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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONVEYING

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Astrology, 23:A revelation of a particular type of light, conveying a specific color to the initiate. A peculiarAstrology, 90:considerably lessened. New planetary potencies (conveying zodiacal energies) will control and takeAstrology, 93:of the sign Aries are four in number, all conveying the same idea. They can be expressed in theDiscipleship1, 269:extremity of the soul (speaking symbolically and conveying no true meaning to the aspirant) evokesDiscipleship2, 186:taught the art of precipitation, or the mode of conveying these ideas to the minds of theDiscipleship2, 311:where light pours in, bringing revelation, conveying information, evoking the intuition and drawingDiscipleship2, 353:my brothers, but I may perhaps have succeeded in conveying to you some general idea as a basis forDiscipleship2, 404:to the fact that Shamballa is simply a word conveying the idea of a vast focal point of energiesDiscipleship2, 553:its volume, adding quality to its tone, and conveying the needed creative qualities. The next fewDiscipleship2, 695:upon world horror, but aim - in meditation - at conveying strength and wisdom to the world leadersExternalisation, 37:mental principle, the use of language for the conveying of thoughts between equals or ofFire, 1142:aware of the existence of these cosmic formulas conveying information as to the specific gravity,Fire, 1257:certain Sensa characters, depicted in gold, and conveying to the initiated adept the name of one orHealing, 191:to carry in your minds, and one carrier or conveying agent, plus the basic occult fact that certainHealing, 193:of his entire threefold system, plus the conveying stream, constitute a conscious problem and oneHealing, 230:first effort toward any form of group activity, conveying the first lesson in responsibility. TheHealing, 249:the form and there is less reaction to disease-conveying factors, the soul within the form willHealing, 607:in a few sentences, but they are sentences conveying vast implications. The very simplicity of thisHercules, 92:"ship of state", the "ship of salvation", and conveying ever the idea of security, of progress, andInitiation, 171:(solar system) and also by four mystic phrases conveying much light to the intuition: The Boat ofMagic, 298:is called cosmic Evil - a high sounding phrase, conveying little. It is inherent in the fact ofMagic, 360:the heart center in Nature. This is a phrase conveying a truth which cannot be more clearlyPatanjali, 11:mentioned in the various translations, conveying the subtle [12] truth concerning the infinitePatanjali, 208:sentences which will be found of value here in conveying the correct concept: "As the breath ofPatanjali, 297:be wise if we used only two sets of terms, one conveying the orthodox oriental terminology as foundPatanjali, 350:The term "thunderbolt" is equally expressive, conveying as it does the idea of electrical force.Psychology1, 47:exit. Words such as these are synthetic symbols, conveying a cosmic story in terms of constructivePsychology1, 67:these interpretative names, and these aphorisms, conveying the "power of qualities", are worse thanPsychology1, 95:spiritual laws. The mind of Christ is a phrase conveying the concept of the rule of divinePsychology2, 4:the Mind of God Himself. This is a form of words conveying practically nothing to the averagePsychology2, 21:and to whom our vocabulary is novel and strange, conveying little meaning, and that usually quitePsychology2, 44:world at this present time) is incorrect speech, conveying ambiguous meanings and motivated byPsychology2, 70:animate the soul. These are the spiritual mind, conveying illumination; the intuitive nature,Psychology2, 201:in other words. As a gradually evolving self, conveying life and, as time elapses, awareness; it isPsychology2, 244:will produce the urge to create those forms, conveying meaning, which will transmute evil into goodPsychology2, 490:be contacted by man and be interpreted by him as conveying guidance. These thought forms can beRays, 230:the main technique of the Hierarchy is that of conveying inspiration. The Masters are not openlyRays, 445:animate the soul. These are the spiritual mind, conveying illumination; the intuitive nature,Telepathy, 33:mental principle, the use of language for the conveying of thoughts between equals or ofTelepathy, 82:lower) is the subject of much divine impression, conveying the Purpose of Sanat Kumara. This youTelepathy, 86:is the subject of so much divine impression, conveying the purpose of Sanat Kumara... In these
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