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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONTROLS

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Problems, 29:by dominant theologies and subtly imposed Church controls. From the angle of the spiritual ForcesProblems, 69:for selfish ends. Boundaries and regional controls and international jealousies will not beProblems, 79:which money alone can give. This desire controls and dominates human thinking; it is the keynote ofProblems, 142:based on continuously renewed opportunity, controls the people. Christianity has emphasizedPsychology1, 88:is likewise connected with the Mahachohan. It controls [89] the elemental forces and thePsychology1, 128:nature; it colors the mind body; it controls the distribution of energy, for the rays are ofPsychology1, 261:itself through the sacral center, that which controls the sex life and the building of forms ofPsychology1, 265:one hundred years and one year. The seventh ray controls such similar cycles as seven thousandPsychology1, 365:influence of the seventh ray is that the soul controls its instrument, the personality, throughPsychology1, 378:and is an aspect of the Law of Cycles which controls solar evolution. It is a basic human law,Psychology1, 378:a basic human law, protective and developing. It controls the cyclic or "tidal" life of all soulsPsychology1, 406:The first Initiator - the soul of man. This controls gradually the personality. The secondPsychology1, 414:rays control the four kingdoms: The 7th ray controls the mineral kingdom. The 6th ray controls thePsychology1, 414:ray controls the mineral kingdom. The 6th ray controls the vegetable kingdom. The 5th ray controlsPsychology1, 414:ray controls the vegetable kingdom. The 5th ray controls the animal kingdom. The 4th ray controlsPsychology1, 414:5th ray controls the animal kingdom. The 4th ray controls the human kingdom. (A Treatise on CosmicPsychology2, 45:Love inspires the heart, the life. Activity controls the treading of the Way. These three producePsychology2, 152:Law of Fixation. By means of this law the mind controls and stabilizes. The Law of Love, wherebyPsychology2, 233:emotional life is thus governed. [233] Instinct controls, via the solar plexus and the lowerPsychology2, 375:field of magic. I know some rules, some magical controls, some Words of Power, some forces which IPsychology2, 385:of the center of the lotus (though the One Life controls both soul and body) only takes place whenPsychology2, 414:which dominate and the instinctual nature which controls. The solar plexus is the [415] seat of thePsychology2, 530:web which separates each center and the area it controls from the next above. Psychology2, 536:undertake group service. The thymus gland, which controls in a peculiar manner the life aspect inPsychology2, 551:the race. This tension, with the average man, controls the intestinal tract and its connections,Psychology2, 552:the nervous system and of the vagus nerve which controls it. I can but hint at possibilities atPsychology2, 555:of the light and of power. This center controls the pineal gland and consequently certain areas ofRays, 105:and is a mode whereby he directs substance and controls matter. This becomes consciously possibleRays, 105:of these terms if that which the will controls (when evoked) is to penetrate into the knowingRays, 114:be obliterated by solar fire. The solar Angel controls the personality life and its forces. This,Rays, 142:our world organization; the terminology of light controls even our computation of time. The mysteryRays, 240:to a demanding world; that attitude still controls the Hierarchy, yet with no less of devotion toRays, 244:the medium of the lower concrete mind as it controls desire and brings substance and matter intoRays, 266:for aeons. The principle of intelligence controls him and the principle of love motivates him, andRays, 349:love, working out in the divine Plan which controls all knowledge and converts it into wisdom, andRays, 352:is attracted to him by ancient habit and old controls. He is therefore responsible for the impactRays, 362:are closely related to the Ashram which He controls. It is not easy for students to shift theirRays, 362:rendered by the Master as He conditions and controls His Ashram. This I will attempt to enlargeRays, 367:perception, knowledge, plans and purpose, and controls the quality of your life and directs theRays, 367:the subject. The center which we call Shamballa controls that mysterious center which is theRays, 431:which the soul, or the indwelling spiritual man, controls his physical vehicle. Where the relationRays, 432:the directing agency; this is the center which controls the pituitary body. These energies areRays, 432:energies are received via the head center, which controls the pineal gland. Emotional energy entersRays, 432:via the solar plexus center, where it either controls or is transmuted and elevated. It is thisRays, 436:has contacted. When the time factor no longer controls, the interpretations registered by the brainRays, 451:anchored in the center of the head. It controls that response mechanism which we call the brain,Rays, 461:functioning activity through meditation. It then controls and utilizes for its own spiritual endsRays, 518:Six - Devotion or Idealism - "The highest Light controls" Ray Seven - Ceremonial Law or Order -Rays, 537:or abstract mind and of the pure reason which controls and animates the buddhic plane, and which isRays, 604:of the second Ray of Love-Wisdom as it basically controls Ray IV and implements the return of theRays, 606:to bring about emergence from the wrong controls and principles. Just as the individual discipleRays, 608:of Renunciation. The Principle of Decision which controls the Master governs His work within theRays, 611:of love governs all relations between souls and controls the Hierarchy, the Kingdom of Souls; theRays, 614:The Factor of the Ray of Love-Wisdom as it controls the Ray of Harmony through Conflict andRays, 620:in the same manner as this principle of conflict controls the battling life of the aspirant and ofRays, 629:or should not be done, in its revolt from all controls, in its unthinking acceptance of anyRays, 634:Intelligence, the energy which permeates and controls matter or substance. They were also, duringRays, 674:and security and for the cessation of anxiety controls the mass of human reactions and makes theRays, 694:humanity within His consciousness, increasingly controls the attitude, the awareness and theReappearance, 50:the limitations of the physical body, emotional controls and the obstructive mind. Its citizens areReappearance, 106:of retrogression upon the teaching which now controls so many orthodox Christians. Buddha answeredReappearance, 146:based on continuously renewed opportunity, controls the people. Christianity has emphasizedReappearance, 182:to a demanding world; that attitude still controls the Hierarchy, yet with no loss of devotion toSoul, 46:is the great catalyst of energy in the body. It controls the speed of living and is the keystone ofSoul, 118:chains. The work of the sympathetic systems controls and influences the circulation, digestion, andSoul, 122:which plays through them, and the soul which controls and dominates all. The state of the centers,Soul, 123:important plexus of the sympathetic system; it controls the digestive tract, and sends its branchesTelepathy, 27:opens a way in the pranic fluids and so controls their activity (which is as ceaseless as theTelepathy, 78:this reaction is very slow, for inertia or tamas controls the spiritual life within the mineralTelepathy, 95:second divine aspect takes possession of him and controls and colors his entire life, automaticallyTelepathy, 99:which is so strong that it dominates and controls the astral aura. The stage wherein the soulTelepathy, 121:importance), it might be said that evolution controls the form of the Purpose; the Plan concernsTelepathy, 141:- one that is so basic that it governs and controls all thinking anent the etheric body: TheTelepathy, 142:subtle and intangible yet substantial, which controls, governs and conditions the outer physicalTelepathy, 144:this subject of energy becomes, because it controls and makes the man what he is at any given
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