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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - COORDINATION

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Astrology, 46:stimulation, and vitalization with a consequent coordination of the manifesting fires. A clue toAutobiography, 277:of this, the disciple is taught integration and coordination, contact and fusion between soul andBethlehem, 138:and the necessity for integration, for coordination of the different aspects of man, and the fusingBethlehem, 139:religion should aim to produce, and it is this coordination between two fundamental aspects ofBethlehem, 259:forward to a definite point of integration and coordination. This, on a scale so immense, wasDestiny, 117:through the etheric body, through the coordination of the seven major centers, and the establishingDestiny, 125:eventually be a close synthesis and sympathetic coordination between them and when this is the caseDiscipleship1, 100:this time; it will lead to fusion, personality coordination and a greatly increased efficiency.Discipleship1, 192:in all that concerns human relations. But your coordination and your alignment are not good. TheDiscipleship1, 192:and your alignment are not good. The coordination factor is that which governs the integration ofDiscipleship1, 192:alert, which is quite often, a temporary coordination is set up and there is what one might call aDiscipleship1, 193:aid in bringing about the needed integration and coordination. In the production of alignmentDiscipleship1, 194:to give you a new series of seed thoughts. Your coordination is better, but your alignment is stillDiscipleship1, 263:by your physical plane movements. More rapid coordination between the inner and the outer is neededDiscipleship1, 336:of your personality forces and their eventual coordination with the energy of the soul. Your mentalDiscipleship1, 556:done much of mind preparation and of personality coordination. Your fifth ray personality makes theDiscipleship1, 670:physical man and holding the thought of physical coordination. Interlude wherein you take six longDiscipleship1, 670:long slow breaths, thinking as you do so about coordination. Sound the Sacred Word then inaudibly,Discipleship2, 162:of this massed and available energy produced coordination of the New Group of World Servers uponDiscipleship2, 575:awakening is brought about by: Integration - the coordination of the mechanism. Synthesis - theEducation, 8:brain. Observation, rapid response, and physical coordination as the result of intention, must beEducation, 11:be considered and their apparent lack noted. Coordination between: Brain and the response apparatusEducation, 29: Education in the New Age - Chapter I - Coordination and Integration Coordination and IntegrationEducation, 29:Age - Chapter I - Coordination and Integration Coordination and Integration Thus far we have beenEducation, 32: Education in the New Age - Chapter I - Coordination and Integration In the above paragraph and itsEducation, 34:aspects of the human being, thus producing coordination and synthesis and an increased [35]Education, 35:The task of the new education is therefore the coordination of the personality, eventually bringingEducation, 36: Education in the New Age - Chapter I - Coordination and Integration 8. The educators in the newEducation, 48:important facts of living, foundational truths, coordination and control. The high schools or theEducation, 50:relation to each other, thus again producing coordination and correct alignment. Some day anEducation, 58:right vocation. Teach the methods whereby the coordination of the Personality can be brought about.Education, 70:factor, and also to that period wherein planned coordination of all aspects of the man should beExternalisation, 7:this on a large scale) is now possible, and the coordination of the personality with the soul andExternalisation, 230:by the Forces of Light, through cooperation, coordination and understanding, and a world orderExternalisation, 306:working through the Hierarchy, or the Avatar of Coordination (as I might call Him), working throughExternalisation, 330:of mutual friendship and cooperation - not of coordination or fusion. A "coming together" can thusExternalisation, 662:of present affairs to the desired future, the coordination of the work to be done, and the clearFire, 121:planes viewed from the matter standpoint and the coordination of the dense threefold physical formFire, 122:and Hottentots to the third. 57 In the coordination of the Monadic, Atmic and Buddhic vehicles ofFire, 122:fourth, third, and the second aethers, and the coordination of the cosmic etheric body. Fire, 199:of equilibrium, and the one point where the coordination is perfected; then the Self can dissociateFire, 205:to the eye of the clairvoyant as the coordination of the three fires. In the Heavenly Man and HisFire, 208:the permanent atoms of the Triad, leading to the coordination of the buddhic vehicle, and theFire, 283:whole, and cause their vitalization and their coordination. They put the triple unit intoFire, 326:and mental planes and by means of this triple coordination to effect the necessary steps whichFire, 566:create, and only they are capable of purpose, of coordination, of direction and control. EvenFire, 585:of the laws of magnetism that produce the coordination of the many diverse into the oneFire, 642:Man as these three centers function in a triple coordination. Paralleling their activities alongFire, 723:which is concerned with the intelligent coordination