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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - COSMIC

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Rays, 727:and to free the solar system from the attacks of cosmic evil, I am stating a truth, but a truthRays, 729:reveals to him the nature and the purpose of the cosmic etheric physical planes (the four highestRays, 732:of divine truth for which the Lords of Cosmic Evil are responsible. When in early Atlantean timesRays, 733:Those Who function on this highest level of the cosmic physical plane. On this level, dynamicRays, 734:group of Ray Lords function in the deepest cosmic meditation between our planet, the Earth, and ourRays, 734:with care The Secret Doctrine and A Treatise on Cosmic Fire and refresh your minds as to thisRays, 734:the two highest are exceedingly susceptible to cosmic impression and to the vibratory quality ofRays, 736:a high stage of receptive efficiency, a certain cosmic Avatar will "become conscious of theRays, 736:and send His force unto that point of light, and cosmic evil will be driven out and find no more aRays, 736:last contact with what we understand as cosmic evil, manifesting on this planet and in relation toRays, 737:make any contact (even with good intention) with cosmic evil. The planetary Lodge of Masters hasRays, 737:but He knows that the final overcoming of cosmic physical evil must be undertaken by ExistencesRays, 753:door. The entrance for what might be regarded as cosmic evil was first opened in the decadent daysRays, 753:eventually purify them. The true nature of cosmic evil finds its major expression in wrongRays, 754:to a very large extent, and little by little, cosmic evil was forced back and the door whichRays, 762:with a purer, sweeter one. The seven Lords of cosmic Love await the hour of filling. The cup isRays, 762:release the cup of Karma. The tender Lords of Cosmic Love then mix another draught, and - when theRays, 769:becomes the Fire, and forms part of the great Cosmic blaze that holds the secret of the Five hiddenReappearance, 6:in a peculiar manner and in relation to cosmic energy by the Christ Who - for the first time inReappearance, 74:III, 16.) This Spirit is a Being of tremendous cosmic potency and is today over-shadowing theReappearance, 117:gives a satisfying definition of this mysterious cosmic and human process. He says that "TheSoul, 16:if mankind were standing before the curtain in a cosmic proscenium, waiting for it to rise andSoul, 17:may prove inadequate. [17] Meanwhile in this cosmic proscenium, and in the approach to truthSoul, 65:of modified ether, are likely to prove to be the cosmic building material... There is the greatSoul, 100:individual bodily representative of the great cosmic power (Shakti) which created and sustains theTelepathy, 60:of all [60] phenomena to be found throughout the cosmic physical plane. This is the plane whereonTelepathy, 64:it is. The reaction to this contact, whether cosmic as in the case of Sanat Kumara, or planetary asTelepathy, 66:reactions to impact. This statement includes the cosmic reactions of Sanat Kumara down to theTelepathy, 72:talk of certain writers and thinkers anent the cosmic consciousness, and their flippant use of suchTelepathy, 80:Dweller on the Threshold" stands between the cosmic Door of Initiation and our planetary Logos.Telepathy, 82:Seven Rays and also in the earlier Treatise on Cosmic Fire. In these present instructions I amTelepathy, 90:created and finding their prototypes upon the cosmic mental planes. These points are peculiarlyTelepathy, 129:well to realize that purpose emanates from the cosmic mental plane and is the all-inclusive,Telepathy, 129:expresses itself as the divine will upon the cosmic physical plane - the seven planes of ourTelepathy, 130:would be well advised to reread A Treatise on Cosmic Fire where I deal at length with these threeTelepathy, 131:and from a point of definite focus upon the cosmic mental plane; this energy was paralleled by aTelepathy, 134:outside the planetary life and the inflow of cosmic and solar energies will be very much greater;Telepathy, 150:three worlds - the dense physical levels of the cosmic physical plane. On the lowest of theseTelepathy, 154:to the [154] four higher levels of the cosmic physical plane - the etheric levels, to which we giveTelepathy, 154:plane in the sevenfold area which we call the cosmic physical plane. It is the LIFE of theTelepathy, 155:planes (in reality the seven subplanes of the cosmic physical plane) and all that is to be foundTelepathy, 155:that is to be found within and upon them. The cosmic sutratma or life-thread of the planetary LogosTelepathy, 155:manifested worlds are made - formless, as on the cosmic etheric planes (our highest four planes),Telepathy, 155:mental levels, and on up to the highest of the cosmic physical planes, is formless. TheseTelepathy, 156:- to be a channel or expression of the four cosmic ethers. At present this is very far from beingTelepathy, 156:and acts, therefore, as a direct channel for the cosmic ethers to which we have given the names ofTelepathy, 157:matters, eventually opens the door to the higher cosmic etheric energies. The soul, the principleTelepathy, 157:of the energy emanating from the four cosmic etheric levels. The channel is then direct, completedTelepathy, 159:an etheric body composed of the substance of the cosmic etheric levels - buddhic, atmic, monadicTelepathy, 159:logoic levels - and these levels are the four cosmic ethers, the higher correspondence of ourTelepathy, 159:these higher levels are the four levels of the cosmic physical plane. Until They choose, at theTelepathy, 159:Ultimate Destiny, the Masters function in Their cosmic etheric bodies. These three major energyTelepathy, 160:The Monad, as you know, is to be found on the cosmic second etheric level, called the monadicTelepathy, 160:plane. When the antahkarana has been built, then cosmic etheric substance can be slowly substitutedTelepathy, 160:measure of the substance of the lowest of the cosmic ethers, the buddhic substance; this is basicTelepathy, 160:on all the rays, for at the end of the age, when cosmic etheric substance [161] composes theTelepathy, 161:monadic level of awareness or from the second cosmic etheric plane. In a certain sense it could beTelepathy, 161:substance of the four highest planes, the four cosmic ethers. Physically speaking, it is thisTelepathy, 167:and the head center, are controlled by the four cosmic ethers, to which we give the names of theTelepathy, 168:possibility is present of the energies of the cosmic etheric planes bringing the centers above theTelepathy, 168:of the four physical ethers and the four cosmic ethers; there is nevertheless a direct relationTelepathy, 168:the four physical ethers, as well as the four cosmic ethers; this relationship will laterTelepathy, 169:It is relatively easy to list the four cosmic ethers and then list the four ethers of the physicalTelepathy, 169:and that the initiate is responsive to the cosmic ethers, as they play through and awaken theTelepathy, 169:the Path of Discipleship - the vehicles of the cosmic ethers. To retain the picture with clarity,Telepathy, 178:life. I dealt with much of this in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire and you would find it profitable toTelepathy, 178:be computed, even in terms of light years; this cosmic etheric area is the field of untold energiesTelepathy, 178:it is the playground of all historical cycles - cosmic, systemic and planetary and is related toTelepathy, 183:of this vast sea of energies is to be found that cosmic Consciousness to Whom we give the name ofTelepathy, 188:the buddhic plane, which is the first of the cosmic ethers, and it works from there, impressingTelepathy, 189:primarily in the three worlds [189] of the dense cosmic physical plane. The New Group of WorldTelepathy, 189:and esoterically understood - is in reality cosmic etheric matter, or that of which the four higherTelepathy, 189:the human angle, ability to work with and in the cosmic etheric substance demonstrates first of allTelepathy, 189:the buddhic levels of being (the first or lowest cosmic ether) must be clothed in matter of the
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