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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CORRESPONDING

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Fire, 1180:physical permanent atom (as is the case with the corresponding atom of the incarnating jiva), hasFire, 1218:astral and the mental planes, and, therefore the corresponding vehicles of the group units. AFire, 1246:which make a totality of twelve Identifications, corresponding to the twelve-petalled lotus. ItFire, 1256:in the great choir of the Heavens, it produces a corresponding color symphony. This particular modeGlamour, 76:and pleasant characteristics which will evoke a corresponding reciprocation towards the would-beGlamour, 192:of man to the Logos. These stages and their corresponding techniques are apt to be misunderstood ifHealing, 50:will also be found in every astral body seven corresponding focal points through which energy canHealing, 50:to you the good and the bad effects and the corresponding diseases. [51] Healing, 142:esoteric teaching, the power and the life of the corresponding gland which is, in fact, itsHealing, 165:analogy to the triple soul nature. The throat, corresponding to the third creative aspect or theHealing, 177:much higher one, composed of The throat center, corresponding to the sacral center. The pituitaryHealing, 177:to the sacral center. The pituitary body, corresponding to the spelling center. [178] The pinealHealing, 178:to the spelling center. [178] The pineal gland, corresponding to the basic center. In the relationHealing, 207:concerned in the equipment of the patient, the corresponding center in the equipment of the healer,Healing, 208:Coming midway between the centers and the corresponding endocrine glands, and acting as the agentHealing, 238:to show the types of activity which will evoke corresponding difficulty within the heart. HeartHealing, 241:instead of used and transmuted into a higher corresponding center of energy. The mystery of theHealing, 502:as experienced by the average man, and certain corresponding processes of conscious dissolution asHealing, 526:to the energy discharged into it by the corresponding center in the healer's body. It will beHealing, 559:in expression by the state of consciousness, corresponding to that level of awareness or place ofHealing, 581:to note that the two major centers in the head (corresponding to atma-buddhi, or the soul) are theHealing, 604:center the stage of synchronization with the corresponding center in the patient's body isHealing, 606:sends a powerful ray of his own energy into the corresponding center in the patient's body. This isHealing, 656:and health auras have a definite effect upon the corresponding aspects of the patient's aura. [657]Hercules, 111:The discovery of the endocrine system shows corresponding physical glands in the same locations.Hercules, 216:twelve equal portions of thirty degrees each, corresponding loosely to the twelve constellations ofInitiation, 63:at it in this way: The moment of conception, corresponding to that of individualization. NineInitiation, 63:of individualization. Nine months' gestation, corresponding to the wheel of life. The firstInitiation, 63:to the wheel of life. The first initiation, corresponding to the birth hour. The Probationary PathInitiation, 127:activity certain centers in his body, with their corresponding groups. This application producedInitiation, 139:stimulation comes into play one or more of the corresponding spirally in the permanent atoms on theInitiation, 139:three lower planes. After the third initiation a corresponding stimulation takes place in theInitiation, 139:In the latter case, his mental centers, or their corresponding force vortices on higher levels,Initiation, 141:(whereon the egoic lotus is now situated) a corresponding stimulation takes place in the denseInitiation, 144:[144] From there it is transferred to the corresponding globe, and thence to the dense physicalInitiation, 148:three major rays, through the Hierophant and the corresponding departmental head at the first twoInitiation, 148:of the ceremony the group is bathed in color, corresponding to the type of energy and itsInitiation, 159:No sound is ever made without producing a corresponding response in deva substance, and drivingInitiation, 188:Later he will have his habitat on the planet corresponding to his own ray, and [189] not on theInitiation, 189:a subsidiary ray of one cosmic ray), on to the corresponding cosmic ray. Just as the evolution ofInitiation, 222:generally applied to the seven highest spirits corresponding to the seven archangels of theIntellect, 224:rate of vibration, which attracts to itself a corresponding grade of mental substance, in which theMagic, 44:analogy to the triple soul nature. The throat, corresponding to the third creative aspect or theMagic, 47:initiate of the first degree is the lowest, with corresponding entities in what we call the angelMagic, 50:of the soul in man which links the three worlds (corresponding to the solid, liquid and gaseousMagic, 179:can be employed. In the astral body the centers corresponding to the physical have to be awakenedMagic, 179:The work that I refer to here involves a corresponding vivification in the mental bodyMagic, 214:the subtle bodies in the three worlds there is a corresponding point of focus, and the centerMagic, 251:true reflector and receiver of soul impress, the corresponding thought-form will be true to itsMagic, 277:order are faced with an unprecedented condition, corresponding in the corporate