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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - COOPERATES

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Destiny, 74:Ray 3. - Active Intelligence, via Saturn. This cooperates with the third ray personality of France,Discipleship2, 208:of the Nirmanakayas. This group sustains and cooperates with the planetary Logos in hisDiscipleship2, 308:no longer goes forward blindly but that he cooperates intelligently in the new systems of training.Externalisation, 665:right human relations. This Master therefore cooperates with the Master R. - Who is the Head of theFire, 936:permanent atom. The physical permanent atom. He cooperates with the work of the building devas whoFire, 952:process of willing creation, so that man cooperates with the ideal, works under law, and producesFire, 985:hand path ever works alone, or if he at any time cooperates with others, it is with a hiddenInitiation, 57:and the wise Executive, and in Church matters he cooperates closely with the Christ, thus savingInitiation, 57:the Masters. He works with those who heal, and cooperates unknown and unseen with the seekers afterMagic, 470:attraction, which is the law of life. This law cooperates with the Law of Cause and Effect, which,Magic, 528:in relation to group purpose, and the initiate cooperates with the planetary purpose. TheseMeditation, 123:obsession the man consciously and willingly cooperates with the One Who seeks to inspire, or toMeditation, 235:he avails himself of the hour of opportunity and cooperates with the force extant. All this he doesMeditation, 263:evolutions than the human, and through them He cooperates with the activity aspect of the Logos.Meditation, 263:the second aspect logoic. Through these Words He cooperates with the work of the first Logos, andMeditation, 278:comprehends more readily and more consciously cooperates. The Master when inspecting the imagesPatanjali, 419:the "secret place upon the Mount of God," and he cooperates with it intelligently upon the physicalPsychology1, 303:law-less-ness. Therefore, the server of the race cooperates with the laws of the land in his dailyPsychology2, 234:capacity to synthesize, to attract and to blend, cooperates with the unrealized potencies of man'sPsychology2, 377:to be expressed. In the field of business, he cooperates with third ray energies and the executivesPsychology2, 739:or national government. It finds them in all and cooperates with [740] all. This I have frequentlyRays, 520:higher initiations are taken, the initiate then cooperates with that purpose in full understanding
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