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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CORRECT

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Statement:for their acceptance. They may, or may not, be correct, true and useful. It is for you to ascertainAstrology, 4:is an exact science but that is far from correct in spite of the many mathematical computations.Astrology, 27:and from the standpoint of the Ageless Wisdom correct what are deemed errors by the Teachers on theAstrology, 38:far been revealed on the subject, and it is as correct as possible under the circumstances.) EachAstrology, 63:the individual, so in order to have a perfectly correct understanding and accurate deductions inAstrology, 65:posits one set of planetary rulers, and they are correct as far as the mass of humanity isAstrology, 75:as the individual is concerned) will be the more correct casting of the horoscope of advanced humanAstrology, 87:of the future which will be founded on a correct understanding of the rays - personal and egoic -Astrology, 129:the generative processes. They are essentially correct because once a man is nearing or upon theAstrology, 134:tested for millenia of years and have proven correct and its experts are wiser and more syntheticAstrology, 148:discriminative pioneering, wise response and correct decision, thus bringing about the destructionAstrology, 155:yet been correctly drawn and partly because its correct delineation and the ability of the initiateAstrology, 173:and the Sun. Of these two, the first is the more correct and the more esoteric. The true rulers areAstrology, 231:that "there shall be no more sea" will be proved correct. Air (heaven) will then have "come down toAstrology, 237:to teeth and eyes and ears, to right posture and correct feeding, and when there is also a moreAstrology, 250:wisdom. Untrue, showy outer form life - True correct expression. Intrigue - StraightforwardAstrology, 254:is achieved and humanity swings into the correct rhythm of progress. I would ask you, therefore, toAstrology, 294:- exoteric, esoteric and hierarchical. It is a correct surmise that the purpose of this solarAstrology, 311:states of mind, though perhaps it might be more correct to say that a fairly large minority areAstrology, 334:a grasp of individual evolutionary status for correct interpretation. It is essential, for theirAstrology, 342:Usually this is reversed and Leo is the more correct of the two astrologers. Sepharial gives usAstrology, 374:and thus to engineer a climax wherein the correct world lesson may be learnt; whereby the world mayAstrology, 449:earlier by me (on page 435) and this again is correct and not a contradiction. In this group ofAstrology, 469:been produced, the term "sacred" will be deemed correct and appropriate. This statement of courseAstrology, 595:the divine incentive [595] (impulse is not the correct term) coming from the cosmic astral plane.Astrology, 653:From the angle of the soul. Spiritual order. Correct passing through sign. Aries Through the SignsAstrology, 680:knowledge. Let us briefly enlarge upon it, correct certain erroneous interpretations, and ascertainAstrology, 683:(C. F. 182) "A clue tending towards the correct understanding lies hid in the words: 'Venus is theAtom, 26:is logically possible if our premises are correct, and our foundation is rightly laid. It is thatAtom, 56:says: "We are his workmanship." Literally, the correct translation from the Greek is: "We are hisAtom, 59:of course, that the basis of our reasoning is correct: first, that the original atom is itself aAutobiography, 16:significant. I know nothing of heraldry or the correct terms in which to describe it. It consistsAutobiography, 39:stood in that crowd and realized that it was my correct place and indicated my spiritual status. Autobiography, 53:those days the English Bible was infallibly [53] correct and I knew nothing about translationAutobiography, 81:only speaking when spoken to and completely correct in all relations to me as to everyone else. ButAutobiography, 191:pupils of H.P.B. and is more likely to be correct than that which has come from those who have notAutobiography, 208:All this happiness, therefore, which nice and correct clothes can bring could every year be tracedAutobiography, 248:development, it can be and often is amazingly correct. It is not so correct, however, in the caseAutobiography, 248:be and often is amazingly correct. It is not so correct, however, in the case of highly developedAutobiography, 275:is concerned with the physical body, its correct adjustment, its vitalization and energizing andAutobiography, 276:All this will, however, happen because of his correct adjustment to God and man, to his unfoldingAutobiography, 276:the lungs and the breathing apparatus but upon correct orientation and the rhythmic adjustment ofAutobiography, 279:process, he is enabled to place himself upon the correct rung of the ladder of evolution; he knowsBethlehem, 100:consummated at the third initiation. Through the correct use of the mind, the disciple is led toBethlehem, 166:and with that farsighted wisdom which produces a correct sense of values and a proper sense ofBethlehem, 262:his attitude to people and his environment, are correct and constructive? How shall we materializeDestiny, 14:itself in two ways. Perhaps it would be more correct to say in two ways that are recognizable byDestiny, 27:is duly trained and controlled, there will be a correct foreknowledge of individual destiny and ofDestiny, 43:Influence of the Rays Today It is through the correct development of spiritualism alongDestiny, 63:it will not be possible for them to assign the correct ruling signs to the various countries andDestiny, 