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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - COUNSEL

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Autobiography, 118:to me as they are, and I depend upon them for counsel and understanding and they [119] do not failDiscipleship1, 142:then meditate, for from his own soul, his true counsel must come... Your suggestion, secondly, thatDiscipleship1, 466:gave you. During the half year ahead I would counsel you particularly to give much time andDiscipleship2, 597:and the work of Goodwill. I refer also to the counsel and help which you will give to the youngerFire, 319:Master alluded, who is reported to have said: 'I counsel you to buy of me eye salve, that you mayGlamour, 81:in the rays of the rising sun. Therefore I would counsel you to pay more adequate attention to yourHercules, 22:difficult to live with. There is much sound counsel in the Biblical injunction, "Be not righteousHercules, 140:Expectantly Hercules waited. "One word of counsel only I may give," the Teacher said. "We rise byHercules, 156:Hercules paused. The words he then recalled of counsel given. "The flame that gleams beyond theIntellect, 95:have to do with words denoting the taking of counsel or of advice, so that three basic ideas areIntellect, 96:achievement of [96] perfection, the taking of counsel, and the utilization of all channels ofMagic, 356:form) in the humblest peasant. Words of wise counsel fall from the lips of the illiterate, and aPatanjali, 338:the speech of the great Companions, who counsel and comfort him on his way. They may speak to himProblems, 176:of International Unity World Unity There is no counsel of perfection to give the world or anyPsychology1, 63:is his symbol. His will is hidden in the counsel of his thought. Naught is revealed. His power is
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