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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - COOPERATING

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Atom, 81:you have the third person of the Logoic Trinity cooperating with the second; you have theAtom, 150:I am unable to tell you whether He is as yet cooperating in the purposes of the solar Logos; but weDestiny, 76:fuller expression. It is ruled also by Pisces, cooperating with the influences of its first rayDestiny, 78:4. - Harmony through Conflict, via Mercury, thus cooperating with the soul ray intensifying theDiscipleship1, 18:is that of the Masters themselves and their cooperating initiates. They work primarily upon theDiscipleship1, 53:which I am personally pledged) you are actively cooperating and should cooperate. But it was feltDiscipleship1, 150:is the more specialized task of working with and cooperating with those in whose hands lies theDiscipleship1, 161:desired momentum. Your work ahead lies now in cooperating with those who are the New Group of WorldDiscipleship1, 186:you need. NOTE: This disciple is still actively cooperating with the Tibetan. Discipleship1, 225:of it. NOTE: This brother is still actively cooperating with the Tibetan. Discipleship1, 271:the financing of the work which I have planned. Cooperating with those who are endeavoring toDiscipleship1, 321:brother. NOTE: This disciple is still actively cooperating with the Tibetan. Discipleship1, 430:Your first ray mental body forms a good cooperating point for your second ray soul and this tooDiscipleship1, 504:continues in the same position of trust and is cooperating diligently with the work of the Tibetan.Discipleship1, 611:to select the work that you should do instead of cooperating in the service which you accepted. YouDiscipleship1, 612:tried to organize your own activities instead of cooperating in the work already begun and withDiscipleship2, 28:other side of the veil but are still actively cooperating with the group, and receiving the sameDiscipleship2, 141:and understanding, but you will definitely be cooperating in the task of externalizing the AshramDiscipleship2, 235:task of the New Group of World Servers, cooperating everywhere with the men of goodwill; eachDiscipleship2, 330:is seldom the case. There are usually three "cooperating Masters" in every Ashram, with one at theDiscipleship2, 448:answering the secret of your success. Are you cooperating with the Plan, or in reality with yourDiscipleship2, 592:built. It is of immediate importance that each cooperating server should be fired with a new andDiscipleship2, 667:come true, because you see the vision and are cooperating with the Plan; thus materialize theExternalisation, 276:and do its share in aiding all those who are cooperating with the Forces of Light to bring thisExternalisation, 278:the Plan and to work for its furtherance, thus cooperating with those forces which are endeavoringExternalisation, 280:difficult of belief. If the sons of men who are cooperating with the Forces of Light at this timeExternalisation, 383:knowledge of your goodwill or interest and by cooperating with them during the period ofExternalisation, 417:today; so many people of integrity and worth are cooperating consciously with Members of thisExternalisation, 664:unconscious of their esoteric status) who were cooperating with the Law of Evolution and also withExternalisation, 685:first time) is intelligently participating and cooperating. It is this cooperative participation,Fire, 383:lives, animated by the third Logos, cooperating with the second Logos. In the case of a planetaryFire, 383:units) animated by the life of the second Logos, cooperating with the first Logos, and utilizingFire, 784:"Pitris of the Dual Heat" are now intelligently cooperating. The heart and brain of the substanceFire, 870:Teacher, the Master and the Ego concerned are cooperating, for these smaller initiations deal withFire, 873:the scheme, the planetary Logos has also three cooperating Existences Who are the summation of HisFire, 1235:and developed) become a conscious creator, cooperating with the plans of the Hierarchy of AdeptsGlamour, 266:in a dual manner: as a member of the Hierarchy, cooperating with the Plan and occupied with theHealing, 50:human, it is the energy of the fourth ray which, cooperating with the first ray, eventually bringsHealing, 99:to dangerous proportions and disrupt instead of cooperating with nature's healing forces, and canHealing, 653:unconsciously) is working with the healer and is cooperating with him. The basic premise inInitiation, 38:(showing forth as Love) of the Planetary Logos. Cooperating with him as his advisers are threeInitiation, 41:in the greater scheme of which he is but a part. Cooperating with these karmic Lords are the largeInitiation, 72:come under his influence, - a responsibility of cooperating with the plan of evolution as it existsInitiation, 97:passed through the human kingdom and are now cooperating in the evolution of man, are not as yetInitiation, 123:line with the plans of the three Logoi involved, cooperating with them with ever greater ability,Intellect, 115:and developed - become a conscious creator, cooperating with the plans of evolution and of God. AsMagic, 48:certain effects, initiated in an earlier system. Cooperating in the plan of the solar Logos inMagic, 139:taste and smell are welded into one synthetic cooperating whole, for use in the great work. On theMagic, 236:embodying the will of the ego or soul, cooperating with the personality, takes to itself a tripleMagic, 410:their own souls, which have, in their turn, been cooperating consciously with the Hierarchy ofMagic, 460:of the work is carried on by those workers, who, cooperating consciously with the hierarchy,Meditation, 176:involutionary powers, and the wisdom aspect in cooperating with the devas, you will then untidilyProblems, 108:to its own people and at the same time be a cooperating partner in world enterprise. This can onlyProblems, 145:and so many people of integrity and worth are cooperating consciously with the Members of thePsychology1, 86:cooperation) through the power of thought (thus cooperating with the Lord of the fifth ray and onPsychology1, 286:Seldom, very seldom, do we find the coordinated, cooperating fusion of all the three parts of thePsychology1, 363:magician will increasingly find themselves cooperating intelligently with the Plan, andPsychology2, 159:Discipleship and enter upon the arduous task of cooperating with the spiritual laws, particularlyPsychology2, 397:has to learn to occupy himself with the task of cooperating with those great Lives Who, working onPsychology2, 445:we are considering, the subject is definitely cooperating with the psychologist and is interestedPsychology2, 486:the task of ascertaining the Plan of God or of cooperating with it in some way or another. Some ofPsychology2, 684:been in close communication with each other and cooperating in order to bring about a receptivityPsychology2, 691:you receive this communication, to the task of cooperating in the organized effort to change thePsychology2, 715:by them, are consciously and voluntarily cooperating. In this latter category we can find ourselvesPsychology2, 741:and the quiet work of the Units of Service cooperating with all the above. Rays, 267:Buddhas of Activity Who still remain actively cooperating with the Lord of the World. They are, asRays, 573:ray is present, and the Lord of the Ray is cooperating with the Lord of the World to bring aboutReappearance, 69:necessarily had to be with Him in thought, and cooperating mentally, because His reappearanceReappearance, 184:by them, are consciously and voluntarily cooperating. In this latter category we can find ourselvesSoul, 35:both sets of stimuli and both outputs of energy cooperating in the complete act or behavior of the
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