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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - COOPERATE

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Astrology, 151:Aspect - expressed. - Appearance of the will to cooperate with the Plan. The death of Self-will.Astrology, 371:the initiate is controlled by the will to cooperate with the Plan, he is, nevertheless, beingAstrology, 444:idealist, and his simultaneous refusal to cooperate in this period of karmic necessity, that isAstrology, 525:cruelties and wrong doing), they sought to cooperate with the Forces of Light [526] and endeavoredAstrology, 531:exploiting an unhappy majority - they will cooperate freely with these greater nations in aAtom, 28:our place, some body of people with whom we can cooperate and work, some brother or brothers whomAtom, 28:of selfishness into loving service. Thus we can cooperate in the general purpose, and participateAtom, 148:upon our earth. They are beginning to cooperate with His plans, to work for the betterment of theirAutobiography, 142:It was becoming clear to me that I could cooperate with the Plan if I wanted to, find those who inAutobiography, 268:of his Master's Ashram or group. He is taught to cooperate with the Hierarchical plan as it isAutobiography, 270:which his Master and the Ashram is pledged to cooperate. He is taught how to play his part inAutobiography, 278:the broad outlines of the divine purpose and can cooperate intelligently with the immediate task.Autobiography, 290:the points of difference; they will endeavor to cooperate with all groups which have a saneBethlehem, 24:Christ trod, takes courage of the rarer kind. To cooperate sanely and wisely with God's Plan and toDestiny, 100:wrong doing), they were and are today seeking to cooperate with the Forces of Light and areDestiny, 105:exploiting an unhappy majority - they will cooperate freely with these greater nations in aDiscipleship1, 12:of them individuals but all sincerely anxious to cooperate and aid in this work? Let me try andDiscipleship1, 23:contact and with which they deliberately cooperate. It will be apparent to you, therefore, that theDiscipleship1, 29:the earth, groups of illumined souls who can cooperate with the Masters with perfect freedom ofDiscipleship1, 29:in tune with or in unison with the Hierarchy, to cooperate with the group life of many other groupsDiscipleship1, 31:clearer to your eyes in order that you may cooperate with greater intelligence, for this is aboveDiscipleship1, 46:have indicated your willingness to serve and to cooperate in my plans. Beyond thus indicating theDiscipleship1, 53:pledged) you are actively cooperating and should cooperate. But it was felt that it should also beDiscipleship1, 55:to arrest their present trend of thought and to cooperate more fully and freely in theDiscipleship1, 75:and a proved sincerity and a definite wish to cooperate on yours. What is my attitude towards you?Discipleship1, 78:words the attention which is due and endeavor to cooperate with me. I shall then some day have theDiscipleship1, 132:many angles to give time and effort (in order to cooperate constructively when the time comes) toDiscipleship1, 132:world glamor. This brother was thus unable to cooperate and valued his "personal freedom" higherDiscipleship1, 136:It is not easy for such first ray types to cooperate, to fall into line with group suggestion, withDiscipleship1, 145:you must learn to work. Look for those who can cooperate with the Plan. Look also for yourDiscipleship1, 159:of the Plan and an inner determination to cooperate and this facilitates the work. For you,Discipleship1, 161:the finding and the training of those who can cooperate. Workers increasingly will be drawn toDiscipleship1, 202:it will be of peculiar benefit to you to thus cooperate, for it will do more to integrate yourDiscipleship1, 225:outer group of servers with whom he can and must cooperate. When these two discoveries synchronizeDiscipleship1, 266:period of world activity but I am willing to cooperate with the group if they continue to evidenceDiscipleship1, 307:whose wisdom and knowledge surpass his own, to cooperate with those who stand with him upon theDiscipleship1, 343:anent this group endeavor and seek to cooperate - for a while at least. The value of the group workDiscipleship1, 577:to work in my group of disciples and to cooperate with the [578] workers who are endeavoring toDiscipleship1, 578:moments of devotion and of real understanding to cooperate with the task of the New Group of WorldDiscipleship1, 586:it has been because you have forced yourself to cooperate, and yet you were, all the time,Discipleship1, 586:to two fields of service in which you choose to cooperate. Let one of them be a second ray groupDiscipleship1, 590:choice is clear and well defined. You can either cooperate happily with this group in the workDiscipleship1, 612:already begun and with which you were invited to cooperate - and with which you acceptedDiscipleship1, 612:your deepest attention. Superficially you cooperate, basically you do not. You have been glimmeredDiscipleship1, 613:with whom I seek - at this particular time - to cooperate, are not working, except as souls,Discipleship1, 617:Be consciously the sannyasin. Also, my brother, cooperate in all that proves itself (to yourDiscipleship1, 655:that your field of service and your power to cooperate with the Hierarchy will be greatly expanded.Discipleship1, 726:does he consciously and as an individual cooperate with the karmic responsibility of the planetaryDiscipleship1, 730:disciples of the three groups are asked to cooperate and this offers opportunity to manyDiscipleship1, 730:everywhere. As they seek to vision the Plan, to cooperate with the three Masters and their