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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CORRIDOR

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Discipleship2, 632:as the pillars point the way, he sees a narrow corridor and at the end a room; within that room theDiscipleship2, 633:(technically understood) along the pillared corridor, simultaneously with his appearance in theDiscipleship2, 633:has not yet earned the right to pass along the corridor to the Master's sanctum, but must needs goDiscipleship2, 634:moment than his own success in passing along the corridor. What has happened to him, as both hisDiscipleship2, 634:already penetrated a definite distance along the corridor? Certain pillars are left behind. One ofDiscipleship2, 634:developed, the disciple can pass up and down the corridor at will, which symbolizes to him the, asDiscipleship2, 635:only sends him on the wings of light along the corridor and strengthens his hand to open wide theDiscipleship2, 635:as you, from pillar to pillar, advance along the corridor, spurred by the needs of those you seekMeditation, 322:must be non-communicating, save with the central corridor, and must be in three divisions,Psychology2, 174:he who for aeons long has groped the darkened corridor. He passes on his way, he who has stood for
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