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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - COORDINATED

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Astrology, 106:Venus for Jupiter. Mind and heart must be coordinated and brought into play when the great reversalAstrology, 331:of individual man, whereas the purpose of their coordinated influence is both planetary, solar andAstrology, 357:zodiacal influences - synthesized and coordinated - are focused upon our planet. This producesAstrology, 418:aid to the grasping of this essential beauty of coordinated and organized movement and its power toAstrology, 675:being in the fifth round, had the mind principle coordinated and developed and four minor mentalAstrology, 685:fifth round, had the fifth principle of manas coordinated and developed, the minor four manasicAstrology, 690:pralaya ended, and the etheric body had been coordinated, a triangle in the Heavens was formedAtom, 18:way, but which has back of it some plan, some coordinated scheme, some organized concept which isAtom, 62:and repulsion, whereby matter and spirit are coordinated, whereby the central life gainsAtom, 128:we should have purpose or will, love, and energy coordinated. That is not so as yet. We have muchAtom, 131:in the atom. Everything in nature is beautifully coordinated, and nothing can be discovered orAtom, 135:or receptive nature, and usually so loosely coordinated in his threefold nature that an extraneousAutobiography, 267:a Master's group, and this before he was even a coordinated person, when he hardly merited the wordBethlehem, 44:and devotion. Through discipline he has coordinated his lower nature, the personality, so that itDiscipleship1, 9:the group requirements, for - in order to have a coordinated group, functioning as a serviceableDiscipleship1, 193:brother, that the more disciples are aligned and coordinated, the greater will be their power inDiscipleship1, 275:and should be awakened by the soul to increased coordinated purpose. The following rays must,Discipleship1, 355:and mentally, you are fairly well controlled and coordinated. You need to work with the physicalDiscipleship1, 540:you an active, intelligent grip upon life and a coordinated physical vehicle. Shift your focus ofDiscipleship1, 551:in these earlier times, but little of steadfast, coordinated purpose. Now your insistence uponDiscipleship1, 731:it. Thus the entire activity of the Ashram is coordinated. Newly accepted disciples (who are onlyEducation, 13:when soul and mind and brain are aligned and coordinated. Flashes of insight and vision when seenEducation, 72:itself in the production of a correctly coordinated, wisely developed, highly intelligent andEducation, 73:and at the same time idealistic, brilliant, coordinated, and a personality. The question hereExternalisation, 17:is the case, the soul and the personality are coordinated and fused, and at-one-ment takes place,Externalisation, 18:the student is ready and before the bodies are coordinated and developed, then the aspirant isExternalisation, 44:personality of the patient. They are themselves coordinated. To bring about contact with the soul,Externalisation, 130:and blending of peoples and minorities so that coordinated empires and cultural nations areExternalisation, 264:concrete methods [264] of manifestation are then coordinated and gradually the thought-form becomesExternalisation, 667:The door has to be sealed by a vast mass of coordinated human forces, and not by one or twoFire, 138:is [138] completely bridged, man's body becomes coordinated with the mental body and the fires ofFire, 196:the not-self were immediately correlated, and coordinated. Their close partnership became anFire, 205:(according to ray and type) are interrelated and coordinated. There are manifest thirty-fiveFire, 276:of every unit of consciousness has become coordinated as part of the equipment of the Logos onFire, 288:or a particular center of a Heavenly Man, is coordinated. In the same way the animal is brought atFire, 348:on the mental. Thus the three bodies were coordinated, and the Thinker enabled to function in them.Fire, 376:fifth round, had the fifth principle of manas coordinated and developed, the minor four manasicFire, 568:plane bodies, and that of the subtle bodies coordinated around their microcosmic center. The thirdFire, 695:earlier said, the dense physical is linked and coordinated with the etheric bodies of the solarFire, 699:pralaya ended, and the etheric body had been coordinated, a triangle in the Heavens was formedFire, 708:strikes and the vehicles for buddhi are to be coordinated certain great Beings, Lords of the Flame,Fire, 768:the work of the solar and lunar Pitris is coordinated, and the three permanent atoms areFire, 783:a group who only come into manifestation as a coordinated triplicity in the fourth round in orderFire, 785:the brain, the heart and the lower centers are coordinated. The lower and the higher are linked,Fire, 805:during this stage, and their atomic life coordinated, while the triangle between the threeFire, 805:is the astral body, and it becomes so closely coordinated with the physical body that the two formFire, 828:becomes active, and two of the will petals are coordinated, and one "awakes" vitality and unfolds.Fire, 871:of the Manu, with the two other types of force coordinated. It will be apparent to the carefulFire, 883:sets of force as embodied in the six petals are coordinated and become interactive. This stage ofFire, 927:as one. The triple energy of the