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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CORRESPONDENCE

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Fire, 580:is to come. The Law of Disintegration has its correspondence in cosmic law, but it is almostFire, 582:a consequent continuity of consciousness. This correspondence, and this disintegration, can beFire, 583:subject may be studied. In the third subrace a correspondence can be traced, though it is not yetFire, 584:System III. Mental, atmic and logoic. Note the correspondence therefore to be seen between theFire, 586:they begin to think harmoniously. 82 Note the correspondence that can be traced here. On the secondFire, 586:seven Rays or Vibrations, and if we study the correspondence we shall recognize the fact that theFire, 587:plane, along with the other monads. A subtle correspondence exists between the monads of Will onFire, 588:the lower four in our planetary scheme) have a correspondence with the merging of man (the productFire, 588:Harmony or Beauty or Synthesis, have a point of correspondence, just as the fourth root-race is theFire, 591:law of the mental plane, finding its greater correspondence in the Law of Karma on cosmic mentalFire, 599:The major root races are chosen under the Law of Correspondence. In the third root race came theFire, 618:superseded by spiritual power; the systemic correspondence to lunar pitric activity will occultlyFire, 618:98,99 the builders of man's lunar body and their correspondence in the other kingdoms of nature,Fire, 625:of the lower center, which is its reflection or correspondence) must be added the dominant note ofFire, 628:can only be demonstrated through the law of correspondence. The key to comprehension is always thisFire, 634:the force is transmitted through the astral correspondence [635] to the fourth physical ether, inFire, 635:as to make one organized whole. This microcosmic correspondence is of interest, but in studyingFire, 647:in the fourth round and the third root-race; the correspondence between the third kingdom and theFire, 650:interest for the student as it makes clear the correspondence between the evolution of substanceFire, 658:in connection especially with man, they are the correspondence on the astral plane to the "devas ofFire, 660:and the dense subplanes. There is, therefore, a correspondence between these two. The reason forFire, 672:matter or deva substance. Consequently, the correspondence of the mystic marriage of Spirit andFire, 685:emanates from the soul of the mother (the correspondence to the Pleroma or universal soul) and isFire, 691:body on the fifth cosmic plane, via the logoic correspondence to the mental unit. (TheseFire, 720:of His threefold lower nature. In the first, the correspondence lies in the latent consciousness ofFire, 721:anent present evil on this planet. The second correspondence concerns the latent "consciousness ofFire, 741:suns. (See S. D., II, 746, 747.) The microcosmic correspondence can be seen in the followingFire, 745:body of the planetary Logos and ponder upon the correspondence between: The devachan of theFire, 746:Lord of a scheme, and the Lord of a Ray. I say correspondence in its esoteric significance, and doFire, 796:that department of their being, which finds its correspondence in "animal magnetism" in man, isFire, 827:man in the [827] Hall of Learning and has its correspondence in the Atlantean root-race and itsFire, 859:center, but is consciously diffused. When its correspondence in the head center is awakened, thisFire, 879:- united or synthesized by the seventeenth - a correspondence upon cosmic levels of the seven withFire, 891:the planetary Logos, finding their microcosmic correspondence in the feet and legs of a man. TheyFire, 918:matters will find it worth while to consider the correspondence between these three types ofFire, 919:their work will be brought into a more accurate correspondence with things as they really are.Fire, 933:and under the law of spiritual necessity. A correspondence to this can be seen in the case of manFire, 933:He remains as yet subjective. He has his solar correspondence. [934] 5. The builders of theFire, 938:will here find it interesting to trace out the correspondence in this method of producingFire, 940:to the intuitional thinker. There is a correspondence between the three permanent atomic triads,Fire, 947:In terms of the cosmic [947] physical plane, the correspondence to the systemic plane can be seenFire, 962:centers above enumerated. It is the physical correspondence to the antahkarana on higher levels.Fire, 971:from within the brain. There is thus a definite correspondence to the work of the nine Sephiroth:Fire, 974:a tiny thread of radiant substance, which is a correspondence to the sutratma. All forms have suchFire, 976:subplane matter is found in his bodies; the correspondence consequently holds good. Once theFire, 993:deals with the greater Initiations, and is the correspondence on the higher planes to the occultFire, 999:be apparent that the brain is the physical correspondence to the force centers upon the mentalFire, 999:to ponder upon this procedure, and to study the correspondence between it and the work of the solarFire, 1005:to him by a fine thread of animated substance (a correspondence on a minute scale of the sutratmicFire, 1009:contact. It is interesting here to note the correspondence with the