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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - COSMICALLY

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Astrology, 40:of force are lacking because He has as yet much cosmically to gain. It is the energy of thisAstrology, 100:birth hour," prior to the birth of the Christ, cosmically considered, though the birth of theAstrology, 239:Spiritual Effects of the Zodiacal Constellations Cosmically, they mean the activity of Deity whenAstrology, 255:the cosmic mother because she represents cosmically the negative pole to positive spirit; she isAstrology, 297:of the second ray which the Sun expresses - cosmically and systemically. Hence the triple relationAstrology, 320:of man and of the human kingdom. They correspond cosmically to the logoic, the monadic andAstrology, 345:Christ life and consciousness. This is the case cosmically speaking, and also from the standpointAstrology, 349:why Gemini is regarded as an air sign, for it is cosmically related (as are Libra and Aquarius, theAstrology, 493:dominant quality; it is in process of becoming cosmically aware; it is driven by need andAstrology, 654:effect - Solar etheric radiation. (Felt cosmically) [655] The Planet Entity manifesting - AFire, 84:effect Solar etheric radiation (felt cosmically). THE PLANET Entity manifesting A planetary Logos.Fire, 128:by the study of rhythm. This is true, not only cosmically and macrocosmically, but likewise in theFire, 209:affect the physical plane. Motion originates cosmically on cosmic mental levels, and in theFire, 216:is defined in reality the involutionary process, cosmically considered. It led to a sevenfoldFire, 230:full mastery or control. Attaining "manhood" cosmically. The cosmic Christ must measure up to theFire, 233:all forms - humanly, in a planetary sense, and cosmically. Attain human, systemic and cosmicFire, 234:His essential unity with all other Heavenly Men. Cosmically considered, the Son is developing theFire, 236:is perfected love-wisdom; his light shines forth cosmically; His magnetic radius touches theFire, 263:of the Four Wicks, - S. D., I, 257. This is true cosmically and humanly. The Principles of theFire, 272:the solar system are in the same relation to Him cosmically as the physical plane is to a humanFire, 308:and take up for consideration the Fire of Mind, cosmically, systemically, and humanly considered.Fire, 308:Manifestations of Manas 20 The fire of mind, cosmically considered. [309] The fire of mind viewedFire, 309:the basic vibration of the fifth plane, either cosmically or systemically considered. A certainFire, 311:force which eventually results in objectivity. Cosmically considered, it is that initial impulse orFire, 340:about the escape of the life on to another plane cosmically considered. [341] A MAN The blending ofFire, 493:or the escape of volatile essence. Speaking cosmically, and regarding the solar system as itself aFire, 553:form of divine manifestation. This involves cosmically the action upon our solar Logos of theFire, 664:D - Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals Cosmically there is a very interesting series ofFire, 686:of them, but the Son of God is not yet fully and cosmically self-conscious. As response comes theFire, 689:a part of the body of these Dhyani Buddhas. (a.) Cosmically considered An occult sentence has itsFire, 693:corresponding to the seven and ten Sephiroth. Cosmically, they are the seven Rishis of the GreatFire, 834:also, in connection with a system, there exist cosmically certain bodies in space which have asFire, 834:scientists and astronomers. War wages cosmically as yet between the systemic "lunar" lords, andFire, 903:buddhic plane. These three groups are therefore cosmically connected with: [904] The cosmic astralFire, 1031:latent in: The mental sheath itself, both cosmically and humanly considered. The causal body of theFire, 1198:of force are lacking, because He has as yet much cosmically to gain. It is the energy of thisHealing, 417:by the study of rhythm. This is true, not only cosmically and macrocosmically, but likewise in theHercules, 31:It is, therefore, the sign of commencement. Cosmically speaking, it is the sign of creation, andHercules, 106:it symbolizes God in nature, whether cosmically or individually. Hydra the serpent, represents theInitiation, 140:affect the physical plane. Motion originates cosmically on cosmic levels, and in the microcosm theMagic, 144:I deal not here with light as the soul, cosmically or individually. I touch not upon light as theMagic, 241:involutionary energy on to the path of return. Cosmically speaking, it manifests as the attractiveMagic, 276:soul is at the birthing in humanity as a whole. Cosmically speaking, if right direction of theMeditation, 207:in terms of the ray involved. Blue-indigo, being cosmically related, and not simply analogous, mayPsychology1, 277:i. Definitions of Sex, of Virtue and of Vice Cosmically speaking, sex is a short word used to
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