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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONVEYED

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Rays, 442:interpretively the spiritual understanding, conveyed by the awakening intuition - the agent of theRays, 507:into modern terms and words. I have but conveyed the general idea - the collaboration of all theRays, 746:them not, and only a ruthless materialism is conveyed to them. There is again the ideology ofReappearance, 120:Much that is here written and which is conveyed in these pages is in reality concerned with theReappearance, 150:the continuity of revelation which each of them conveyed; the [151] task ahead of the spirituallySoul, 34:we become aware of information ceaselessly conveyed to us. Messages are carried along the millionsTelepathy, 14:for that process. The recipient of that which is conveyed to him on the "wings of thought." TheTelepathy, 15:elucidation, and in the idea which I have above conveyed to you, I have given you a hint. [16] Telepathy, 17:or noun form of that which was the idea to be conveyed. This embryo thought winged its way to itsTelepathy, 106:media through which the registered impression is conveyed to the brain consciousness, i.e., to theTelepathy, 163:etheric body will be complete. The idea can be conveyed symbolically by the diagram at the side,
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