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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONTROLLING

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Rays, 581:which is invocative of mental energy; it is a controlling factor, which has plunged humanity into aRays, 582:and compelling, his glamors are intensified and controlling, and his aspiration steadily mounts,Rays, 587:His magnetic radiation and the expression of his controlling energies - prior to this stage ofRays, 588:process of initiatory activity, governing, controlling and conditioning every expression of divineRays, 609:[609] This Principle of Decision, as a controlling factor, is put to the test at the sixthRays, 639:The fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict is a controlling factor in human affairs at all times,Rays, 647:of materialistic living (which was governing and controlling humanity everywhere) upon the mentalRays, 676:and the concrete mind is the desired ruler or controlling factor. All, therefore, remains withinRays, 677:(even if present) were quiescent and not controlling. Rays, 679:Lodge is working through the group which is controlling the destiny of Russia and also through theReappearance, 69:The consequent point of tension is now controlling the affairs of the spiritual Hierarchy and itsReappearance, 163:principle of sharing is at least in process of controlling economic affairs, and when churches andTelepathy, 60:individual. Finally the man becomes the Master, controlling and directing within the periphery ofTelepathy, 78:been rapid or slow, according to the will of the controlling life. In the mineral kingdom, thisTelepathy, 97:by far the most dominant factor, extensive and controlling. The mental aura, which is in most casesTelepathy, 102:aspect of himself which has not hitherto been a controlling factor. From that achieved point heTelepathy, 130:magnetism is the energy dominating and controlling the Hierarchy. The intelligent activity of fireTelepathy, 141:was an expression always of the dominant energy controlling mankind in any particular cycle, H. P.Telepathy, 143:becomes vibrant and receptive and develops as a controlling factor in the life of the man on theTelepathy, 145:The amount of energy and the type of energy controlling any aspect of the nervous system isTelepathy, 158:ranked as all that was, functioning as one and controlling all the seven, no longer are. The sevenTelepathy, 167:Personality We will now consider the centers as controlling factors in the life of the personalityTelepathy, 174:or developed. [174] Whether the nature of the controlling rays is adequately clear. Whether theTelepathy, 175:Master it is also apparent which ray is the controlling ray, but this is not possible to anyoneTelepathy, 184:concerned - the name of Hierarchy, for it is the controlling factor of the great chain ofTelepathy, 185:Each of these three Centers has a governing and controlling Triangle or central Triangle ofTelepathy, 187:Centers will dominate the other four centers, controlling the manifestation of the Life ExpressionTelepathy, 188:entirely through etheric means, wielding and controlling energies; the Human Center, with itsTelepathy, 193:beings are at this time working. It is the major controlling center, both for the reception and the
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