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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONTROLLING

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Magic, 215:magnetic controlling force makes itself felt, controlling the lives of the lower bodies, drivingMagic, 215:have hitherto characterized it. Through the controlling magnetic power of the spiritual eye, theMagic, 260:between the Hierarchy of Light and the hierarchy controlling the left-hand path, or the path ofMagic, 275:the first step towards transcending them and controlling them [276] within his field of operation.Magic, 296:as he faces the problem of understanding and of controlling his emotional nature, of mastering theMagic, 341:this also can be seen; in the lesser cycles, controlling the races, the same eventuates and theMagic, 377:still remain with us. The work (impulsive and controlling) lies now in the hands of three groups ofMagic, 390:a consuming Fire" refers primarily to Agni, the controlling factor in this age. The devas of theMagic, 412:controls and orders the means whereby he exists, controlling all that can be converted into energy,Magic, 496:stream as its mode of expression and as its controlling agency, and through the close relation ofMagic, 531:is present, where the "I" complex is controlling, and where a self-conscious entity is functioning.Magic, 626:They cannot exist when the soul is consciously controlling life and its situations. The secondMeditation, 18:the bending of every mental quality and the [18] controlling of the lower nature so that oneMeditation, 74:has developed the solar plexus center, is controlling all the centers below the solar plexus, andMeditation, 188:are those of air. Mantrams calling them, controlling and dismissing them, were in common use amongMeditation, 196:people gathered together for that purpose. The controlling of the forces of nature so that physicalMeditation, 202:focal line of information from the department controlling the activity of the mind. In this way theMeditation, 204:I saw with clarity the questions that are controlling your mind. These questions are of greatMeditation, 323:pupil's nativity - his sign, rising sign, and controlling planets. These curtains will be the [324]Meditation, 358:are great devas who are the sum total and the controlling intelligence of a plane. Raja Yoga ThePatanjali, 13:as long as its versatility and activity are controlling factors. He must not lose sight of the factPatanjali, 48:in the three worlds, a son of God dominating and controlling the lower creations. Free from Karma.Patanjali, 188:yama or nijama have [188] been established as controlling factors in the daily life of thePatanjali, 217:controlled, and thus we come to pranayama; the controlling of the vital forces of the body. PranaPatanjali, 218:we seek to control in pranayama. We begin by controlling the breath, as the easiest way of gettingPatanjali, 234:to contemplate. 12. When mind control and the controlling factor are equally balanced, then comesPatanjali, 263:and its Results 12. When mind control and the controlling factor are equally balanced, then comesPatanjali, 332:Thus the "udana" or upward life becomes the controlling factor and the downward life no longerProblems, 69:and international jealousies will not be controlling factors. [70] To bring about these happierProblems, 81:and visionary reason; it is already more controlling in its effects than is believed. The franklyProblems, 89:one religious faith to another more powerful and controlling; it is closely tied up with theProblems, 119:case today. There is a real spirit of goodwill controlling quite a few of the discussions of thePsychology1, 11:and produce that which is an expression of the controlling energies and of the directed thought ofPsychology1, 89:functioning of the system, and with the laws controlling the life in all forms in all the kingdomsPsychology1, 175:but it is an empire of the middle classes, controlling and balancing. In Italy, in Turkey andPsychology1, 239:of every ray, yet with certain rays always controlling and certain others dominating cyclically.Psychology1, 255:be done by man's directed, controlled thought, controlling and directing the animal consciousness.Psychology1, 257:of humanity will, in the last analysis, be the controlling factor, and through its means the threePsychology1, 265:- the five above enumerated and their five controlling rays. Cycles connected with the twelve signsPsychology1, 293:the rule of Brotherhood inaugurated, and Venus controlling by intelligent love; the group and notPsychology1, 347:qualities begin to dominate. The impress of the controlling rays can be more clearly noted and thePsychology1, 371:of the solar plexus, whilst the human brain, the controlling agent, is in the head, and worksPsychology1, 378:a testimony to the glory of..." The fourth law controlling human destiny is known by the curiousPsychology1, 382:it), which is dominant and potent and the main controlling factor at this time, and by a soul rayPsychology1, 391:nation and the planet. It eventually becomes the controlling factor of the personality or formPsychology1, 403:of the lower bodies become the subrays of this controlling ray. This last sentence is of basicPsychology2, 8:combination of forces, impressing and absolutely controlling the fourth aspect of the personality,Psychology2, 29:form, matter, substance, time and space are controlling factors, and imprison the soul [30] withinPsychology2, 86:because they are, in essence, the energies controlling group relations; the powers, calledPsychology2, 86:Two sets of principles are to be found controlling human life - the selfish and the unselfish, thePsychology2, 92:light of the larger cycle - this ray is a major controlling factor in our earth evolution and inPsychology2, 147:to the center. It is the fourth law governing or controlling the life of the soul. Exoteric NamePsychology2, 155:is this realization of man's fundamental bias or controlling factor that lies behind the teachingPsychology2, 193:of, or governed by, certain laws, embodying the controlling factors in group work. A law is only anPsychology2, 200:the soul, the ego, the One Who stands alone, is controlling or dominating the personality,Psychology2, 216:are not the laws of the soul or the laws controlling the stages of human development upon the Path.Psychology2, 224:a "suffering Savior." 