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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CORRECTION

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Autobiography, 186:I'm no believer in the use of fear for the correction of behavior and weakness but it is possibleDiscipleship1, 420:world and, for you, individual sensitivity to correction and to suggestion, should have no place. IDiscipleship1, 600:safely turn to the teacher for confirmation or correction on any point. If in any respect you areDiscipleship2, 12:What I shall therefore reveal to you as needing correction, adjustment or eradication should occupyDiscipleship2, 510:learn to respond correctly to that as well as to correction. You have earned commendation and weDiscipleship2, 676:to you that it was on this point of personality correction - if I may use so [677] harsh a word forExternalisation, 181:can produce eventual order? Before there can be correction, there must be appreciation of error;Fire, 452:be even a menace. When a man can see a need for correction and for adjustment in a brother'sFire, 1185:kalpa for purposes of mutual help and mutual correction. They are really destined to work together,Glamour, 104:Few of them have, as yet, been susceptible of correction except in the case of individuals. ThisGlamour, 104:the lower forces of the personality, then correction becomes possible and inevitably takes place.Healing, 352:the soul for the person. Success might mean the correction of wrong inner attitudes, of erroneousInitiation, 203:of his own personality, and not by the correction of his brothers. Meditation, 65:results, such as protection, quieting and correction may be achieved. Meditation, 121:lies within the student himself and in the wise correction of the type of meditation and its moreMeditation, 343:of the life of service to my indications comes correction and inspiration. A life of much servicePsychology1, 113:the technique of spiritual growth is undertaken; correction of the hidden factors producingPsychology1, 298:and their grasp of the four essential laws. Any correction of present conditions will come as aTelepathy, 104:relate it to some field of demanded information, correction, instruction, or energy distribution.
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