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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CORRECT

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Patanjali, 205:perception or of the five senses is as follows: Correct intellectual perception of the ideal on thePatanjali, 205:love of form on the emotional or astral plane, Correct use and development of the five [206]Patanjali, 206:with one or other of the five senses, Consequent correct reaction of the sense organs to thePatanjali, 208:will be found of value here in conveying the correct concept: "As the breath of fire streams upwardPatanjali, 215:forgetfulness of the physical body through correct posture is brought about through steady gentlePatanjali, 231:thing at any moment." The result, therefore, of correct abstraction or withdrawal is briefly: ThePatanjali, 302:him who can meditate upon the moon." Either is correct and probably a true understanding of thePatanjali, 311:He knows them to be the result of the correct following of the eight means of yoga, and thereforePatanjali, 316:and enables him to take the first step towards correct ascertainment and achievement. This is truePatanjali, 320:text, but one which nevertheless conveys the correct interpretation. We have seen in the precedingPatanjali, 330:the coordination of the vital airs and their correct handling. Vyana is the term applied to the sumPatanjali, 330:top of the head becomes active and through its correct control and through mastery of it, the rightPatanjali, 337:are symbolically conveyed the problem of correct hearing on the various planes and in the variousPatanjali, 339:the disciple has worked out into his life in correct realization the various means of yoga dealtPatanjali, 339:well-known translations are given. They are correct translations but demonstrate [340] theProblems, 9:based not only upon mutual trust but also upon correct world objectives and true psychologicalProblems, 30:will inevitably produce right understanding and correct attitudes and activities in everyProblems, 38:is a drastic generalization but it is basically correct in its main implications, though incorrectProblems, 47:educator, this will entail the creation of the correct atmosphere around the child and in thisProblems, 48:should be ignored but which are annoying. A correct sense of wrong action, based upon failure toProblems, 49:[49] A right atmosphere, the imparting of a few correct principles, and much loving understandingProblems, 67:use. One problem concerns civilization and its correct functioning in the new age and the otherProblems, 81:about the needed changes, provided that the correct steps are taken before the pain and agony areProblems, 99:made about the race or nation as a whole are correct, true and verifiable. Problems, 121:attitude to world problems will be right and correct and in line with the divine plan; let themProblems, 126:as the significance of the symbols, is usually correct, though again, symbolism itself must bePsychology1, xxv:and that our awareness is right and true and correct in so far as we can identify ourselves withPsychology1, 82:so that there may be right application and correct adjustment to the Plan. This time is as yet farPsychology1, 104:have long bewildered investigators and must find correct explanation. In their wise investigation,Psychology1, 120:and energize, is the coming new approach to the correct method of training and developing the humanPsychology1, 208:will be uninteresting, though technically correct in form. His style in writing or speaking will bePsychology1, 220:therefore, both karmically and in essence, the correct food for man; and for unevolved men, andPsychology1, 300:be equally active in the process of creating the correct conditions, and in bringing order out ofPsychology1, 304:abstinence from all natural functions is neither correct nor desirable. This can be proved by thePsychology1, 327:point I should like to make here, in order to correct an almost universal wrong mental attitude.Psychology2, 11:nation and their training in the life of [11] correct aspiration, with their subsequent preparationPsychology2, 108:principle, an interpretation of a principle, correct and proper at a certain time, but capable of aPsychology2, 108:which sees its way and its interpretations to be correct and true, and others' false and wrong.Psychology2, 121:to be a disciple, one must serve. This theory is correct, but the living substance of service isPsychology2, 130:Service is, par excellence, the technique of correct group relations, whether it be the rightPsychology2, 130:of anti-social groups in our big cities, the correct technique to be employed in child guidance inPsychology2, 144:in man; they work scientifically with its correct evocation. Their technique is scientific becausePsychology2, 164:Repulse The repudiation of desire 6. Attention Correct orientation Third ray force The Law ofPsychology2, 202:occult teaching accepts all these hypotheses as correct, but as relative in time and space, and asPsychology2, 213:of love, may be symbolic in nature, but are not correct literally, as so many devout occultPsychology2, 249:so that there may be right expression and a correct externalization of the inner reality. ThePsychology2, 319:in order that we may rightly understand the correct use of this whole section is simply this: thatPsychology2, 342:of experience, intensifying and becoming more correct and adequate as time passes. The self within,Psychology2, 403:and seeks to [403] produce right adaptation, correct integration and coordination