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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONVEYED

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Statement:will have served their purpose. If the teaching conveyed calls forth a response from the illuminedAstrology, 268:and a world savior in Pisces. A hint is here conveyed to you anent the world period into which weAstrology, 310:of Uranus. The same basic teaching is here conveyed as was taught by the Sun ruling exoterically,Astrology, 487:and Pisces. Ponder on this. A hint is there conveyed anent our zodiac which is of supremeAstrology, 564:[564] upon humanity. All that has as yet been conveyed is the effect of one arm of the Cross uponAtom, 57:you will find that always a definite thought is conveyed to the mind, involving purpose, intent, orAtom, 86:about the fall of the spirit into matter is conveyed by means of a picture to the infant mentalityDestiny, 69:and in this statement you have a definite hint conveyed. The zodiacal signs relate, but the planetsDiscipleship1, 157:differ. During the past years, I have many times conveyed to you a message the summation of whichDiscipleship1, 491:have read and pondered upon the ideas therein conveyed? The thought may come to you that in allDiscipleship1, 758:the Christ, you have - among other things - conveyed a picture of an Ashram as technicallyDiscipleship2, 48:given to it. Spiritual impression, whether conveyed by the Christ, by Krishna or by Buddha (andDiscipleship2, 293:interpret and rightly relate that which has been conveyed to him by the activity of the fiveDiscipleship2, 303:is naught but energy." The phrases would have conveyed to their slow-moving brains absolutelyDiscipleship2, 307:must he first of all register and accept what is conveyed to him as inexplicable but to beDiscipleship2, 379:All the five points of revelation are conveyed or make their impression at each initiation, butDiscipleship2, 424:that awareness of basic and fundamental law is conveyed to the student. We have, therefore, inDiscipleship2, 476:fairly simple for you to comprehend. The fourth conveyed a prophecy. The fifth contained some WordsDiscipleship2, 503:to their students, or they must take what I have conveyed to the world, via A.A.B., and thus againEducation, 81:analyzing and synthesizing the information conveyed by the five senses. As a searchlight,Externalisation, 146:of sending forth the potency, [146] hidden yet conveyed by the Words or sounds. These twoExternalisation, 560:livingness. A great deal that has been conveyed to you in the two final categories has been mergedFire, 274:spiral, under definite law. The thoughts thus conveyed might be expressed likewise as follows: TheFire, 358:scope. 32 A hint of this triangle of force was conveyed in Letters on Occult Meditation, pageFire, 360:to keep silent. But some general idea may be conveyed before we take up specifically this chain andFire, 412:incarnation, but nowhere has the impression been conveyed that the three Kumaras, associated withFire, 740:Orders emanating from the solar Logos which are conveyed to him after liberation via the planetaryFire, 750:or sheath may be required. A hint is here conveyed which may be of service. Again, when a man hasFire, 782:a truer idea of the underlying concept might be conveyed if the word "energy" took the place ofFire, 894:upon the retina. The same thought is frequently conveyed in the Christian Bible, in the Hebrew andFire, 932:work with the gaseous devas. A hint is here conveyed, but greater expansion of the statement is notFire, 1089:and so long past, that their history can only be conveyed to the investigating Adepts through theFire, 1120:By the use of certain terms, information is conveyed to the Workers of the planet, the BrotherhoodFire, 1128:the mental plane. If we summarize the thoughts conveyed here, we will find that it deals with someFire, 1164:(To students with intuition the hint here conveyed may reveal the name of the planet, and theFire, 1176:found in the human etheric body. I have here conveyed more than has as yet been exotericallyFire, 1229:that is born of the Spirit." Two ideas are conveyed in this thought-form, - those of an emanatingGlamour, 174:called "imposed revelation" or the impression conveyed to minds capable of reception of thoseGlamour, 183:appropriating intuitive." The revelation she conveyed followed the accustomed routine of allGlamour, 186:in time, the original simplicity (as it was conveyed by its Revealers) has been lost. All basicHealing, 83:is a potent receiver of impressions, which are conveyed to the human consciousness through theHealing, 189:the illumined mind to profit by the knowledge conveyed, and to see behind the form of words the keyHealing, 197:quality and the energy which they represent are conveyed to every part of the physical vehicle viaHealing, 199:was then quiescent and little stimulation was conveyed through mental [200] levels via the headHealing, 498:of that material structure. I have here conveyed a definite hint on a subject which will receiveHealing, 714:and in time you will see how much can be conveyed to the intelligent healer of that new generationHercules, 105:even they could understand, the constellation conveyed three major thoughts: first, that man wasInitiation, 32:see, and the intuition to comprehend the meaning conveyed by terms which are handicapped by havingInitiation, 135:which some idea of the fundamental truth will be conveyed to the mind of the student, which weIntellect, 7:sensations, of