7. The seventh rule or controlling force with which the [225] Hierarchy worksPsychology2, 226:the Universe, the Laws of Nature and those basic controlling [227] factors which determine all lifePsychology2, 309:is laid upon physical disciplines, upon such controlling factors as total abstinence, celibacy andPsychology2, 339:The centers below the diaphragm are the controlling and dominant factor. The stage of densePsychology2, 339:in Lemurian times. The sacral center was the controlling factor. The centers below the diaphragmPsychology2, 346:of God. In the fourth kingdom, the human, the controlling factor is that of desire, ending inPsychology2, 346:In the fifth kingdom, the spiritual, the controlling factor is that of divine purpose or the willPsychology2, 352:that of being controlled, and then again controlling." At first, his motive is that of selfish,Psychology2, 378:as it inevitably does, to the emergence (into controlling prominence) of the Ray of thePsychology2, 382:and frequently the mind (when it is the controlling personality factor) is itself brought suddenlyPsychology2, 420:consciousness (anchored in the brain) and thus controlling the body, directing its activities andPsychology2, 434:by the centers. The solar plexus, directing and controlling certain aspects of the nervous system,Psychology2, 455:of the needed embodying thought forms. As a controlling factor in the life of the personalityPsychology2, 526:the mind nature has been fully aroused and is controlling, when desire for mental satisfaction hasPsychology2, 527:(between the eye brows). This center is the controlling one in the personality life and from itPsychology2, 535:trouble emanating from this important controlling gland as well as definite physical trouble. ThePsychology2, 541:The man becomes controlled by it and is not the controlling factor, as he is intended to be. ThePsychology2, 541:or purely selfish. A business magnate controlling vast interests who has the lives of many peoplePsychology2, 558:functioning personality and (because the mind is controlling or beginning to control) the lowerPsychology2, 581:so the solar plexus (which is like the controlling brain in the animal and the physical-emotionalPsychology2, 581:Speaking again generally, there are three major controlling factors in the career of a human being:Psychology2, 592:five major pranas - energizing, galvanizing and controlling the entire human organism. There is noPsychology2, 613:third ray is dominant in his personality or a controlling factor in his personality equipment.Psychology2, 613:is facilitated when the second ray is controlling and powerful, because the second ray is connectedPsychology2, 632:their hand upon some ship of state, and are the controlling agent in some party, some group and inPsychology2, 635:the new influences, the new ideals, and the new controlling factors in the modern world. This greatPsychology2, 635:to any leader. They are the ones who have the controlling vote in national affairs. They are todayPsychology2, 638:receive due recognition and become in time the controlling factors in human life. They train thePsychology2, 741:that it is too simple, and yet the great and controlling factors in the world are always simple.Rays, 8:physical, the astral and the mental) are the controlling factors in the life of the man, he is - byRays, 9:energy of the aggregate of the form-atoms is the controlling factor three things will take place:Rays, 9:fully express that which is in them. A dominant controlling lunar lord who is that which weRays, 127:physical appetites are in any danger [127] of controlling him. This is a statement of fact. ThisRays, 158:habitually dwells. Right wielding of this law (controlling energy in the initiatory world ofRays, 180:or when used in its widest connotation. Their controlling Agent in manifestation is the Triangle ofRays, 208:and who can evidence some one quality, or some controlling theme (if I may use such a phrase) whichRays, 225:This rule might also be called the formula controlling the work of the New Group of World Servers.Rays, 225:rules already dealt with might be regarded as controlling the conscious activity of the initiate inRays, 291:These rules are - as you know - the rules controlling group life; they constitute the key to theRays, 417:is to our planet - the lowest of the laws controlling existence in planetary form. This Law ofRays, 422:will later be revealed; many of them are controlling factors on other spheres and in otherRays, 477:the human being. The astral vehicle was a controlling factor. The mind was relatively quiescent,Rays, 578:the ray which normally governs the astral plane, controlling its phenomena and coloring its glamor.Rays, 580:are seen divorced from their hitherto controlling glamors, thus permitting the new and better
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