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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - COSMIC

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Magic, 388:Energies: emanating from: The physical sun. Cosmic sources. Magic, 389:therefore who have made a study of A Treatise on Cosmic Fire may find it of value to note theMagic, 390:it has been said, is striving towards the fourth cosmic initiation, which makes possible ourMagic, 393:and has [393] become as much a part of the cosmic instinctual nature as are any of the humanMagic, 402:temporary cycles, the small ebb and flow of the cosmic processes do not engage Their attention inMagic, 453:and both these Instructions and the Treatise on Cosmic Fire will only be fully understood towardsMagic, 454:in each case and yet which functions under cosmic law. It measures up to some vast purpose,Magic, 470:of every form, no matter whether the creator is cosmic, planetary or human. Every form is built byMagic, 483:thought will be found in A Treatise [483] on Cosmic Fire, but I intend to give some practical ideasMagic, 507:in correct creative activity. In A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, there will be found certain points ofMagic, 522:Much anent this will be found in A Treatise on Cosmic [523] Fire and there is no need for me toMagic, 523:with those divine impulses which emanate from a cosmic Creator and become laws as they produceMagic, 545:he must "recognize the four". The Treatise on Cosmic Fire tells us: "This means literally that theMagic, 546:with the three higher planes of the cosmic physical plane, and they (with their ensphering fourthMagic, 548:cross which stands in the Heavens upon which the cosmic Christ is crucified and on which the whiteMagic, 548:white magician, being a cell in the body of the cosmic Christ, is also crucified. Technically andMagic, 550:of time and space, he will work with the fourth cosmic ether (buddhic energy) utilizing [551] etherMagic, 553:of our system. The lower three, constituting the cosmic dense physical plane, are in the nature ofMagic, 554:Much of this is dealt with in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire and as these Instructions are intended toMagic, 555:will bear in mind that such an attempt to reduce cosmic principles and concepts to words is inMagic, 556:Deity plays His part, He is any more free from cosmic group influences than the human individual isMagic, 557:solar Angel is attaining definite concretion". Cosmic Fire, p. 1024. Each life sees the initialMagic, 577:but can also combine them with the planetary or cosmic currents to be found in his environment.Magic, 591:in The Secret Doctrine, and in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, "fire by friction") must be blended withMagic, 611:and to this conjunction my earlier Treatise on Cosmic Fire referred. These fires are esotericallyMagic, 615:that the individual aspiring Arjuna, and the cosmic Arjuna, learn the lesson that the knower andMeditation, 7:marks the [7] attainment by the Logos of the cosmic egoic consciousness, which is His goal ofMeditation, 26:atoms form the molecules in a corresponding cosmic atom, the work has progressed from physical toMeditation, 26:obscuration and out of manifestation will the cosmic mental atom in the body of the Logos achieveMeditation, 27:playing astrologically and oft from unknown cosmic centers upon the palpitating life within theMeditation, 52:We have been told that the Solar Logos, on the cosmic planes, works at the problem of cosmic mind;Meditation, 52:on the cosmic planes, works at the problem of cosmic mind; that He functions in His physical solarMeditation, 52:His physical solar system, is polarized in His cosmic astral, or emotional body, and is [53]Meditation, 53:or emotional body, and is [53] developing cosmic mind. So, on the planes of the solar system, is itMeditation, 54:is the agent of the great Entity Who wields the cosmic law of gravitation in its relation to ourMeditation, 55:Word instilled the second aspect and called the cosmic ruler of the synthetic ray intoMeditation, 55:It created a similar vibration to that of the cosmic mental level, and is closely allied with theMeditation, 56:for purposes of manifestation, some entity on cosmic levels. The reflection of the method can beMeditation, 56:informed by some vital entity. Similarly, the cosmic Lords of Fire, the great informing Entities ofMeditation, 58:will be the reflection in the microcosm of the cosmic process. He will attract to his bodies matterMeditation, 100:Lord of Fire, the Ruler of the mental plane. Cosmic fire forms the background of our evolution; theMeditation, 101:and controlled till [101] eventually cosmic and terrestrial fire will be at-one (the bodies of allMeditation, 108:of a greater whole, governed in our totality by cosmic law and working out (as a whole) certainMeditation, 116:pass on to other work, - planetary, systemic or cosmic. He serves first through activity, throughMeditation, 143:of letters, aims not at the development of cosmic consciousness. It will therefore be apparent toMeditation, 148:fifth Ray of Concrete Knowledge (a fragment of cosmic intelligence), and on this fifth ray theMeditation, 165:throughout the intervening months. Its effect is cosmic, and links us up with our cosmic center.Meditation, 165:Its effect is cosmic, and links us up with our cosmic center. Ray mantrams. Each ray has its ownMeditation, 182:of the Logos lies hid in the remnants of active cosmic Evil that had found their way intoMeditation, 184:are diverse. They originated fundamentally from cosmic fire found on the cosmic mental