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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CORRELATE

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Astrology, 26:of expression. As we ponder and think and as we correlate the various aspects of the teaching, weEducation, 16:faculty - with its aptitude to memorize, to correlate facts and to produce that which will meetEducation, 54:of the cultured, wiser group, plus an ability to correlate the world of meaning with the world ofEducation, 58:recognize that which is presented to the mind. Correlate the past with the present. Train citizensEducation, 72:bridging done; and no attempt has been made to correlate the best of the present methods (probablyEducation, 93:is correlated with the present, his capacity to correlate, unify and bridge, in the differentFire, 195:hear and feel, but as yet knows not enough to correlate nor name. When he succeeds in naming, heFire, 581:is the result of its working. Again we can correlate this law with that of Attraction, for the twoFire, 1155:facts anent the centers and thus supplement, correlate, and summarize that already given in thisFire, 1254:nothing to do. Sight, hearing and the power to correlate the relation between the Self and theHealing, 571:throughout. It might be of interest to you to correlate what I have said in my other writing anentInitiation, 6:ready. Therefore, all we can do is to study and correlate with what wisdom and discretion may beInitiation, 14:see, hear, and comprehend, and to synthesize and correlate knowledge. It does not necessarilyIntellect, 241:soul and of the mind and of the desire nature correlate with the energy of matter, and a definiteMagic, 175:consciously, it is then possible for them to correlate the teaching given and, under the Law ofMeditation, 104:electrical condition of the spinal column, and correlate its condition with that of the brain. GoodPatanjali, 22:modifications of the mental processes which correlate the man with his environment, through theProblems, 33:been done and little attempt has been made to correlate the best of the present methods (and notPsychology1, 348:it may be possible to check the information, to correlate the ray types, and to discover (by aPsychology2, 303:he cannot prove, though he may do two things: Correlate the idea of these ray energies with thePsychology2, 403:is to be found a lack of synthesis, a failure to correlate results, and a tendency toRays, 184:have therefore, as you reflect, think, study and correlate, to bear constantly in mind: The sevenSoul, 39:in fact, work in unison. They are known to correlate their activity, to balance each other, and
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