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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONVEYS

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Astrology, 63:for instance, that the Sun is "in Aries" it conveys an esoteric truth but not an exoteric fact. TheAstrology, 359:related constellations and see whether it truly conveys to you any exact knowledge beyond a generalAtom, 55:for a truer definition. To my mind, Plutarch conveys the idea of the manifestation of theAtom, 127:astral plane (a word I very much dislike, as it conveys no real meaning to our minds) or the planeDiscipleship1, 7:the mysteries of being. That statement in itself conveys information to those who know. You knowDiscipleship1, 113:and onward and upward (choose whichever word conveys to you the deepest meaning) until you reach asDiscipleship1, 116:understand whereof I speak and this sentence conveys to you a needed hint. Let love pour throughDiscipleship1, 283:to be achieved, as we all know, through art. It conveys a general sense of beauty, color andDiscipleship1, 283:also to be achieved in the field of art. This conveys a different sense of beauty, color andDiscipleship1, 295:is more clear and the "sound which issues forth" conveys now somewhat to your inner sense ofDiscipleship1, 624:steadfastness and that poise in isolation which conveys to others the feeling that they can dependDiscipleship2, 9:them? None of these expresses my method or conveys the true mode of ascertaining. I do not readDiscipleship2, 10:a note, a vibration and a symbolic aspect which conveys to the trained mind of the esotericist farDiscipleship2, 293:"stage of penetration"; the thought which this conveys to the initiate understanding signifies anDiscipleship2, 338:experience, there is persistently that which conveys to consciousness two factors: [339] ADiscipleship2, 343:a hint that the Master in any particular group conveys to a disciple his desire for the disciple.Discipleship2, 476:you now face, if you so choose), and it also conveys the idea of a more definite and steady use ofDiscipleship2, 549:of power which relation to the Ashram always conveys, and new in his joyous reaction to theDiscipleship2, 717:has been deliberate upon my part, for the word conveys something which I would see each of youDiscipleship2, 759:sense do I call you this? For this appellation conveys no idle statement but is of deepEducation, 27:thread soul and it is one and indivisible. It conveys the energy of life and finds its final anchorExternalisation, 117:laid upon the malevolent aspects of karma conveys a wrong impression and negates the full grasp ofExternalisation, 304:"sacrificial horse, slain to all eternity." It conveys the same basic idea. This Avatar can descendExternalisation, 483:the inspiration of the Buddha as He this year conveys the strength of the One in Whom we live andFire, 195:with the not-self it is called touch. This touch conveys other ideas to the groping consciousness,Fire, 196:closely connected with the second Logos. This conveys a hint of much value if duly considered. ItFire, 594:but will have to suffice for the present, as it conveys the type of idea that is needed, to ourFire, 664:turning of the Wheel produced the third." This conveys to the mind of the occultist the knowledgeFire, 712:formula for the process of individualization conveys this dual approximation with its differingFire, 732:Man. The word "incarnation" in its root meaning conveys the fundamental truth involved in theFire, 1081:and only name those the terminology of which conveys information and educational benefit to theFire, 1082:These naturally exist in ten groups. Each name conveys to the mind of the initiate some knowledgeFire, 1086:by the Chohans is naturally but theoretical and conveys only to their relatively limitedFire, 1086:a word which - through its ideographic nature - conveys essential information to the Adept. TheFire, 1141:life, are described by a triple formula which conveys to the mind of the initiate the proportionsHealing, 197:as a fact, indicating that the blood stream conveys certain elements released by the glands. ItHealing, 210:third initiation - to the life of the monad; it conveys to the centers the energy of the threeHealing, 332:whence they came. The stream of energy which conveys the soul quality of intelligence, plusHealing, 516:- having achieved freedom - that freedom now conveys its own demands: For a life of service in theHealing, 585:may convey much to the initiate but assuredly conveys very little to the average thinker, to whomInitiation, 164:to the primary law manifested. Each secret conveys a key to the nature of some particular PlanetaryInitiation, 221:a mantram (or that psychic faculty or power that conveys perception or thought) is the olderMagic, 11:The word "law", as usually understood, conveys the idea of subjection to an activity which isMagic, 95:fragmentary teaching of the yoga of the centers) conveys to us the information that the reflectionMagic, 144:sounded forth; it carries illumination, for it conveys the Truth and reveals Reality; it is ofMagic, 246:a potent mind realization of all that that term conveys, he focuses his forces in the vital bodyMagic, 319:nature. You say that this is a hard teaching and conveys but little to the average aspirant? SuchMagic, 358:these two characteristics of man something that conveys much of beauty, couched in symbolicMagic, 497:in the brain is withdrawn, whilst that which conveys the life impulse or urge remains stillMagic, 565:of referring to the great illusion. This term conveys not only the concept of the possession of anMagic, 629:and are the source of growth and that which conveys to the dormant soul - in time and space - theMeditation, 202:in physical plane demonstration. The thought conveys much matter for consideration and forMeditation, 211:for, as you know, the definition of the word conveys the idea of concealment. Color is thereforeMeditation, 355:a mantram (or that psychic faculty or power that conveys perception or thought) is the olderPatanjali, 18:this sentence is found a curious symbol, which conveys to the disciple's mind the thought of "KeepPatanjali, 26:latter sentence should be emphasized; [26] it conveys a hint to those capable of taking advantagePatanjali, 58:is found. This is a very general paraphrase but conveys nevertheless the correct significance ofPatanjali, 87:does not adhere to the exact Sanskrit terms. It conveys nevertheless the exact meaning of thePatanjali, 320:of the original text, but one which nevertheless conveys the correct interpretation. We have seenPatanjali, 349:into his kingdom. Then the fourth expression conveys the idea of the unity, the coherence of thePatanjali, 381:process. This is a very free translation but conveys a clear interpretation of the truth to bePsychology1, 110:practicality. In the last analysis, definition conveys mental satisfaction but is no criterion asPsychology1, 394:is not Jewish [394] in the sense that that word conveys today. Who, therefore, if the facts are ofPsychology2, 151:light to act as a channel, that which this law conveys will remain unknown and unrealized. ThesePsychology2, 365:energies" permissible? When all are divine? It conveys the idea, and that is what is desired.) TheRays, 45:to the false impression which the word "tension" conveys at this time. It is associated in theRays, 53:This may represent a new idea to you, but it conveys an idea of an eternal fact. It may help you toRays, 72:real sense they too must pass that door." This conveys the thought of individual self-initiation,Rays, 88:esoterically) right response to the sound which conveys the will of God to the ears of theRays, 126:by him also) and the use of language which conveys a wrong impression. By so doing, the user of theRays, 129:most important part of this particular rule; it conveys the key to the immediate goal for those whoRays, 297:to the personality when contact is made; this conveys the sense of attractive love, indicates theRays, 420:identification." Note how the adjective here conveys the many and the plural whilst the noun givesRays, 440:Kingdom of God in the sense which that phrase conveys to us; that term is limited to the soul whichRays, 442:responsiveness to that which the ashramic group conveys to him, to his emerging vision of theRays, 449:thread soul and it is one and indivisible. It conveys the energy of life and finds its final anchorRays, 484:importance of the revelation which this process conveys. What I am here writing has, therefore, aRays, 664:and because (symbolically speaking) it conveys an aspect of a major truth. Just as the birth of aTelepathy, 59:It develops into conscious interaction; it conveys later information; it is revelatory in nature,Telepathy, 178:astronomical figures - if that statement even conveys sense to your minds. This extent cannot be
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