. He has controlled and demonstrated his capacity to overcomeInitiation, 12:point of equilibrium is reached where the man is controlled entirely by neither. Later the EgoInitiation, 61:of the work on the five rays of mind which are controlled by the Mahachohan, is very great. TheInitiation, 85:Ego, and of the Master. The astral elemental is controlled, the emotional body becomes pure andInitiation, 87:astral stable and steady, and the mental body controlled, then the initiate can safely wield andInitiation, 87:pulsating with the spirit of service and not controlled by lower mind or desire. TheseInitiation, 88:of the KING; because now the purified astral and controlled mental can safely stand before thatInitiation, 88:safely stand before that KING. When purified and controlled they stand and for the first timeInitiation, 135:energies can be consciously and constructively controlled, that he knows the real meaning ofInitiation, 156:an inarticulate condition. It refers to the controlled use of words to effect certain ends, and theInitiation, 167:but as yet views this force as something to be controlled, but not consciously and constructivelyInitiation, 205:as husbands, wives, and householders, but all is controlled and regulated by purpose and intention,Intellect, 43:mentally alert, to provide a trained memory, controlled reactions, and a character which makes himIntellect, 60:body. He regards himself no longer as a man, controlled by his emotions, impelled by energy, andIntellect, 111:"First, see that thy outward senses are properly controlled... Now turn to the inward senses orIntellect, 126:instrument of the trained instincts and of the controlled mind. This mind draws on what has beenIntellect, 135:The mind, therefore, positive, alert and well-controlled, is carried forward on the wings ofIntellect, 142:for the thinker to impress the brain, via the controlled mind, with that which is perceived. Man onIntellect, 154:minds which can be sufficiently quieted and controlled to permit [155] of their visioning the doorIntellect, 210:deal. Psychologically speaking, the mind becomes controlled, and passes under the domination of theIntellect, 211:The emotional nature, in [211] its turn is controlled by the mind, and is rendered still andIntellect, 211:the nervous system. If, however, the mind is not controlled and the emotional nature dominates (asIntellect, 228:brain. From thence the physical mechanism can be controlled. Then a definite act of concentration,Intellect, 258:engrossed with sex, even if the physical life is controlled. A strong mental complex as to sex isMagic, 19:and muscle. It in its turn, is motivated by and controlled by two factors: The sum total of theMagic, 58:the [58] brain. Through the brain, consciously controlled, the man is galvanized into intelligentMagic, 77:realizing that the etheric body is vitalized and controlled by thought and can (through thought) beMagic, 86:body, the instrument of desire, is swayed and controlled by desire, - desire for physical life, andMagic, 141:the cultivated receptivity of the developed and controlled mental body, aspirants become aware ofMagic, 180:he is not himself the controlling factor; he is controlled. Frequently also the discarnate entitiesMagic, 187:and unless he is strong, purified and controlled, these forces will serve but to stimulateMagic, 191:daily life. Character building, clean living, controlled emotional reactions, and right thinkingMagic, 215:the many lives which form the physical body, is controlled and feels the eye of the Master (the oneMagic, 216:all advanced students know well how these are controlled by the focused attention of the soul inMagic, 230:and that dispassion which bring the controlled astral and mental bodies under the guidance of theMagic, 258:Dweller in the form, it is then subordinated and controlled by the Dweller to the desired end. ThenMagic, 258:about. The soul is group conscious and group controlled, and (until the causal body has beenMagic, 294:mental apparatus is sufficiently awakened and controlled it would not be possible for man toMagic, 301:be so firmly established and so scientifically controlled that the work of the trance mediums willMagic, 303:the soul and the brain, via the trained and controlled mind, that cause and effect will be seen asMagic, 330:the thoughts of men so that the racial mind is controlled and brought into that meditative andMagic, 344:emotional nature. The astral body can be controlled. How? 1. By direct inhibition. This method canMagic, 382:nature (physical, astral and mental) completely controlled by the soul or the love aspect, and thisMagic, 384:which is transmitted through the medium of the controlled mind is embodied in seven types ofMagic, 389:which work in obedience to the law, and are controlled by the higher entities. There are, forMagic, 389:never before. Eliminate the products which are controlled by heat and you will bring ourMagic, 394:nature is thereby subordinated, inhibited or controlled. This involves the steady growth of theMagic, 396:who are not as yet soul-centered or controlled, are dominance, ambition, pride and a lack of loveMagic, 416:the higher spiritual vibrations, a powerful and controlled energy body, and a sound physical body,Magic, 499:we shall have the process of death properly controlled. The condition of those left behind will beMagic, 513:emphasized - these two periods are colored and controlled by the purposes of the soul, formulatedMagic, 568:brain, the nose and the eyes, and when properly controlled produces the coordination of the vitalMagic, 596:the science of the centers, and has mastered and controlled the astral nature and its corresponding
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