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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - COPY

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Autobiography, 228:was cashed. After some months I sent a carbon copy of my previous letter to the head of the orderAutobiography, 260:may study and describe, and the artist might copy, although the color effects are utterly beyondBethlehem, 80:allowed Him to do all the work. We have tried to copy Him, and He does not want to be copied. HeDestiny, 144:it here for the benefit of those who have no copy of the first volume of the Treatise, and whoseDiscipleship1, 467:is no need, however, to give long extracts or to copy out my detailed instructions of the Buddha'sDiscipleship1, 532:will receive. I am asking A. A. B. to give you a copy of a meditation used in the Arcane School. IDiscipleship2, 576:I have instructed her to ask R.S.U. gradually to copy the entire file of meditations and you canExternalisation, 256:the fact that two other races seek abjectly to copy or aid the forces of aggression, focused atGlamour, 25:article and we may arrive at much value. Keep a copy of your full moon record and, at the close ofHercules, 140:be written Dr. Francis Merchant, as no further copy by the Tibetan was found among the papers ofInitiation, 64:divine as far as may be; it may be an excellent copy but lacks the indwelling Christ principle. TheMagic, 352:on the divine as far as he can. He has a good copy yet something is lacking. What is thisRays, 760:manual as to its use and purpose, putting a copy in the hands of all those who are willing to use
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