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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONVEY

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Astrology, 91:certain spiritual implications and hints and to convey a general idea of the effect of the greatAstrology, 122:their many interrelations. The thought I wish to convey to you here is that at this stage theAstrology, 197:More than this it is not permitted to me to convey to you. I may, however, give you another hint.Astrology, 203:tests each existing in their three stages may convey a hint to esoteric astrologers as to theAstrology, 284:is not open." Again, the keynotes of this sign convey their meaning clearly and there is no needAstrology, 313:the outer tangible forms. But does that truly convey to you an intelligible truth? In Cancer, GodAstrology, 313:and man (the form). However, does that statement convey an intelligible concept to your mind? IAstrology, 315:mystery. There are two words also which convey the purpose and intent of expression upon theAstrology, 482:are four constellations, as you know, which convey the required energies which will make humanityAstrology, 499:reason, all that I can do in this treatise is to convey to you certain "seed thoughts" which - atAstrology, 513:sign, with the esoteric planets ruling, will convey the destiny of the [514] disciple. As I toldAstrology, 563:impossible to find the needed words which will convey clearly the intended meaning. There has beenAstrology, 593:of the Will In these few words, I have sought to convey an idea of a vast subjective realization.Astrology, 596:it is a symbolic form, embodying what I seek to convey. I would point out that the will aspect - asAstrology, 603:of Deity. Their effect, therefore, is ever to convey into our solar system and eventually into ourAstrology, 682:though it may not be permitted to do more than convey a few hints as to the truth. The fact is oneAstrology, 682:secret of this world cycle. It is not easy to convey the truth and words but seem to veil andAstrology, 685:here also be pointed out which may serve to convey light to those who have eyes to see: The VenusAtom, 23:schools, many words which are used to [23] convey the same general idea, such as "naturalAutobiography, 114:and shortly the Bishop came down. I wish I could convey in these pages the kindness, goodness andAutobiography, 138:of what "The Secret Doctrine" was intended to convey than most of them. Why should I not? I wasAutobiography, 162:in writings far above the average and which convey teaching needed by coming generations. I sayAutobiography, 256:have gone to the far corners of the earth and convey aid and help; the service work which IAutobiography, 264:are useful in challenging public interest. They convey much useful information about the threeAutobiography, 267:responsibilities. The new schools, now forming, convey very different ideas to their students andBethlehem, 66:and in this connection two verses in the Bible convey light upon His task and its preparation.Discipleship1, 5:on the part of the teacher. I shall convey by hint and symbol that which should be apprehended andDiscipleship1, 42:if the following sequence of statements will convey anything to your minds? It is a statement ofDiscipleship1, 126:to your soul. I ask myself anew: How can I convey to this disciple the nature of his problem? IDiscipleship1, 246:destructive in your best effort and this should convey to you the method for your and theirDiscipleship1, 253:One thing I seek to say to you, but I can only convey my thought in words that are necessarilyDiscipleship1, 311:and the sense of reticent security which you can convey to others will be the chief methods whichDiscipleship1, 318:these lines to your careful thought. They convey to you, not only the field of your service, butDiscipleship1, 359:of service to other students? You have much to convey of occult knowledge and when you learn toDiscipleship1, 405:Perhaps you will grasp what I am seeking to convey to you if I say that this relation wasDiscipleship1, 524:can love and sever at the same time; which can convey the deepest love, subjectively andDiscipleship1, 578:of course, knew it not. Can I, at this point, convey to you a lesson which all accepted disciplesDiscipleship1, 699:of the Plan, and his [699] ability to convey the embodied mental energy to the etheric body -Discipleship1, 713:is no adequate paraphrase of the terms used to convey this name. I would have you note that the sixDiscipleship1, 757:stage of discipleship as I have attempted to convey its individual implications and its moreDiscipleship1, 789:have gone to the far corners of the earth and convey aid and help; the goodwill work which IDiscipleship2, 7:Help and Instruction. As time goes on, I will convey information anent the work of the Masters'Discipleship2, 9:Do I read them? Does A.A.B. read them and convey to me her impressions? Do I psychometrise them?Discipleship2, 9:taking the time. Does A.A.B. read them and then convey their significance to me? No, because asDiscipleship2, 10:far more than does the outer form of words convey meaning to the trained mind of the exotericDiscipleship2, 11:creative with deliberation and endeavor to convey to the vision, to the mind and to theDiscipleship2, 18:- a much earlier stage. These hints I will convey to you in the ancient symbolic formulas whichDiscipleship2, 22:their "dark habitation." As time goes on I will convey information anent the work of the Masters'Discipleship2, 32:simplicity, however, of the above statement will convey to you your immediate objectives. TheseDiscipleship2, 39:him and work with him, but that they may convey to him a meaning which is not open to you at allDiscipleship2, 73:words spoken and am choosing phrases which will convey a pictorial connotation to your minds; inDiscipleship2, 97:prior to answering. The answers should convey the truth, as the disciple sees it today and not inDiscipleship2, 133:and factually. Each of these words will convey a specific meaning, and rightly apprehended willDiscipleship2, 156:and to the senior Members of the Hierarchy, they convey a still higher and more inclusiveDiscipleship2, 166:and more understanding approach. To them it will convey the recognition of the world of causes andDiscipleship2, 268:only the light from the Spiritual Triad can convey this type of revelation and interpretation. 