and the releasePsychology2, 404:and right scientific unfoldment (which is the correct appreciation of the form or forms throughPsychology2, 413:a wise solution of the difficulties, and a correct interpretation of the peculiarities with whichPsychology2, 419:sunshine, vitaminous foods and exercise, plus correct treatment and balancing of the endocrinePsychology2, 436:man becomes in need of sound psychological help. Correct information along the lines here laid downPsychology2, 451:of spiritual government (the government of correct values) and the other being the determination ofPsychology2, 486:are working intelligently and are sometimes correct [487] in their surmises and endeavors, but thePsychology2, 492:brain cells must be gradually awakened and the correct interpretative response developed. As, forPsychology2, 510:of the disciple so will be his response and his correct use of the communicated teaching. Psychology2, 511:academic truths of the esoteric teaching and its correct interpretation by the trained minds in thePsychology2, 546:and can be offset and controlled by the same correct occult and psychological knowledge. The illsPsychology2, 556:that an analysis of these powers, their correct placing upon the path of development, and aPsychology2, 611:and its right functioning rests. When there is a correct grasp of this subject, it will be [612]Psychology2, 663:the New Group of World Servers is also entirely correct; but the materializing of these ideas,Psychology2, 740:Precipitating, through spiritual perception and correct interpretation, the kingdom of God onPsychology2, 741:it with wisdom and discretion, and the use of correct words and phrases; next, to discover men ofPsychology2, 750:plans so that they may indeed materialize. The correct distribution of your time and resources soRays, 46:moment which the psyche or soul determines to be correct. Here you have one of the interestingRays, 61:for it is perhaps the most explicit and correct word to use anent the evolutionary process. ThereRays, 67:and plans for service conform to his idea of correct activity, and with this group he affiliatesRays, 127:to the call of the Initiator - or rather, to be correct, to what they believe to be His call. Rays, 135:of more adequate forms of life and of more correct human attitudes, plus a sounder orientation toRays, 158:causes upon the worlds of human living), and the correct direction of force in cooperation with theRays, 258:no sense of dualism. The usual meaning is not correct. It involves acceptance and comprehension ofRays, 294:the exact moment of humanity's presented need, correct as to timing and placement. This may not beRays, 298:a third goal of service. This, however, is not correct. The goal ahead of the aspirant is theRays, 351:to the approach of the aspirant; this is the correct way to look at it. It is only when theRays, 378:anxious for your approach to the subject to be correct. I have given you a number of definitions ofRays, 393:those who are seeking to guide humanity along correct lines - a relative few among the countlessRays, 430:the world? Will it present a task too hard for correct handling by that inexperienced disciple -Rays, 436:accompany them a true interpretation and a correct recognition of "things as they are." It is hereRays, 436:registered by the brain are infallibly correct. I have here given you a major piece of information.Rays, 531:in my book Initiation, Human and Solar, are not correct or do not recount accurately what theRays, 605:ring-pass-not, then (if humanity's decision is correct and is not postponed) many fourth ray soulsRays, 610:producing [610] immutability, inevitability and correct prevision; it is also the result of theRays, 610:experimental choices and comes eventually to correct orientation and to the door of initiation,Rays, 610:that the factor of timing may not prove correct. This Principle of Conflict is a familiar one toRays, 613:instance, the two-party system is based upon a correct premise, but it is not at present aRays, 625:unity (using the word "sentimental" in its correct sense) must not be confounded with territorialRays, 643:initiation which is the true resurrection. The correct name for the fifth initiation is theRays, 669:in the three worlds and as one of the normal and correct appetites, but the emphasis changes. TheRays, 670:transmutation is in reality the achieving of a correct sense of proportion in relation to any phaseRays, 700:the initiate lives henceforth in the light of correct or straight knowledge, expressing itself asRays, 714:initiation which are of real importance to its correct understanding. They are: Emergence. Will.Rays, 719:stages of the Path of Discipleship to make correct choices and spiritually motivated decisions. IRays, 723:came and ministered unto" the Christ, the correct implication is that Those Who dwell and work inRays, 756:longing and appeal and they are all essentially correct as to meaning. During the JewishReappearance, 55:present and future - of humanity. He comes to correct the mistakes and the misrepresentations ofReappearance, 57:and night in order to establish such confidence, correct attitudes and an understanding of theReappearance, 98:measures, wise choice of builders and correct methods of construction. It is apparent, therefore,Reappearance, 100:emergence. The New Testament story is true and correct; it is only the man-made interpretationsReappearance, 131:of the Christ, will its true nature reach correct understanding and the love of God be spread
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