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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CORRESPONDENCE

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Glamour, 119:bodies. There is, for instance, a definite correspondence between the condition of negativity toGlamour, 140:did in the case of illusion and its contrasting correspondence, the intuition, because I coveredGlamour, 143:that this is, in the individual, the microcosmic correspondence to the "heart of the Sun" which isHealing, 39:is the refuse that is undesirable - this is the correspondence to that which is [40] selfish andHealing, 59:vegetable kingdom and also the human family. A correspondence to the syphilitic complaints of manHealing, 60:is an interesting item in the field of esoteric correspondence that just as the light of the soul,Healing, 85:through the center to the allied glandular correspondence, thus conditioning its peculiar hormoneHealing, 143:nothing. The four aspects of matter produce the correspondence also to the four divine attributesHealing, 144:- the three, the four and the two. This correspondence to the initiatory process is, however, inHealing, 144:of matter, plus their dual activity, are the correspondence to the four aspects of the personalityHealing, 154:type of creative activity. This is the higher correspondence to the creativity of the sacralHealing, 165:and acts throughout the physical man is the correspondence to the energy of spirit. In the head weHealing, 166:the analogy for the breath of life, is the correspondence to spirit. In the lower torso again weHealing, 183:of the spinal [183] column, via the etheric correspondence of the spinal cord, and - in time andHealing, 197:to the life or spirit aspect; the nerves are the correspondence to the soul or quality aspect. ThatHealing, 284:of the energy of the lower creative aspect or correspondence. This is called "the technique of theHealing, 285:in their healing work, deal with the higher correspondence of the controlling center, workingHealing, 289:persevere; keep careful records and preserve all correspondence. Then the results will be sure. Healing, 314:with the effect. Over-emotionalism is an astral correspondence of physical fever and indicates aHealing, 314:busy but futile accomplishment, is the mental correspondence. Healing, 316:case, for the physical sex organs are a lower correspondence of the negative-positive relationHealing, 337:that the contents of the brain cavity have a correspondence to the aspects of the human mechanismHealing, 343:Has the fact of blood transfusion...any correspondence in some process of the transfusion of subtleHealing, 416:is to give indications of the development and correspondence of the threefold whole that makes theHealing, 421:unit, for the analogy holds good. We have a correspondence on a tiny scale in the fact that eachHealing, 478:entity from its outer shell, its inner vital correspondence, and finally it is the relinquishing ofHealing, 488:of attrition, and vacates it via the astral correspondence to the solar plexus center. ThisHealing, 517:and immersed in substance-energy, and its higher correspondence is still functioning on the levelsHealing, 575:its controlling etheric center and its higher correspondence, and with the three energies comingHealing, 589:and the spiritual man upon the mental plane. The correspondence is as follows: The monad - AbstractHealing, 639:and Applied The spirit of the earth has its correspondence in the created expression of theHealing, 662:the vision true. There is, as you know, always a correspondence between the individual man and theHealing, 665:hierarchy of evil Forces which are the material correspondence to the spiritual Hierarchy; this isHealing, 681:have heard and who are developing the spiritual correspondence of sight. They are thereforeHealing, 689:the cosmic physical plane; these are the higher correspondence of the four etheric levels of theInitiation, 7:study of this Law we need to remember that the correspondence lies in its essence, and not in theInitiation, 104:and he is, as far as we are concerned, a correspondence to the personal God of the Christian. HeInitiation, 186:and certain deductions, based on the law of correspondence, might be given out, provided alwaysInitiation, 190:The Path of Absolute Sonship This Sonship is a correspondence on the highest plane to that grade ofInitiation, 203:of the macrocosm will be investigated, and the correspondence between the activities of theIntellect, 171:to prove surely that there is a close physical correspondence to mental illumination. Hundreds ofMagic, 23:is the sum total of atomic substance. It is the correspondence in the great Existence or MacrocosmMagic, 30:Being, and this mysterious elusive factor is the correspondence in man of that which we call spiritMagic, 43:and acts throughout the physical man is the correspondence to the energy of spirit. In the head weMagic, 44:the analogy for the breath of life, is the correspondence of spirit. In the lower torso again weMagic, 48:for the following reasons: It is the physical correspondence to the inner light body we call theMagic, 71:an interesting illustration of the microcosmic correspondence to the macrocosm. It can beMagic, 71:of the threefold personality. Herein lies the correspondence to the macrocosm as it is symbolizedMagic, 74:deep" to communicate with its reflection. The correspondence to this relation, or synchronizingMagic, 95:in the physical man. This is in reality a correspondence to the sutratma as it