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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - COOPERATE

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Fire, 468:the plane of the Logos, sometimes called Adi) cooperate consciously, and are of high rank in theFire, 479:Elemental lives tend all lesser lives. The devas cooperate under rule, order and sound. TheFire, 485:Advanced intellectual man should be able to cooperate in the synthesis of the work, and deal withFire, 604:Therefore: 1st Logos, 2nd Logos, 3rd Logos cooperate. Illustration: Life of the 3rd Logos -Fire, 615:thereto by selfish motive. The Brothers of Light cooperate with the positive aspect in, and of, allFire, 615:then, can he safely, wisely, and intelligently cooperate in the plan. As yet, for the average manFire, 632:the Heavenly Men, work in deva substance; both cooperate with the devas; both manifest will,Fire, 666:of the point of view of those great devas Who cooperate intelligently in the plan of evolution.Fire, 737:stage wherein the personal self can consciously cooperate with the ego, periods of personalityFire, 786:with the others. Group after group [786] cooperate, for the three main bodies are distributed amongFire, 909:needs of civilization at heart. They can then cooperate with the Mahachohan in the work ofFire, 919:when scientists are willing to recognize and to cooperate with the intelligent forces that are toFire, 929:devas from the logoic throat center appear, and cooperate with their brothers. All the fires areFire, 929:his own interests in the greater, and to cooperate intelligently. The creative power which hadFire, 930:will control and manipulate, with others he will cooperate, and others still he will obey. It is inFire, 949:one more conscious assailant can be trained to cooperate in the work of destruction. Every time anFire, 955:of self interest in group interest, and thus cooperate with the plan, and a faculty that enablesFire, 956:his individual share in the plan, and then cooperate in the work of some particular group ofFire, 985:in the work of constructive endeavor in order to cooperate in hierarchical plans, and to furtherFire, 986:and with the lesser builders; He does not cooperate with the forces which emanate from egoicGlamour, xi:to discipleship have to do, and so intelligently cooperate, I will concisely state the purpose:Glamour, 136:in what way he and the rest of humanity can cooperate and hasten the divine purpose; through theGlamour, 215:be dissipated. This involves: A willingness to cooperate with the soul in physical, astral andGlamour, 235:be dissipated. This involves: A willingness to cooperate with the soul. Understanding the nature ofHealing, 16:Under this method, the patient is taught to cooperate as much as he can with the psychologist, soHealing, 124:other side, with the disciple standing ready to cooperate at the first indication of a willingnessHealing, 124:to recognize relationship and intention to cooperate in group service. This is a point which bothHealing, 129:find it helpful at this time, if they want to cooperate intelligently with the happenings of theHealing, 219:the glandular system, they will be the first to cooperate [220] with the medical profession and toHealing, 264:for unity and cooperation, yet know not how to cooperate; factually and symbolically, they are theHealing, 266:confer upon this problem, and together they will cooperate to bring to an end the wrong attitudesHealing, 280:findings [280] of the past, and so unwilling to cooperate with orthodox medicine that, in manyHealing, 280:are many enlightened men who would gladly cooperate if the small and vociferous cults wouldHealing, 280:relinquish their exclusiveness and be willing to cooperate and accept that which the divineHealing, 288:aspect of the work the patient will frequently cooperate. Dates, incidental phenomena, changes forHealing, 539:beyond his power, and he could not, therefore, cooperate with the effort of his soul to transferHealing, 575:very advanced person who is consciously able to cooperate, the third eye of the patient can also beHealing, 652:In magnetic healing, the healer needs to cooperate closely with the patient's physician or surgeonHealing, 653:When the patient is conscious and able to cooperate, the work is greatly helped; according to theHealing, 708:and the twelve upon the plane of soul endeavor, cooperate as one and thus the work is done. TwoHercules, 116:faith in the future of humanity, and strength to cooperate patiently with the present.Initiation, 23:to stay within the planetary scheme, and thus cooperate with the plans of the Planetary Logos onInitiation, 36:form familiar and unfamiliar. The devas who cooperate with the Hierarchical effort, concernInitiation, 55:ideal are influenced by him, and with him cooperate certain of the great devas of the mental plane,Initiation, 71:to do three things: To serve humanity. To cooperate with the plan of the Great Ones as he sees itInitiation, 81:God and their personal Master), the inability to cooperate and to merge their interests in the goodInitiation, 110:to lead to error. The three Great Lords closely cooperate in the work, for that work is one, justInitiation, 119:under the direction of the "open mind," and can cooperate intelligently with the forces of nature.Initiation, 121:and harmoniously with many diverse types, and to cooperate in large plans and wield wide influence.Initiation, 172:thus helping the ends of evolution, and to cooperate intelligently with the plans