initiateDiscipleship1, 731:accepted disciples (who are only learning to cooperate) are valuable as "agents for experiment."Discipleship1, 737:work and its needs and to develop the power to cooperate with those also engaged in similar work.Discipleship2, 11:to the few requests I may make, and eventually cooperate with the work of bringing the editedDiscipleship2, 86:in positions of influence; they know not how to cooperate and are frequently points of dissensionDiscipleship2, 138:highest aspects that the disciple is asked to cooperate. Discipleship2, 138:for the individual disciple in any Ashram to cooperate in all phases of the Master's work, and itDiscipleship2, 138:and it is not possible for you, for instance, to cooperate in every phase of the work in my AshramDiscipleship2, 138:it could become receptive to impression, and cooperate thereafter actively; through the alignmentDiscipleship2, 215:then proceeds to recreate his environment and to cooperate consciously with the creative work ofDiscipleship2, 396:by the disciple, must go as he learns to cooperate with, and work out, the hierarchical Plan. ThisDiscipleship2, 428:and penetrating energies, in order to cooperate as far as your [429] insight permits, and thusDiscipleship2, 569:of co-workers with whom you are determined to cooperate. You render recognition to me, your Master,Discipleship2, 576:and you can then, during the coming months, cooperate with A.A.B. in their changing and assemblingDiscipleship2, 581:all occult reference. I know that you also will cooperate. In the last analysis, the responsibilityDiscipleship2, 619:outer side also). It is not your willingness to cooperate, for that is proven; it is not yourDiscipleship2, 666:and unrecognized, with which he must learn to cooperate, and it integrates him more definitely intoDiscipleship2, 679:to how the work should be done - you refuse to cooperate. I would remind you that the Members ofDiscipleship2, 680:and for disagreements. I have asked you to cooperate with those who have been asked by me toDiscipleship2, 718:concentrate. You are making a real effort to cooperate and to carry out my instructions; this hasDiscipleship2, 726:of this life. If you accept these ideas and cooperate willingly, you will do much to free yourself;Education, 73:from babyhood, their parents must be willing to cooperate in the task of providing right earlyEducation, 110:sought to comprehend the objectives and to cooperate with the immediate plans in this time ofExternalisation, 16:threaten their members with dire results if they cooperate with the membership of other groups.Externalisation, 17:and effectively to serve the race, and to cooperate with the plan of the Hierarchy. Such studentsExternalisation, 26:been promised if all aspirants and disciples can cooperate to break through the shell of separationExternalisation, 158:however, to the unreadiness of humanity to cooperate in its use, the results have been delayed andExternalisation, 250:work and indicate also your willingness to cooperate to the fullest extent with the Forces ofExternalisation, 282:intent and true understanding, [282] and thus cooperate - by its use, by your love of humanity, andExternalisation, 311:of the Avatar, and thus fit themselves to cooperate. The second step is to understand clearly whatExternalisation, 353:of Evil. Will you ponder on this and will you cooperate in every possible way? The plans may beExternalisation, 383:to discuss and study the coming world order, or cooperate with those who are already doing so. LookExternalisation, 383:whose task it is to rebuild. If only two people cooperate with you in this matter, the effort willExternalisation, 384:expressed, the more easily will you discover and cooperate with the divine Plan and follow theExternalisation, 384:and spiritual interplay. Each of the two who cooperate with you can, in their turn, do the same,Externalisation, 385:they are doing, and also endeavor to have them cooperate with you in your lines of activity. Keep aExternalisation, 387:nationality or religion, can be depended upon to cooperate in the various phases of the work ofExternalisation, 440:for a new, better and happier world. The will-to-cooperate will steadily increase also. Men willExternalisation, 444:the terrified and the distressed and weak. Cooperate with the new group of world servers in everyExternalisation, 506:and with Him the groups of violet angels cooperate. In church matters He Himself carries out theExternalisation, 507:angels, such as those referred to in the Bible, cooperate with Him. The Master Who works in and forExternalisation, 511:of its symbolism will come the power to cooperate with the divine plan. It meets the need of thoseExternalisation, 514:the Master Jesus, will have the opportunity to cooperate at this time. Each sincere aspirant who isExternalisation, 542:choose to do. For a few decades longer He will cooperate with the Christ in widening the channel ofExternalisation, 580:will slowly send in their representatives to cooperate and to continue with the task. The firstExternalisation, 649:the most unimportant of the sons of men; all can cooperate if they will. It is nevertheless a taskExternalisation, 685:intellectual perception of truth, and which will cooperate with the externalized Ashrams in theExternalisation, 687:form. I advise all disciples who seek to cooperate with the impending activity of the Hierarchy toFire, 105:through the etheric body correctly, they cooperate with the natural latent bodily [106] warmth, andFire, 426:have reached a stage where they can consciously cooperate in the process of abstraction. It isFire, 440:(the four exoteric and the three esoteric) cooperate with this Law, and work exoterically, or
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