links the physicalMagic, 96:focus at the point in the sutratma which has its correspondence in the light in the head of theMagic, 99:say analogous as a causative force, though not a correspondence in effects. Note this difference.Magic, 215:the head, the spiritual light) is [215] but the correspondence to the physical eye, revealing formsMagic, 215:is the dominant factor in magical work, is the correspondence to the soul. In a most mysteriousMagic, 215:and to see. The aspect of destruction is the correspondence to the monad or will aspect; in theMagic, 251:into form-making activity just as their higher correspondence, the "modifications of the thinkingMagic, 362:rays, so the four minor centers carry on the correspondence and pass into pralaya, finding theirMagic, 364:spiritual Sun, each passing, via the planetary correspondence, to one of the cosmic planes. Thus weMagic, 391:the sacred fire, the kundalini. Note how the correspondence works out. A great part of the fifthMagic, 451:being and this mysterious elusive factor is the correspondence in man of that which we call spiritMagic, 501:into the state of Samadhi which is the spiritual correspondence to the trance condition of theMagic, 567:into objective manifestation. This has a literal correspondence on the physical plane. Many infantsMagic, 629:be carefully studied by the student: Instinct Correspondence Mode 1. Self-preservation ImmortalityMeditation, 6:Wherein, therefore, lies the macrocosmic correspondence? Where is the analogy in the Solar System?Meditation, 52:of the Logoic Personality in its completeness, a correspondence to the major third of theMeditation, 53:with the microcosm. In the realization of this correspondence and its wise application liesMeditation, 72:third center, has a specific purpose. It has its correspondence in the third or activity aspect,Meditation, 101:themselves to the changing conditions) and the correspondence will be demonstrated. When this isMeditation, 101:into a less active condition. You have here a correspondence between the fiery aspects of the earthMeditation, 183:in the Macrocosm, and later show its microcosmic correspondence. The vital fire that animates theMeditation, 184:again, and it is in the recognition of this correspondence that illumination comes, and the purposeMeditation, 184:the majority of cases for the internal fire. The correspondence is accurate, mysterious andMeditation, 184:is accurate, mysterious and interesting. The correspondence in the Microcosm to Fohat is found inMeditation, 185:health. We will touch upon this later. The correspondence to the fire of the mental plane is easilyMeditation, 185:culmination of the fifth principle of mind, this correspondence will be more understood. At presentMeditation, 216:demonstrating through form. You get a correspondence in this solar system in the synthetic Ray ofMeditation, 219:between the three has its microcosmic correspondence in the fire of kundalini (awakened throughMeditation, 225:a brief consideration of the law of analogy and correspondence. We might therefore consider theMeditation, 225:of Color and Sound Microcosmic and Macrocosmic Correspondence The relationship between theMeditation, 226:transference of polarization. There is a direct correspondence between: The violet of the ethericMeditation, 227:of color higher, and in the Monad work out the correspondence. The green of the third aspect. TheMeditation, 227:justly interpreted, you have here a hint of the correspondence between the microcosm and theMeditation, 227:mind which links the higher and the lower. The correspondence will always be found perfect.Meditation, 229:in the above table is that to the adept the correspondence of all these is perfectly known andMeditation, 235:in the [235] synthetic ray of the Monad. The correspondence will be found perfect. These forces, orPatanjali, 15:or activities, and thus is a reflection, or correspondence of the fifth principle, as it manifestsPatanjali, 25:that the contents of the brain cavity have a correspondence to the aspects of the human mechanismPatanjali, 66:just what steps he has to take but there is no correspondence between his activity and hisPatanjali, 68:It is misleading and, apart from its higher correspondence, which is spiritual perception, is thePatanjali, 131:therefore, life in the three worlds, for the correspondence between [132] avidya on the physicalPatanjali, 179:above downwards. This sixfold process is the correspondence upon the Path of Discipleship, of thePatanjali, 182:Commandments and the five Rules are the Hindu correspondence to the ten Commandments of the BiblePatanjali, 271:nature of the self, the second aspect, and the correspondence to the second aspect in all forms ofPatanjali, 273:that is subhuman. When he responds to the higher correspondence of this, to the reality of whichPatanjali, 293:petalled lotus in the head (which is the higher correspondence of the heart center, and thePatanjali, 306:in the center of the trunk. It is therefore a correspondence of the middle principle. In man inPatanjali, 308:who have their intuition developed will see the correspondence between the activity of the solarPatanjali, 308:itself felt. A rising up takes place, and the correspondence can then be seen between the naturalPatanjali, 312:or the "tortoise tube" is the physical correspondence to the point the aspirant has reached. HePatanjali, 323:seven planes of manifestation, and has also a correspondence on all the planes. Plane Sense 1.
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