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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CORPOREAL

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Fire, 45:of individual kundalini; it animates the corporeal frame and demonstrates also in the twofoldFire, 61:goal of its attention to be the heating of the corporeal frame. This vitalization of the denseFire, 78:its meaning confined to the sanity of the body corporeal, to the cooperative action of the atoms ofFire, 301:to the other kingdoms of nature) form His body corporeal, and are divisible into two types of suchFire, 617:classes, three of which are incorporeal and four corporeal. These are usually called the LunarFire, 683:with his etheric, astral and mental bodies. Four corporeal which are the forms of the four kingdomsIntellect, 122:Descartes as saying that "there are indeed (1) corporeal substance (res extensa), and (2) mental orPsychology1, 98:and from forms of existence which are not corporeal. The first step towards substantiating the factSoul, 83:as by the atman is [83] understood (1) the corporeal self, the body; (2) the individual soul, freeSoul, 88:beside the material soul in man, a divine non-corporeal soul directly implanted by God, whichSoul, 111:to the arteries; they apparently underlie the corporeal nervous system. In Man and His Becoming weSoul, 111:form, they must not be confounded with the corporeal arteries through which the circulation of theSoul, 112:and light, the subtle state is linked to the corporeal state in two different and complementarySoul, 112:not an identification, since the former are not corporeal, and that we are dealing in reality withSoul, 112:belongs to the subtle manifestation, with a corporeal element. It is stated that the total numberSoul, 124:more [124] active and dominant in man and in his corporeal existence, and little by little all
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