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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CORRESPONDS

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Meditation, 290:so purified that part of the physical brain that corresponds with the particular head center thatPatanjali, 74:will atmic body atmic plane. And that which corresponds to the "boundless immutable principle" inPatanjali, 83:pure white light called the "jewel." Each center corresponds to a sacred planet, the body ofPatanjali, 85:man is sunk when in physical incarnation. This corresponds to that dream state which we recognizePatanjali, 270:substance), the Holy Ghost or Brahma aspects, corresponds to the past (hence a hint as to thePatanjali, 332:Spirit," the human frame. [332] The outer court corresponds to those energies and theirPsychology2, 22:governs, more or less, the masses of men. It corresponds to the Atlantean period and to the stagePsychology2, 22:in this Aryan race to which this era belongs. It corresponds to the stage of maturity in thePsychology2, 25:"happiness" begin to play their part. This corresponds to the period of adolescence and to theRays, 193:the tomb and one recognized by esotericists; it corresponds also to the penetration into the thirdRays, 211:this stage is reached, the activity of the group corresponds to that of the probationary discipleRays, 223:from without, by an act of the united will; this corresponds to the great cry of the Christ uponRays, 452:This reflex activity of the lower nature corresponds to the development of continuity between theRays, 509:Triad - not the light of the soul. This corresponds to the much earlier stage of development inRays, 570:(in large groups) can take the first initiation corresponds to a situation in which bread is theRays, 590:the substance of the mental plane. This plane corresponds to the third subplane of the physicalSoul, 105:of energy accompanied by consciousness. Prana corresponds to the Psychikon pneuma, animal spirits,Soul, 112:this is essential to the maintenance of life and corresponds truly with the principal vital
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