Logos is coordinated, and nothing now can hinder the Work ofFire, 927:owing to the fact of their inability to make a coordinated applied effort, and thus set in motionFire, 933:of man himself. The etheric web was very loosely coordinated in man at the beginning of the fourthFire, 998:in the three worlds, is shown as linked and coordinated. As we well know, the main function ofFire, 1010:centers are functioning. Second, through the coordinated activity of the major head center, theFire, 1099:systemic planes), is largely dependent upon the coordinated activity of certain forceGlamour, 3:and, perhaps (even if only temporarily) coordinated and at-oned personality. It is the firstHealing, 35:is composed of the fused and blended forces of a coordinated personality. The energy of theHealing, 75:thus swinging all the centers into real and coordinated rhythm. Each patient or human being, beingHealing, 82:It is part of the substance of the universe, coordinated with planetary substance, and henceHealing, 143:a point of perfected fusion or synthesis or coordinated activity there then appears that "life moreHealing, 180:is clear and exact, demonstrating an integrated, coordinated personality. This is not therefore theHealing, 198:will some day have the three systems perfectly coordinated, psychically responsive to the innerHealing, 216:simultaneously and consciously, into rhythmic, coordinated expression. This is a final stage ofHealing, 326:body I presume you mean one which is loosely coordinated with the physical vehicle and looselyHealing, 464:The physical elemental, the integrated and coordinated life of the physical body, which is foreverHealing, 464:The etheric vehicle, which has a powerful coordinated life of its own, expressed through the sevenHealing, 506:life of the person is gradually enhanced and coordinated by the energy which streams from theHealing, 507:[507] The personality life of the now coordinated individual persists for a large number of lives,Healing, 594:is set up between the two and the first coordinated activity is established. "That which is aboveHercules, 8:of the man who, having developed his mind and coordinated his abilities, mental, emotional andHercules, 18:emotional and physical), with all three parts coordinated into an integrated unit. Then there isHercules, 108:skin. The Nemean lion stands essentially for the coordinated, dominant personality, for theHercules, 151:true Scorpio test never takes place until one is coordinated, until one's mind, emotional natureHercules, 191:day and mine, for the first time humanity is a coordinated complete unit with mind, emotionalHercules, 226:master, Eurystheus, that his refocused and coordinated personality is characterized by thatInitiation, 31:he was a being with a powerful physical body, a coordinated astral body, or body of sensation andInitiation, 31:emotional body, The incipient germ of mind. was coordinated and stimulated, and became a fitInitiation, 90:matter of the higher subplanes of the buddhic is coordinated. The initiate is admitted into closerInitiation, 113:and in these three senses the personality is coordinated. These are the three vital senses. TasteInitiation, 127:on the mental. Thus the three bodies were coordinated, and the Thinker enabled to function in them.Initiation, 134:the total energy of the threefold lower man is coordinated, so that there is less waste of energyInitiation, 178:develop group activity, and learn to work in a coordinated manner with other units. These are theInitiation, 179:major initiations, and are not a conscious, coordinated, unified stimulation that involves theInitiation, 194:Ego, the God within, are brought under control, coordinated, and utilized, then, even unconsciouslyIntellect, 51:total of these lower aspects, when developed and coordinated we call the Personality. This unity isIntellect, 52:to such a condition that it is an integrated and coordinated unit, then there is set up between theIntellect, 59:realities. All purely mental types and all truly coordinated personalities are mystics at heart,Intellect, 81:us or the Higher Self) function as a unit, as a coordinated whole, thus expressing perfectly theIntellect, 126:awareness, the brain and the mind become coordinated. The former becomes simply the tool orIntellect, 126:of human existence up to that of the high grade coordinated functioning man, there has always beenIntellect, 134:and the brain and the focused mind are closely coordinated. He is no impractical dreamer, yet theIntellect, 159:with the feeling nature, and is, therefore, a coordinated human being - with brain, mind and soulIntellect, 159:of the soul, produce, in the truly unified and coordinated man, results which differ according toIntellect, 163:for his theme is with other matters) the coordinated practical mystic or knower. "...intuitiveIntellect, 166:man has achieved much, and that he is becoming coordinated. They do not indicate the functioning ofIntellect, 212:we have the seat of the lower faculties, when coordinated in the higher type of human being. HereIntellect, 212:in the higher type of human being. Here they are coordinated and synthesized, and - as we have beenMagic, 18:idea as to their relationship and their general coordinated function may be indicated by aMagic, 19:that which produces the organized awareness and coordinated sensitivity of the entire human being,Magic, 19:that energy to vitalize the body, to produce its coordinated activity and functioning, and to bring
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