of the starry Heavens. They have achieved allFire, 775:lunar Pitris begin their work, and commence the coordination of the substance which will form theFire, 775:the moment that that is in full activity, the coordination of the antahkarana becomes aFire, 783:for the greater the condensation prior to coordination [784] the more terrific are the effects ofFire, 784:proceeds on every plane. This stage marks the coordination of the work of the two higher groups ofFire, 791:vibration outwards on the mental plane, and the coordination of the dense physical body is a longFire, 806:and evolution of the two sheaths concerned. The coordination of the threefold man through theFire, 812:of egoic intent is better comprehended, then the coordination of man's entire being will beFire, 826:period, which is a summation of the triple coordination: 3 periods of 3 tens 90 years. 1Fire, 927:stage of development; in it the processes of coordination and of stabilization are carried on; theFire, 928:Lack of alignment with the Ego, A weakness of coordination between the two parts of the physicalFire, 938:building stages overlap. When, for instance, the coordination of the mental body is in its secondFire, 1100:the Lotus," and macrocosmically is the perfect coordination of the three aspects through the mediumFire, 1120:the unified activity of the causal body, is the coordination of the lower energies of the humanFire, 1127:synthesized, produce eventually that perfect coordination and adaptation to all conditions, formsFire, 1130:minor centers are concerned with the internal coordination of the sheath, the major with the groupFire, 1130:of the sheath, the major with the group coordination or the interrelation of one sheath to another.Fire, 1204:stimulation, and vitalization with a consequent coordination of the manifesting fires. A clue toGlamour, 89:first steps to its right handling is physical coordination; hence the emphasis laid upon this todayGlamour, 89:to ponder upon the following phrases: Physical coordination. Astral orientation. Mental direction.Glamour, 90:Process Correspondence Obstacle 1. Physical coordination Mineral kingdom Maya. 2. AstralHealing, 47:development, their integration and the total coordination of the personality, as these subtlerHealing, 79:- The Psychological Causes of Disease B. Lack of Coordination and Integration We come now to aHealing, 79:which in our tabulation we have called lack of coordination or integration. This is exceedinglyHealing, 86:and surgery. It is because of the lack of coordination of these three systems that the healing artHealing, 178:of the centers to the recognized facts of coordination, integration and their effects in producingHealing, 527:This the healer does through a scientific coordination of his equipment, using the hands as aHealing, 527:This again is brought about through a system of coordination, but the agent of radiation is thenHercules, 7:to come will be found the secret of the true coordination between soul and form is also correct.Initiation, 66:of development that indicates a beginning of the coordination of the buddhic [67] vehicle, or - toInitiation, 89:to coordinate the buddhic vehicle, and in its coordination he develops the power of synthesis, atInitiation, 139:the permanent atoms of the Triad, leading to a coordination of the buddhic vehicle, and theIntellect, 60:work of education in all its many branches, the coordination of the personality has beenIntellect, 82:of the life, and an experimental system of coordination. Its method is that of focused attention,Intellect, 98:the fleshly to the spiritual point of view, the coordination of the lower multiplicity under aIntellect, 169:vital force is eminently characteristic, for the coordination between the soul and its instrument,Intellect, 172:as indicating a certain definite stage of coordination and of interplay between the soul, theIntellect, 204:might equally well be entitled the science of coordination. We have already, through the medium ofIntellect, 204:the earlier aspects of the meditation work, this coordination is rapidly hastened, and is followedIntellect, 206:be remarked that two things aid in the work of coordination: First, the endeavor to gain control ofMagic, 24:terms of quality, of group will or power, group coordination or love-wisdom, and of groupMagic, 56:words: Egoic Communication. Cyclic Meditation. Coordination, or At-one-ment. The rules start off inMagic, 189:the center between the eyes. Their awakening and coordination. To what uses they will be put in theMagic, 190:are indicative of an inner stirring, of an inner coordination and a motivated activity which willMagic, 200:question now arises: How can this awakening and coordination be brought about? What steps must beMagic, 280:attainment of knowledge, of strength, and of coordination between the personal self and the soulMagic, 287:through which complete and utter control and coordination is achieved, through the arousing of theMagic, 379:whose polarization was most unstable, and whose coordination was very imperfect. There was veryMagic, 399:worked out in the human family in this threefold coordination. But it was primarily objective. FormMagic, 411:is brought to a condition of intelligent coordination. Instinct relates man to the animal world,Magic, 434:to come will be found the secret of the true coordination between soul and form is also correct.Magic, 440:million years ago) the first instances of coordination between brain and mind took place and the
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