evolution of the senses. TheFire, 1010:to subtler and higher vibrations; the occult correspondence to the physical sense of touch awakens.Fire, 1010:and the interplay of force behind the two (the correspondence, on a tiny scale, of the pairs ofFire, 1010:and in these three centers of energy we have the correspondence of the three aspects within theFire, 1013:with his own life experience is exact, as is the correspondence with the cosmic process. TheFire, 1033:who form the three permanent atoms) is seen a correspondence to the three groups of Lipika LordsFire, 1055:of very advanced development. In the planetary correspondence to the heart center. The throatFire, 1062:physicist are busy with such lives; but their correspondence (in the occult sense of the term) isFire, 1075:will find it of interest to work out the correspondence between the five initiations and these fiveFire, 1077:life, the electric spark or that which is its correspondence, which radiates. There are, therefore,Fire, 1089:of adequate forms became possible. The correspondence is not exact but is indicative of the truth.Fire, 1089:system, and might be regarded as the monadic correspondence to a cosmic wheel. In the oldFire, 1092:their goal upon this planet. There is here a correspondence to systemic evolution, and there is anFire, 1093:on other and subtler globes, which are the correspondence to the interplanetary and intersystemicFire, 1096:will, consequently, be apparent that there is a correspondence worthy of study to be found in theFire, 1098:call attention to their nature. Under the law of correspondence, the student should be able toFire, 1109:form four protecting streams of force. A correspondence to this stream of force can be seen in theFire, 1114:astral energy; it is more powerful than its correspondence in the first tier, owing to the inherentFire, 1115:the Jewel. The other types of energy find their correspondence with those already enumerated but IFire, 1129:the lotus, or to the three tiers of petals. The correspondence is interesting: The jewel in theFire, 1136:life of the solar, or planetary Logos. Its correspondence in man is prana. A comprehension of thisFire, 1139:the human form are (to the planetary entity) the correspondence to the head center. Those who areFire, 1154:remaining three major schemes. In this we have a correspondence to the burning of the causal bodyFire, 1154:the merging of the three fires. It is only a correspondence, and the details must not be pushed tooFire, 1159:evolution of the fires of the spine, we have a correspondence to the sutratma with its three pointsFire, 1160:the supreme head center, exists another gulf - a correspondence to the gulf found between the planeFire, 1160:is an energy center constructed by man; it is a correspondence to the energy center, the causalFire, 1161:and passing into the highest head lotus. The correspondence to certain macrocosmical forces willFire, 1161:through three tiers of petals, the logoic correspondence is even more interesting, for that greatFire, 1164:and non-activity. This latter scheme is the correspondence in the logoic body to the atrophiedFire, 1165:error. The lower down one seeks to carry the correspondence, the more the likelihood of error. TheFire, 1165:the more the likelihood of error. The correspondence must lie in quality and in principleFire, 1189:and making their presence felt. We have a correspondence to this in the fact that there are centersFire, 1189:which has a quality all its own. This has its correspondence in the solar system. Many are theFire, 1196:class in which all three are equal. The physical correspondence of this will be the twelve signs ofFire, 1196:center, synthesizing all of them. The spiritual correspondence will be the twelve Creative OrdersFire, 1205:being on the mental plane, which is literally a correspondence to the "heart of the sun." TheFire, 1205:of the physical plane, which is in its turn a correspondence to the physical sun. Thus the tinyFire, 1206:subplanes. There is a vital and significant correspondence to be found between the seven headFire, 1215:and the three material). In one case we have a correspondence of so close a nature as to be almostFire, 1223:Buddhic energy. Ray of Concrete Knowledge. 13.Correspondence of forms to type, through groupFire, 1242:prescribed length of time upon our planet are a correspondence to those greater initiates whoFire, 1257:adept functions in a form or vehicle which is a correspondence upon the plane of atma to theFire, 1258:Within the solar system there is an interesting correspondence to this cosmic interplay in theFire, 1262:It is a form of realization which is the cosmic correspondence to the reaction which comes when theFire, 1262:to that vibration alone which is the higher correspondence upon the cosmic planes. Other vibrationsFire, 1262:them. Students can get some idea of the lower correspondence to this as they study the compass, itsFire, 1266:The Path of Absolute Sonship This Sonship is a correspondence on the highest plane to that grade ofGlamour, 9:or intuitional plane. This plane is the higher correspondence of the astral or emotional plane, theGlamour, 90:the truth in the following manner: Process Correspondence Obstacle 1. Physical coordination MineralGlamour, 96:steps towards the Probationary Path. It is a correspondence towards the end of the Path of
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