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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - COOPERATION

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Psychology2, 722:inspires" a soul and drives a man to unconscious cooperation with the Plan. We must remember,Psychology2, 728:loyalties and purpose must be preserved, but the cooperation of the groups must be invoked in thePsychology2, 728:with a definite and temporary program, and their cooperation asked. [729] This program ofPsychology2, 731:for certain recognitions and certain definite cooperation. These are the methods which concern us.Psychology2, 732:as it might have been. The demand for cooperation has been clearly sounded from the inner side, andPsychology2, 733:intelligently understood? How can they evoke the cooperation of aspirants and disciples over thePsychology2, 734:effort and this response to the demand for full cooperation, very few of us, have yet given. IfPsychology2, 737:world equilibrium and so bring understanding and cooperation and unity into play on a world widePsychology2, 743:They are talking of understanding and cooperation in all fields of human thought and life, and arePsychology2, 747:with, and harmonious acquiescence in, as well as cooperation with the government or state to whichPsychology2, 750:understanding, and they demand also a joyful cooperation and the sacrifice of yourselves and ofPsychology2, 751:public. It is your meditation and intense inner cooperation which will construct that channelRays, 4:divine urge, of perfect display of coordinated cooperation with the purpose of manifestation. HumanRays, 15:and point of attainment, provided I receive due cooperation from them. (Discipleship in the NewRays, 17:the service of humanity and based upon loyalty, cooperation and interdependence. In the past, theRays, 37:function and thereby fit himself for the wider cooperation. The emotional application has definiteRays, 67:with organizations in the three worlds and right cooperation with the Hierarchy. He works now underRays, 74:the light which understanding of the plan and cooperation with that plan produce, and which comesRays, 128:initiates. Working disciples (who are working in cooperation with the Hierarchy) are also workingRays, 146:Council of Shamballa. To this must be added the cooperation - as far as may be - of all enlightenedRays, 154:be trusted. He is then set free for complete cooperation with the purpose lying behind the Plan. HeRays, 158:living), and the correct direction of force in cooperation with the hierarchical Plan condition allRays, 173:and experience. A concept of unity, leading to cooperation, to impersonality, to group work and toRays, 188:- both subjective and objective - and their cooperation began to be [189] effective and useful toRays, 225:of the mind, and has also transcended cooperation through pure love with the Plan. These words areRays, 245:and then influencing and swinging into creative cooperation the subhuman kingdoms. f. It isRays, 246:of the plan, followed by a consequent cooperation with that Plan. All this will be done through theRays, 258:of the Monad, via the antahkarana, and in cooperation with the one known God - walks the ways ofRays, 270:only through the means of group experience, in cooperation with his group and when the group - as aRays, 315:the Hierarchy itself. As the initiate learns cooperation with the Plan and demonstrates this in hisRays, 319:with which we have been dealing relate to the cooperation of the initiate with the Will ofRays, 340:3rd ray Monadic plane Fixation Intelligent cooperation Creativity Initiation 7. Resurrection HeadRays, 342:process of wishful thinking, but through factual cooperation and work upon the physical plane. IRays, 369:separateness, and a measure of peace, unity and cooperation will be conditioning human relations.Rays, 381:be the presentation of the Plan, with eventual cooperation. In occult parlance, Their work was theRays, 382:When these two centers can work in full cooperation, then Shamballa will take form and will noRays, 383:timing of mankind. But that future of spiritual cooperation and interplay within and without theRays, 395:in their work in the world, this of course in cooperation with the energy which each discipleRays, 443:concrete mind), combined with the intelligent cooperation of his soul-infused personality. In theRays, 455:Spiritual Triad and the personality - with the cooperation of the [456] soul. These three points ofRays, 457:in evolution. He can consequently undertake - in cooperation with his steadily awakening andRays, 465:inner spiritual will, overcoming all obstacles. Cooperation with the purpose of the Hierarchy, theRays, 466:the unity and purpose of Life. Recognition and cooperation with the Plan. Will. Direction. Oneness.Rays, 466:Awareness of the Self, the Soul. Recognition and cooperation with divinity. Love. Attraction.Rays, 466:of the soul within the form. Recognition and cooperation with the soul. Intelligence. Action.Rays, 469:of initiation. The consciousness thread, in cooperation with the creative thread and the lifeRays, 551:is now coming into manifestation and is in close cooperation with the two above factors; itRays, 621:are today inaugurating a new era of harmony and cooperation because the trend of human thinking isRays, 701:the divine Plan is sensed and receives cooperation, and intelligent aspiration takes the place ofRays, 703:and study the great continuity of effort and cooperation which distinguishes the Members of theRays, 734:The Avatar of Synthesis, Who is working in cooperation with the Christ, is one of Them. Bear inRays, 735:higher groups lie beyond your ken; They work in cooperation with the planetary Logos Himself, andRays, 743:looms too large; there is little organized [743] cooperation among them, and no welding togetherRays, 765:and the red progresses. The ranks approach and cooperation is possible. In loosening the seal theReappearance, 47:workers and of those pledged to international cooperation, to the relief of the world distress andReappearance, 50:but love in action? What is international cooperation but love on a world scale? Those are theReappearance, 57:in which right human relations and worldwide cooperation for the good of all will be the universalReappearance, 69:It was also made with the full understanding and cooperation of the Masters and the seniorReappearance, 73:the agency of the Masters of the Wisdom, in cooperation with the will of Christ. Whilst this energyReappearance, 77:related to the Will Aspect of divinity, and His cooperation has been made possible through Christ'sReappearance, 82:unity, [82] of the processes of sharing and of cooperation and of the emergence of that new worldReappearance, 96:that [96] Christ will work in the closest cooperation with the Buddha until this fusion andReappearance, 97:the Christ and the Buddha; later, through the cooperation of the Avatar of Synthesis, Christ willReappearance, 149:dream of brotherhood, of fellowship, of world cooperation and of a peace, based on right humanSoul, 39:forms a unit functionally, working in the utmost cooperation and interdependence. Dr. Berman tellsTelepathy, 186:- a responsibility which will produce cooperation.
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