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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CORRECTED

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Autobiography, 260:to Mrs. Bailey and roughly translated by her and corrected by the Tibetan. A knowledge of theDiscipleship1, 727:in conduct. These must be intelligently corrected. In the symbolic charts which the guidingEducation, ix:materialism and selfishness of our culture be corrected? By geodesies in the space-time manifold ofFire, 595:the most important for us, for in desire - not corrected or transmuted - lies the differenceFire, 857:forty-nine symbols. These sheets are changed and corrected once every seven years, and areFire, 963:the other two. When, therefore, the alignment is corrected, and the physical head centers areFire, 1210:the terms and expressions now used will be corrected, and all will be expressed in terms ofHealing, 665:when the imperfection of matter is realized and corrected, and when the interest and emphasis ofMagic, 15:of truth are ultimately eliminated or corrected, and the steady focusing of the attention eitherMeditation, 20:these lives are spent. When the discord has been corrected and when the vibration becomes steadyPatanjali, 229:undertaken, not only must the outer conduct be corrected, not only must inner purity be arrived at,Patanjali, 427:away with; the grossness of the sheaths has been corrected and because of this, and throughPsychology1, 290:ends. In the coming centuries this will be corrected; their energies will be transmuted andPsychology2, 444:serious situations. But most of them can be corrected through right understanding. It will be
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