levels. InMeditation, 184:fundamentally from cosmic fire found on the cosmic mental levels. In the Microcosm you find thisMeditation, 192:origination in the dark mysterious caves of cosmic evil as found within our solar system. EquallyMeditation, 205:in color. When the Logos uttered the great cosmic Word for this solar system, three major streamsMeditation, 209:by that mysterious something which we call "cosmic evil" (in our ignorance so we term it). They areMeditation, 213:of this present solar system, and is one of the cosmic rays. This cosmic ray divides itself, forMeditation, 213:system, and is one of the cosmic rays. This cosmic ray divides itself, for purposes ofMeditation, 216:This orange comes in as a vibration set up by a cosmic ray, for you have to remember that thisMeditation, 216:the fifth principle) is closely allied to the cosmic ray of the intelligence, or to that activityMeditation, 218:comes in as a vibration set up by the earlier cosmic ray of activity in the earlier solar system;Meditation, 219:These three divisions make the three points of a cosmic triangle: and the current of the raysMeditation, 232:One of the distinctions has, necessarily, a cosmic basis and is consequently difficult ofMeditation, 238:or one primary color - in this solar system the cosmic ray of indigo veiling cosmic love or wisdom,Meditation, 238:solar system the cosmic ray of indigo veiling cosmic love or wisdom, - and then split into threeMeditation, 262:He has to begin to learn the rudiments of that cosmic meditation that will admit Him into aMeditation, 265:happens in the system transpires likewise on cosmic levels, and what is mastered here must beMeditation, 312:with occult lore, with the impartation of cosmic truth, with the abstract development of the pupil,Meditation, 313:taught how from his stable center to contact the cosmic center, and from the point within himselfMeditation, 314:mountains will imbue the advanced student with cosmic strength and will bold steadily before himMeditation, 323:on symbols and some large parchments whereon the cosmic symbols will be portrayed. The color ofMeditation, 353:which differentiates man from the animals. Fohat Cosmic electricity; primordial light; theMeditation, 358:Each of them is the embodiment of a great cosmic entity. The seven Rays can be divided into thePatanjalidemonstrated that they are also Sons of God, the cosmic Son of God will likewise shine forth withPatanjali, 28:the Christ in incarnation, whether it is the cosmic Christ (expressing Himself through a solarPatanjali, 32:planes are the seven subplanes of the lowest cosmic plane, the physical. Consequently only "thePatanjali, 46:aspect. Ishvara is the son of God, the cosmic Christ, resplendent in the heart of each of us. ThePatanjali, 51:The Son of God The revealer of the Father. The cosmic Christ God in incarnation. Vishnu SecondPatanjali, 52:involves the response of the individual soul to cosmic soul force. The intensive training givenPatanjali, 69:and the thousand-petalled lotus unfolded. Cosmic sight. This is of a nature inconceivable to manPatanjali, 123:of the individual Ishvara to the universal or cosmic Ishvara; it deals with the realization of thePatanjali, 125:brought it into being. The vastness of this cosmic symbolism will be apparent to even the mostPatanjali, 131:planetary plan, catching a glimpse also of the cosmic scheme. Ignorance (as we understand the term)Patanjali, 146:to his body of manifestation. If the Son of God (cosmic or human) is [147] limited, and imprisonedPatanjali, 156:out of which the body of Vishnu or of the cosmic Christ is to be built in order that Shiva, thePatanjali, 158:incarnated son of God. Similary [158] in their cosmic connotation, they are the sum total of thePatanjali, 158:of the facts demonstrating the reality of a cosmic incarnation. "The Word is made flesh" bothPatanjali, 158:Word is made flesh" both individually and in a cosmic sense. 2. The unspecific division of thePatanjali, 159:manifestation of God through the medium of the cosmic Christ of which each little Son of God is aPatanjali, 218:so translated. It is the sum total of the cosmic energy. It is the energy that is in each body, andPatanjali, 244:particular to the general and the universal or cosmic, An attempt to arrive at that which lies backPatanjali, 271:states of consciousness continues to sound the cosmic AUM, just so long will the objective tangiblePatanjali, 272:Spirit. Brahma. 4. The Monad. The One. 4. The cosmic Christ. 4. The vehicle of life and ofPatanjali, 273:Sacred Word, AUM, lies the clue to the entire cosmic process. The meditation process when duly andPatanjali, 277:or pictures which are produced by the inflow of cosmic force from one or other of the signs of thePatanjali, 299:in the Secret Doctrine and in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire) and they are portrayed as: Fulfiling theirPatanjali, 301:sky." This means that our solar system is but a cosmic atom and is itself only a part of a stillPatanjali, 301:that portal which admits a man to the sevenfold cosmic path. Of this no more need be said, as thePatanjali, 323:A further tabulation taken from A Treatise on Cosmic Fire will serve to make clear the fivePatanjali, 334:the incarnation of the second Person of the cosmic Trinity, the Son of God, the Macrocosm. ThisPatanjali, 342:Throat [342] As pointed out in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, these senses and their correspondencesPatanjali, 365:583), and this entity is one and the same as the cosmic Christ, the "body of Christ," referred to
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