our reactions, and of all that is conveyed to it via the five senses and the brain.Intellect, 57:brain through the medium of the five senses, and conveyed to it via the vital body. Thus it isIntellect, 102:means. Through the five senses, information is conveyed, and the man becomes aware of the world ofIntellect, 102:thoughts of men (both ancient and modern) are conveyed to him through the medium of reading and theIntellect, 103:thoughts? Their minds respond to that which is conveyed to them from the outer world, but have noIntellect, 131:of [131] speech, by which certain ideas are conveyed as to realized conditions of awareness. TheIntellect, 247:mind is that all knowledge and instructions are conveyed to the mind and brain by a man's own soul;Magic, 58:start the simplicity of the idea intended to be conveyed by my remarks hitherto. Just as in theMagic, 146:of its environment and, through the information conveyed by the sense of sight, hearing, touch,Magic, 189:Throat and Eye Later, when the knowledge here conveyed is assimilated, the aspirant will come to anMagic, 304:never see and yet nevertheless appropriate the conveyed information to themselves and sufferMagic, 379:distortion. The true meaning is only conveyed at the fourth initiation when the nature of theMagic, 460:the words "the light of the intuition" we have conveyed to our minds that type of energy whichMagic, 479:peculiar vibration and note, but this cannot be conveyed until such time as the AUM is used withMagic, 524:future knowledge of humanity, all that is here conveyed is like a fifth reader in grammar school toMagic, 545:and numerous correspondences which can be conveyed in a few simple words. We are told that he mustMagic, 552:of their true significance, but some idea may be conveyed in the following terms: "A precipitationMagic, 617:the aspirant to his own soul when that soul has conveyed to him the words. He finds them forMeditation, 212:across the planes, and some impression will be conveyed occularly of the complexity of the matterPatanjali, 13:the word "pleasure" does not occur; the thought conveyed is more technical, and is usuallyPatanjali, 84:difficult of exact interpretation. The thought conveyed is that as the organs of perception and asPatanjali, 87:of these dream states as he studies the idea conveyed in the earlier statement to the effect that,Patanjali, 160:still beholds intellected ideas." The thought conveyed is that the true man, the spectator,Patanjali, 161:of illusion, 2. The presented idea. The thought conveyed here is that every form which passesPatanjali, 220:of the bodily forces. The ideas and teaching conveyed fall into three parts: I. The external,Patanjali, 221:It will be obvious that much of the teaching conveyed in this sutra can only safely be givenPatanjali, 253:of the chitta (or mind stuff) to the knowledge conveyed, are then impressed upon the brain and thePatanjali, 262:of a summation of the previous sutras. The idea conveyed is that of the achievement of a constantPatanjali, 337:and in these distinctions are symbolically conveyed the problem of correct hearing on the variousPatanjali, 397:It is interesting to note the occult meaning conveyed in the words "the support of the outwardPatanjali, 412:light vibrations whereby certain information is conveyed anent the physical plane to our brain,Patanjali, 419:a spiritual problem and its nature has been conveyed to us in the following fragment of an oldProblems, 7:teaching given it. Spiritual impression, whether conveyed by the Christ, by Krishna or by BuddhaProblems, 52:analyzing and synthesizing the information conveyed by the five senses. As a searchlight,Psychology1, 38:choose or to reject, with all the implications conveyed in these terms. As long as a man isPsychology1, 71:require an exercise of the intuition and are conveyed by six short and excessively brief commandsPsychology1, 87:of the seven rays. The teaching has had to be conveyed symbolically and its understandingPsychology1, 239:in which these five secrets are hidden, and so conveyed to the intelligence of the initiate, are asPsychology1, 362:basic phenomena. [362] The sixth ray influence conveyed to men the ability to recognize thePsychology2, 21:felt in full power. Something of this idea is conveyed in the ancient occult phrase "the lesserPsychology2, 31:condition of awareness is not, can any idea be conveyed of what it essentially is. The negationsPsychology2, 101:time through these three schemes. A hint is here conveyed as to the prevalence of third ray MonadsPsychology2, 133:last words, for their true meaning cannot be conveyed in words, but only through a life dedicatedPsychology2, 347:it in integrating the personalities, will be conveyed by means of a formula of integration. ThisRays, 75:all that the quality of sensitivity has conveyed to mankind throughout the ages. It is theRays, 247:the human consciousness, a dim sense is thereby conveyed of the ritual of Sanat Kumara's dailyRays, 263:you some idea of how abstruse is the teaching conveyed in the rules for initiates. TheRays, 278:the rule) might be defined as follows: The ideas conveyed are those of an aspirant to the MysteriesRays, 287:divinity and to register also the love conveyed through the medium of symbols. The application ofRays, 329:physical consciousness. In these words I have conveyed a basic hint. Love and light are the greatRays, 340:- I can only hope that some meaning will be conveyed to those persons who are ready. A careful
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