body of humanity toMagic, 282:[282] between the factors in himself and the corresponding factors in his surroundings. We live inMagic, 360:have not the consciousness of the life-aspect - corresponding to the solar plexus, the greatMagic, 362:the vivification of a center there is always a corresponding vitalization of the analogous headMagic, 384:of energy, and to these seven types, there are corresponding types of humanity, you say doubtlessMagic, 423:being. Produce consciously and at will a corresponding responsiveness in the physical brain, soMagic, 438:Eventually, there will be twelve sacred planets, corresponding to the twelve constellations, butMagic, 483:of their fellow men do arouse in them corresponding reactions, and cause them much suffering andMagic, 544:which so much has been taught. A small cycle, corresponding to this final battle and cleavage, willMagic, 568:"Prana is fivefold in its manifestations, thus corresponding to the five states of mind, the fifthMagic, 568:body (the centers up the spine) so will be the corresponding activity of the physical body.Magic, 596:and controlled the astral nature and its corresponding center, the solar plexus. The emphasis laidMeditation, 7:the earth is not one, but Venus has her place corresponding to the emotional permanent atom.Meditation, 11:the permanent atoms of the Personality into the corresponding atom in the spiritual Triad. Later IMeditation, 26:of whose permanent atoms form the molecules in a corresponding cosmic atom, the work has progressedMeditation, 29:in the solar system. A still later period comes, corresponding to the ages forty-two to forty-nine,Meditation, 34:with other egos on the same ray, and on a corresponding concrete or abstract ray, and - realizingMeditation, 74:the synthesis, and, on the stimulation of their corresponding center, receive themselves aMeditation, 74:their corresponding center, receive themselves a corresponding acquisition of rotary power. [75]Meditation, 75:are then radiating nuclei of light, and the corresponding four lower head centers are equallyMeditation, 78:working out into physical plane manifestation of corresponding vortices on the emotional plane,Meditation, 83:magnetically linked, in full alignment, with the corresponding centers in the emotional and mentalMeditation, 106:of the divine fire to the throat center and its corresponding head center, instead of to the lowerMeditation, 113:center more than the head and necessarily the corresponding head centers. The center at the top ofMeditation, 127:be aided by means of the violet light, with its corresponding sound, administered in quietMeditation, 162:has to do - will come the power to heal the corresponding physical center. As the centers areMeditation, 193:the other major centers in connection with its corresponding head center) can be unbelievablyMeditation, 194:country and environment. It will cause corresponding stimulation in all the kingdoms of nature, forMeditation, 211:some of the others. Hence - as they carry their corresponding monads with them - you have hereMeditation, 226:process of transmutation. You have to effect the corresponding change of color from the lower toMeditation, 228:of meditation; thus each life will be seen as corresponding to a color. Ponder on this. Meditation, 284:in the threefold microcosm will be regarded as corresponding to that in the macrocosm, whilst theMeditation, 290:endeavoring to focus his consciousness) and its corresponding head center. Each of the sevenMeditation, 357:generally applied to the seven highest spirits corresponding to the seven archangels of thePatanjali, 84:from his lower sense nature. This results in a corresponding mental stability and in an ability toPatanjali, 178:application to the twofold work produces two corresponding results, each dependent upon its cause:Patanjali, 219:(the centers up the [219] spine) so will be the corresponding activity of the physical body.Patanjali, 251:and can look out on the soul-realm in a sense corresponding to the way a man can use his eyes toPatanjali, 253:happening. The light in the head increases in a corresponding degree and the third eye develops andPatanjali, 254:On the astral and mental plane a [254] corresponding "eye" develops, and thus the ego or soul canPatanjali, 259:and throws the chitta or mind stuff into shapes corresponding to the object seen. [259] 2. He thenPatanjali, 277:of the signs of the zodiac, that is, from their corresponding constellations. These points arePatanjali, 305:take the entire man under control. The glands corresponding to the three centers are: The pinealPatanjali, 327:to this idea and simultaneously produces a corresponding reaction in the kamic, desire or emotionalPatanjali, 329:Prana is fivefold in its manifestation, thus corresponding to the five states of mind, the fifthPatanjali, 332:court corresponds to those energies and their corresponding organs found below the diaphragm. ThePatanjali, 361:intuition is awakening and who demonstrate a corresponding development of psychic power. This is aPatanjali, 428:must be intimately concerned with it, and its corresponding fifth subrace more intimately than anyPatanjali, x:flowed westward, and we may now look for a corresponding climax in the West, which will reach itsPsychology1, 74:will produce a tremendous stimulation of their corresponding and responding units of life. ThesePsychology1, 76:He brought into functioning activity seven corresponding reflections of the seven centers of Deity,
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