3.Discipleship2, 273:I have used the exoteric symbol of the flag to convey to you a hint as to the esoteric meaning ofDiscipleship2, 274:each side of the square: [274] These words convey the highly inadequate and even unsuitableDiscipleship2, 274:in the ancient Sensa which are intended to convey the essential union, the related synthesis andDiscipleship2, 283:symbolic writings into such form that they can convey meaning through language. This difficulty isDiscipleship2, 284:as clearly as is possible. It is not possible to convey to you the true beauty of the concepts, butDiscipleship2, 302:they must carry out God's will. Do these words convey any true meaning to you? You will note thatDiscipleship2, 304:the format of these formulas are so difficult to convey in words that I have hesitated severalDiscipleship2, 304:elucidation on the subject. But even if I can convey but little of their significance, I can atDiscipleship2, 304:behind the exoteric manifestation. These forms convey to the occult student the symbolism of theDiscipleship2, 304:attempts (hitherto quite unsuccessfully) to convey the truth, but which in a mysterious mannerDiscipleship2, 312:revealed to him in terms and symbols which will convey significance to the intelligentsia with whomDiscipleship2, 318:towards "occult thinking." The Masters do not convey teaching through the medium of hints whichDiscipleship2, 320:is the inner meaning which they are intended to convey. Discipleship2, 339:of a Lord of Karma. It is always difficult to convey any true concept of Karma, because itDiscipleship2, 353:These are points worth considering, and will convey to you some understanding of present worldDiscipleship2, 355:(not all) that a hint, rightly approached, can convey. As I do so, it will become apparent to youDiscipleship2, 367:Decisive Perception. These terms will suffice to convey to the disciple the nature of theDiscipleship2, 400:planetary Logos. More along this line I may not convey to you. I can only give veiled suggestionsDiscipleship2, 420:each of them veils a deeper meaning and can convey a vital esoteric significance. Let me quote thisDiscipleship2, 434:in these words, and in their brevity they convey the greatest spiritual truths. They convey anDiscipleship2, 434:they convey the greatest spiritual truths. They convey an increasing sense of eternal livingness,Discipleship2, 476:of the six statements what they were intended to convey to you of direction and instruction? To theDiscipleship2, 476:on your feet." What did these symbolic words convey to you? I mention them because I want to buildDiscipleship2, 480:the point of future emphasis, which will convey strength and positive assurance, and which willDiscipleship2, 490:ready for impression. What that impression will convey, what thought will come to you or what callDiscipleship2, 536:to you there occurs one sentence which could convey to you the key whereby you can unlock the doorDiscipleship2, 548:and should. It is now, however, my intention to convey certain principles and certain aspects ofDiscipleship2, 549:me illustrate in a manner which I believe will convey to you a much needed suggestion. The beginnerDiscipleship2, 566:Perhaps some idea of what I am trying to convey anent the work done in the Ashram of a Master orDiscipleship2, 610:picture of relationship between the Ashrams can convey to you. By your effort, your determinationDiscipleship2, 635:these symbols the lesson which I am seeking to convey to you. I enjoined you in ray lastDiscipleship2, 641:you about this matter if you so wish, and will convey to you my suggestions whenever you want them.Discipleship2, 649:because of the varied experiences which they convey, the bitter piling up of pain and distress, andDiscipleship2, 688:Let me see if I can make what I intended to convey to you somewhat clearer. There are certainDiscipleship2, 726:of my books and the teaching that they convey, and to aid the effort of A.A.B. For that reason youDiscipleship2, 756:speaking! I am, at the same time, endeavoring to convey to you the attitude of all disciples inEducation, 14:of strenuously used words in the effort to convey an idea. Education, 33:this in terms, symbolic if you will, which will convey some general idea of the process to yourEducation, 82:it is basically psychological and should convey an understanding of humanity. When this type ofExternalisation, 69:this far more easily if the ideas I attempt to convey are backed by the understanding thought, andExternalisation, 111:(used so frequently by you) are intended to convey. [112] Externalisation, 286:the Buddha to bless His people everywhere and to convey the message of wisdom, light and love toExternalisation, 302:Process When the Avatar comes He will convey to humanity something for which we have as yet no trueExternalisation, 302:them. Only a phrase of several words can convey something of the significance and then only feebly.
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