of the PlanetaryInitiation, 178:be remembered is that this effort to make people cooperate intelligently with the Hierarchy, and toIntellect, 169:to accomplish. He finds himself so anxious to cooperate with the Plan which he has contacted thatMagic, 39:for the purpose of enabling the spiritual man to cooperate in the plan and purpose of the greatMagic, 81:the entire personality the aspirant cannot cooperate with these other lives and diverse evolutionsMagic, 94:the purposes and plans with which he may cooperate. According to his stage of development thoseMagic, 94:form on the physical plane, with which he may cooperate and in whose interest he may submerge hisMagic, 95:are freed from personal [95] ambition can truly cooperate in this second aspect of the work.Magic, 135:problem to be solved by all who are seeking to cooperate with the Great White Lodge has fourMagic, 141:Universal Mind, and hence are in a position to cooperate intelligently. They, in their turn, asMagic, 151:Hierarchy in which his soul feels called upon to cooperate is breathed forth [152] simultaneously,Magic, 232:magicians of our planet and can wield forces, cooperate with the plan, command the elementals, andMagic, 260:everywhere under any name or organization and to cooperate with them when so recognized. This is noMagic, 268:The contacting of the Plan. Right desire to cooperate with the Plan. The work of thought-formMagic, 419:imposed by these workers upon those who seek to cooperate with them. The ideas of any one person orMagic, 421:or a vital opportunity to aid in and to cooperate with each other in the work in which it isMagic, 453:handle energies, to work in mental matter and to cooperate creatively with the Purpose underlyingMagic, 516:been achieved. The disciple who is seeking to cooperate with the Hierarchy of Masters and toMeditation, 130:forces of nature, to dominate the elementals, to cooperate with the devas, and to learn the formsMeditation, 135:all on to eventual perfection. The White Adepts cooperate in this. The Dark Brothers whoMeditation, 175:two things: You control elemental forces. You cooperate with the devas. In one you dominate, in theMeditation, 180:some involutionary life, and to contact and cooperate with some group of devas. The aboveMeditation, 182:to further their ambitions; they sought not to cooperate with the law, but to wield that law forMeditation, 182:each other, and be able therefore more freely to cooperate. With this growing consciousness will beMeditation, 202:be the capacity to align with the higher, and to cooperate with all the other units in theMeditation, 244:his ability to see on emotional levels he can cooperate with the modern enlightened medical man,Meditation, 279:is laid thus in order that he may consciously cooperate in the work of the [280] Master on hisMeditation, 315:and expansion of the students' vehicles, and cooperate with the Head in the work of expanding andMeditation, 330:contact and control the lesser evolutions and to cooperate with the other evolutions such as thePatanjali, 41:of the great plan and thus can intelligently cooperate in the building of the Temple of the Lord.Patanjali, 322:can then serve intelligently in those realms and cooperate with the great evolutionary scheme. ThePatanjali, 344:characteristics and nature, he can then cooperate intelligently in the plan and become a whiteProblems, 23:into the light. Russia must also learn to [23] cooperate with other powers on an equal basis.Problems, 41:humanitarians throughout the world should be to cooperate with these people. It is not their taskProblems, 105:to solve the problem alone, and will begin to cooperate with a full sense of spiritualProblems, 140:divine sonship and will seek unitedly to cooperate with the divine Plan, as it is revealed to themProblems, 180:relations. Thus many will find those who will cooperate with them in their particular endeavor toPsychology1, xviii:to their group vibration, and thus able to cooperate intelligently with the unfolding purpose. ItPsychology1, 8:and associates. We shall find ourselves able to cooperate more wisely with the Plan as it isPsychology1, 58:conscious purpose of Deity; can intelligently cooperate with the will of God, and thus work withPsychology1, 86:together in the will of God. Quality - power to cooperate. Sit in the center and the east as well.Psychology1, 141:together in the closest union and harmony, and cooperate intelligently with the Plan of which TheyPsychology1, 185:the Brotherhood, so that you can understand and cooperate. Humanity is intended to act as a powerPsychology1, 190:of the solar Plan, he will then be enabled to cooperate with the needed intelligence. ReadPsychology1, 223:to see life whole, and be able therefore to cooperate (with power and intelligence) in the workingPsychology1, 356:evince capacity to sense the Plan of God and to cooperate; they see the broad general outlines ofPsychology2, 28:the world disciples, in the attempt to work and cooperate with it, is only the sensing of thatPsychology2, 40:for the Builders; The will to power in order to cooperate; Power realized as the major weapon ofPsychology2, 43:Right order through right magic; Power to cooperate with the Whole; Understanding of the Plan; ThePsychology2, 44:if they are to do their work as desired and to cooperate with the Plan correctly, need that innerPsychology2, 106:outer activities are concerned. Only as servers cooperate from the standpoint of an inner
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