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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CORRESPONDENCES

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Statement:or are deemed true under the test of the Law of Correspondences, then that is well and good. ButAstrology, 28:generalize largely and say that these are the correspondences in the solar system to the threeAstrology, 124:who are beginning to get a glimpse of the higher correspondences in their work - mediatorship andAstrology, 160:were added. These two signs were the higher correspondences of Leo and Virgo and were the polarAstrology, 169:the Aryan, and two to come are - planetary correspondences to the five initiations. This isAstrology, 382:implications) the following conditions and correspondences in connection with the three Crosses:Astrology, 408:macrocosmic events there are similar microcosmic correspondences in the lives of both humanity andAstrology, 415:triplicities which we shall study, we shall find correspondences to the monad, the soul and theAstrology, 436:The concrete mind - mental body. and their correspondences in substance-energy: The right eye. TheAstrology, 510:will find it useful also to work out the higher correspondences to the material realities for whichAstrology, 511:I will give you some idea of [511] these correspondences in connection with the first two houses:Astrology, 638:Vol. I, 703) Modern astrologers do not give the correspondences of the days and planets and colorsAstrology, 683:in the constellation of the Great Bear are the correspondences to the seven head centers in theBethlehem, 60:it will now be seen, has a greater number of correspondences with the stories of former Sungods andBethlehem, 147:the pains and the pleasures, into their higher correspondences. Transmutation has been defined asBethlehem, 148:the senses has been transcended, and the higher correspondences have become active, revealing theDestiny, 71:the vestigial also emerge and under the Law of Correspondences aid in elucidating. In the greatDestiny, 115:counterparts of the five senses and their higher correspondences upon the subtler planes are beingDestiny, 137:I would like here to point out the numerical correspondences: The third great world center -Destiny, 138:Sun - the physical sun. These are a few of the correspondences which it is helpful for us to bearDestiny, 139:in this connection certain fundamental numerical correspondences, which are based upon the comingDestiny, 141:the line of our humanity at all. The numerical correspondences might be noted as follows,Discipleship1, 272:these factors and the expression of their higher correspondences - through right love, rightDiscipleship1, 766:them. There are undoubtedly analogies and correspondences that could be worked out in connectionDiscipleship2, 7:up to requirements, then there may again arise correspondences to the original groups as planned.Discipleship2, 121:the Monad (symbolized by the head center). These correspondences are of value as they are anDiscipleship2, 368:[368] within the world of forms) to the higher correspondences which he must use in the future. ItDiscipleship2, 368:for the initiate. After this, the subtler correspondences to the tangible senses of taste and smellDiscipleship2, 370:that what I have indicated along the line of correspondences must be true, for the ancient truismDiscipleship2, 627:is hidden [627] in this relationship. The correspondences remain, however, to be pointed out. It isEducation, 54:Understanding - Group Love. There are higher correspondences for which we have as yet no adequateEducation, 55:be the appearance of a still higher triad of correspondences. These will be known as: ParticipationExternalisation, 9:All these powers have their [9] higher spiritual correspondences, which manifest when the soulExternalisation, 54:ordinary modern expressions and future spiritual correspondences. These will some day appear onExternalisation, 93:Esoteric students must always remember that no correspondences are correct and entirely accurate inExternalisation, 127:the details of that great war and its modern correspondences; it is of no value for me to compareExternalisation, 138:the soul, are aware of the implications and the correspondences. Where then lies the solution? WhatFire, xviii:the occult method is adhered to, if the Law of Correspondences is studied, and if we ever reasonFire, 7:is a fact in nature, not an ideal. The Law of Correspondences will explain the details of thisFire, 7:the details of this relationship. This Law of Correspondences or of Analogy is the interpretive lawFire, 77:The Lord of the World. They are the planetary correspondences to the three Aspects of the logoicFire, 87:this matter of etherics from the angle of correspondences, and have traced analogies in the system,Fire, 87:body of the human being and not touch upon correspondences to things systemic or cosmic at all,Fire, 104:distress in man, their planetary and solar correspondences and reactions may perhaps be realized.Fire, 114:three higher mental levels, which are the mental correspondences to the higher ethers, and toFire, 115:cosmic buddhic plane. These possibilities and correspondences have been somewhat dwelt upon, as itFire, 116:with the physical etheric body and not with its correspondences on all planes. This is because ourFire, 116:while some are the expression of old and true correspondences couched in a more modern form TheFire, 116:and cosmic, so that the relationship