122:The sense of time and the understanding of the correct hour for the carrying out of the Plan in itsDestiny, 123:white magician knows that when the proper and correct ray stimulation is applied to the centerDestiny, 129:though all is energy yet at the same time in correct esoteric teaching the higher impulsiveDestiny, 134:forms through rightly directed force. The correct distribution, through scientific study, of vitalDiscipleship1, XIII:dates given and the initials are none of them correct. No information will be given by any of usDiscipleship1, 19:forms and, therefore, in their place, true and correct. It is a question, in reality, of what isDiscipleship1, 25:human being, he is enabled to take direct and correct action for he is in touch with the Plan, withDiscipleship1, 48:right and that your point of view is necessarily correct? It may be that your slant on life andDiscipleship1, 50:and to the illumination of the brain. [50] Correct manipulation of force, involving, therefore, anDiscipleship1, 59:with the soul through a cultivated alignment and correct meditation. Rapport or contact with yourDiscipleship1, 62:and the realization of fusion, will assume correct proportions in your minds. Next, as a group, sayDiscipleship1, 95:humbly in the spiritual life which involves a correct recognition of place and opportunity and notDiscipleship1, 121:activity of your higher Self, thus exacting the correct type of obedience. What are these twoDiscipleship1, 126:choices and your preferred circumstances are correct and justified. This energy and force areDiscipleship1, 146:quiet and therefore there is nothing to offset correct attitude. When this state of consciousnessDiscipleship1, 164:will appear, the needed doors will open and the correct way of evoking interest will easily becomeDiscipleship1, 170:The work goes forward in the world along the correct, indicated inner lines. The disciple who hasDiscipleship1, 178:teaching profession, and in no profession is the correct handling of one's personal forces ofDiscipleship1, 206:are such that no forecast is unalterably correct - not even for a member of the Hierarchy. For you,Discipleship1, 232:which to work, my brother and my friend, but a correct understanding of the five forces whichDiscipleship1, 245:how close they may be to you) is not necessarily correct. Leave people free in all respects - withDiscipleship1, 246:to Disciples - I.B.S. February 1936 I was correct, was I not, my brother, in telling you in anDiscipleship1, 253:the head. [253] Alignment of the bodies through correct and supervised breathing and eventualDiscipleship1, 272:key to the right expenditure of money and to its correct use can be summed up in the followingDiscipleship1, 273:will involve right preliminary meditation, plus correct thinking; then you will find that thatDiscipleship1, 341:to attain a better sense of proportion, a more correct judgment and a finer perception as to peopleDiscipleship1, 451:well as those moments in which inaction is the correct approach. Then there is the secondDiscipleship1, 489:there hinted at and foreseen - you will see how correct were my comments that you had in realityDiscipleship1, 512:lies with such apparent truth that it seems only correct [513] and reasonable. This tendency youDiscipleship1, 549:These require watching and necessitate correct interpretation. Upon this suggestion, I would askDiscipleship1, 554:blending and for the permanent establishing of a correct interrelation must be prolonged, however.Discipleship1, 628:personalities. The result will be partially correct and partially wrong. If they discover what youDiscipleship1, 660:a state of achievement. It is a condition of correct orientation and direction and not so much aDiscipleship1, 682:interpretation of what is needed is infallibly correct and that others must be moulded intoDiscipleship1, 684:understanding and interpretation of ideas and correct formulation of these ideas. By its purity.Discipleship1, 684:and the unimpeded flow of soul force. By its correct precipitation. This precipitation of thoughtDiscipleship1, 686:a Master says be accepted as true and infallibly correct? Is the disciple wrong when he refuses (ifDiscipleship1, 687:human affairs. These statements may be entirely correct; the neophyte, however, is usually tooDiscipleship1, 708:fixed ideas (which they are entirely sure are correct, being the best and highest they have beenDiscipleship1, 708:he ascends towards the Hierarchy and assumes the correct spiritual attitude but, at the same time,Discipleship1, 735:[735] Right tension is brought about first by correct orientation; this necessitates a true senseDiscipleship1, 749:arrived at a sense of right proportion and of correct organization of his life processes, trendsDiscipleship1, 758:phrase, but it is technically and esoterically correct. I will paraphrase its significance for youDiscipleship1, 760:channel for a long time through purity of life, correct orientation, and non-criticism. ThisDiscipleship1, 760:correct orientation, and non-criticism. This correct orientation involves a paradox with which allDiscipleship1, 780:development, it can be and often is amazingly correct. It is not so correct, however, in the caseDiscipleship1, 780:be and often is amazingly correct. It is not so correct, however, in the case of highly developedDiscipleship1, 781:for more than a decade, which was their correct and obvious duty. The books, therefore, have beenDiscipleship2, 64:is related to the time element and to a correct and discriminative perception of the need.Discipleship2, 64:do) or of the higher initiates. This is not correct. Every accepted disciple is within the
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