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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONVERSATION

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Autobiography, 28:There was time to read and hours for interesting conversation. In the autumn, we would be down inAutobiography, 44:understand anymore than I understood much of the conversation at meals. The many guests were, I amAutobiography, 60:in a hut packed with men, and the following conversation took place: "Alice, you see that man overAutobiography, 111:or read anything and their sole topic of conversation seemed to rotate around children, crops, foodAutobiography, 199:one and have given themselves away in intimate conversation they generally end by hating you - aBethlehem, 211:Calvary to save our individual souls. Yet in His conversation with the repentant thief ChristDiscipleship1, 352:to impair their usefulness by any personality conversation or exchange of views. In my lastDiscipleship2, 464:reaction to racial strain, the import of his conversation with you a year ago may not haveDiscipleship2, 484:a diary of contacts; you should enter into it a conversation by means of which you got close toDiscipleship2, 496:listening or what is called esoterically "egoic conversation." I have, my brother, in thisDiscipleship2, 536:of a breaking down of a wall of pride, and a conversation - and in that order. The thread of goldFire, 980:unsaid and are judged by the quality of our conversation. We think of people in terms of what theyHealing, 103:would be inevitable that there would be too much conversation, and the work done would not beHealing, 390:is to interject the theme of death into their conversation with other seekers for truth, into theirMagic, 179:speak to the disciple as person to person. A conversation is therefore carried on entirely onMeditation, 243:disorder? What are his most ordinary topics of conversation? What are his principal interests? WhatTelepathy, 9:be true. At present it is usually a solar plexus conversation! The second form of telepathic work
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