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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CORPORATE

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Astrology, 366:throughout all the complex organisms within the corporate form. Where there is the free flow of theAstrology, 373:produced upon the emotional body of humanity by corporate suffering and pain. This suffering,Atom, 48:vibrating as they should, every atom in the body corporate is affected. None of us will be completeBethlehem, 245:His contribution to the source of the whole body corporate, but He made it. Because of the worth ofBethlehem, 263:federation of nations, of humanity as a body corporate, of community living and of internationalismBethlehem, 272:out, for the kingdom of God is the life of the corporate whole, sensed and desired by all itsDiscipleship1, 231:held together by love, mutual understanding and corporate vision and united service. [232] Discipleship2, 28:the present existing groups. This synthesis and corporate effort will become an annual endeavor asDiscipleship2, 407:intensified and the Kingdom of God is becoming a corporate part of the outer world expression, andEducation, 20:the man recognizes that his consciousness is a corporate part of a greater whole. He blends thenEducation, 100:life and interests count less than the corporate life, and that the preliminary lesson he must beEducation, 103:does not count at all, but that the larger corporate whole, of which he is an infinitesimal part,Education, 130:thus establishing that new world of recognized corporate relationships [131] which will eventuallyExternalisation, 27:these groups develop as intended, should the corporate life of the members persist in rightExternalisation, 207:responsibility and lays the foundation of right corporate action. These are the basic beliefs ofExternalisation, 377:realization that they are organic parts of one corporate whole and that they must contribute toFire, xv:he must play as an atomic unit in a great and corporate Whole. This fragment of the SecretFire, 5:are themselves so constituted that they form corporate Entities. They are known as The sevenFire, 360:greater ends of the Being in Whose body it is a corporate part. The details of the plan may not beFire, 381:some grasp of the scheme as a unit, as a body corporate with its seven centers and forty-nineFire, 383:in the great work of developing buddhi or corporate action, (for buddhi is the unifying principleFire, 395:body, for instance, considering it [395] as a corporate whole composed of many lesser lives,Fire, 404:of vision of a Heavenly Man - the devas are a corporate part of His nature, and He is aFire, 408:of the system within its greater whole, and the corporate nature of all manifestation. ThisFire, 422:conscious purpose work for the good of the body corporate. The vibration which occultly accompaniesFire, 423:of endeavor, thus ensuring the good of the corporate body involved. Many interesting events willFire, 443:as it influences His Brothers within the body corporate of the solar Logos. His life force as itFire, 619:conscious and aware of his place within the body corporate. Each human being likewise, functioningFire, 702:and its ability to take its place in the body corporate. It is so with the human Monads, the cellsFire, 712:Logos in kalpas far distant. They, in Their corporate nature, embody the will or purpose of theFire, 799:the entire physical body of which any atom is a corporate part. In the human atom this means theFire, 920:the human stage in earlier kalpas. They are also corporate parts of the seven primary head centersFire, 967:incarnations. Nature, in all departments of her corporate life, parallels her efforts, and overlapsFire, 1051:Logos in meditation upon any center in His body corporate. It is, of course, all under cosmic law,Fire, 1085:are knit with His system in a close and corporate union. We know that the Great Bear, the Pleiades,Fire, 1232:the three worlds, man then becomes a conscious corporate active part of that Soul which permeatesGlamour, 18:organizing and this group can be a part of the corporate effort towards this end, and swell theGlamour, 73:of the agelong activity of human desire. It is a corporate part of a man's own energy nature, andInitiation, 30:seven are as the seven head centers to the body corporate. They are the directing agents and theMagic, 204:agencies can work, and realizes himself as a corporate part of the One Life. Then he sees evenMagic, 276:this group of cells within the brain of the body corporate is dormant, [277] but thrilling to theMagic, 277:an unprecedented condition, corresponding in the corporate body of humanity to that upheaval in theMagic, 283:does the group possess through the medium of its corporate units which will put it en rapport withMeditation, 271:own place and functional activity in that body corporate. That is the secret: the finding of one'sPatanjali, 53:thinker on his own plane. This one Master is a corporate part of the Whole, of the All-Soul. EachProblems, 71:and directors of huge corporations who work for corporate or personal gain. They are not interestedProblems, 77:Humanity is being rapidly fused into one great corporate body under the influence of the Law ofPsychology1, 132:the outer physical form. Man's etheric body is a corporate part of the planetary etheric body, andPsychology1, 149:that these composite lives, in their turn, are a corporate part of a still greater Life. ThusPsychology1, 158:surroundings and thus fulfil its destiny as a corporate part of the whole. Thus intrinsic qualityPsychology2, 244:his life and sphere of influence in terms of its corporate relationships and not in terms of thePsychology2, 734:effort of every unit in the whole body corporate to promote good will as a healing factor (perhapsRays, 584:has never been so promising and that the corporate relation and fusion of all these energies makes
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