and the correspondences may be apparent, and the connection toFire, 119:the past with that which is to be. The following correspondences in time would repay carefulFire, 120:then consciously on it when he has mastered the correspondences to the ethers on the mental plane.Fire, 148:Logos controls the lunar entities and their correspondences elsewhere in the system. This rule mustFire, 153:construction of the physical body, show similar correspondences and analogies. All these spheresFire, 164:plane, by means of the five senses and their correspondences on all the five planes: Hearing,Fire, 182:centers, we might here give the cosmic correspondences at which it is possible to hint. The Cosmos.Fire, 182:in the constellation of the Great Bear are the correspondences to the seven head centers in theFire, 183:initiation, the seventh. These are the only correspondences that may as yet be imparted. What liesFire, 183:sacred planets, making the study of the Law of Correspondences easier; similarly, the globes Of anyFire, 189:five senses on the five planes, so that their correspondences may be readily visualized, using theFire, 245:exact in detail but only in certain broad basic correspondences. In all the four factors, thereFire, 288:mentioned in the Puranas. - S. D., I, 192. Correspondences can here be worked out in connectionFire, 363:the solar sphere. 34 Compare also the following correspondences: The sacred Tetraktys - TheFire, 372:head centers are synthesizing their seven minor correspondences, and the force of kundalini passesFire, 397:40 "It might be of interest to note the correspondences between these six forces and the "shaktis"Fire, 406:own scheme it is interesting to note that some correspondences can be traced as we study this fifthFire, 430:thus in a very special sense through all lesser correspondences. The alignment will be as follows:Fire, 434:therefore, may ever be felt in His numerical correspondences, for He is the Lord of the fifth RayFire, 571:We need to remember that, under the Law of Correspondences, we shall have a relationship in theFire, 582:yet been fully brought out [582] (for the law of correspondences has been little studied, nor is itFire, 600:mutation governs every department in the Law of Correspondences, and certain things can be statedFire, 604:plane. There is a very interesting series of correspondences to be worked out here and we mightFire, 605:the mental plane - comes under the same group of correspondences and Agni, as the energizing factorFire, 645:physical plane can also be predicated of their correspondences on all the planes. This we can leaveFire, 647:planetary Logos, and of the solar Logos. Certain correspondences in the petals of the egoic lotusFire, 650:devas on the systemic physical plane, and their correspondences on the cosmic physical plane.Fire, 689:II, 108, 122, 279. 25 These three planes are the correspondences to the three lower spirillae inFire, 690:physical body of the Logos itself, produces correspondences to the centers upon that plane and theFire, 691:logoic correspondence to the mental unit. (These correspondences involve a concept far in advanceFire, 724:energy of the cosmos, of which we find faint correspondences in the work of the "destroyer" aspectFire, 786:with now, leaving the student to work out the correspondences in relation to the system and theFire, 788:body, the solar system, and also in certain correspondences which can be seen embodied in factsFire, 865:to a man's ray and subray - transferred into the correspondences within the head center. TheseFire, 868:man has to solve, Indications as to certain correspondences, Practical points for constructiveFire, 868:Teacher, and the correlation perhaps of certain correspondences, coupled with a suggestion as toFire, 868:the experience of the student. That unless the correspondences agree in an atomic, personal,Fire, 888:be through a careful meditation upon: The Law of Correspondences. The realizable probabilities. TheFire, 898:the sixth principle of buddhi under the Law of Correspondences intensifies that vibration. Fire, 898:effect and a close connection under the Law of Correspondences with the sixth, or astral plane,Fire, 919:Doctrine says that: God, Monad, and Atom are the correspondences of Spirit, Mind and Body. - S. D.,Fire, 920:the throat centers of the solar Logos, and their correspondences will be found within a HeavenlyFire, 922:sevenfold tabulation can be, under the law of correspondences, applied equally to every plane, forFire, 923:Division 1 can be understood under the law of correspondences when the nature of the atomic planeFire, 946:and more must be arrived at under the Law of Correspondences. It must ever be borne in mindFire, 1077:which radiates. There are, therefore, seven correspondences in this connection in the solar system,Fire, 1126:unit of the magician concerned, and certain correspondences on mental levels in the vehicles of theFire, 1135:due to the Logos of a system, but are the correspondences in universal Matter with the Aspects ofFire, 1138:the higher group. The elemental group souls find correspondences in the higher - first, in theFire, 1141:be found in any form. This, therefore, through correspondences, imparts knowledge as to pastFire, 1143:race. A nation, a family, a group, and their correspondences in all the kingdoms. A plane. TheFire, 1155:of value, and the information here given and the correspondences indicated, should provide all
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