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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - COUNTERPARTS

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Astrology, 359:with their rulers and with their prototypal counterparts revolve around the Earth. When man hasDestiny, 115:we give the name of intuitional knowledge. The counterparts of the five senses and their higherDiscipleship1, 163:inner Builders and the two structures must be counterparts. Ponder on this, yet be not rigid onDiscipleship1, 733:They have their astral or lower psychic counterparts. They are, in this case, not all glamor andDiscipleship2, 467:(about the nature and the function of the counterparts in the head of the various chakras, and howDiscipleship2, 468:that the establishing of the significance of the counterparts in the head to the heart center, forDiscipleship2, 747:that no part of it is deflected to the physical counterparts of the sacral center, the gonads. ThenExternalisation, 512:clairaudience and clairvoyance and their astral counterparts, between the elementals of thought andFire, 58:astral and the mental sheaths there exist the counterparts of the centers as found in the physicalFire, 644:three groups on the physical plane find their counterparts and their work paralleled on higherFire, 914:and all the elementals working with the etheric counterparts of so-called inanimate objects. TheseFire, 1155:have been given to the centers which have their counterparts in the physical form, and with theGlamour, 76:atom is a unit of active energy). This produces counterparts in the world of etheric and astralHealing, 30:the laws of nature have their higher, spiritual counterparts, and of these we shall shortly be inHealing, 195:which constitute the nervous system. These counterparts of identical subjective correspondences areHealing, 210:the personality are the reflections or physical counterparts. Healing, 313:physical plane fever has its astral and mental counterparts. It is over-excessive energy whichHealing, 455:or force threads. These underlie or are the counterparts of the nervous apparatus - the nerves andIntellect, 79:man. These must be transmuted into their higher counterparts, for every animal has its spiritualMagic, 179:a corresponding vivification in the mental body counterparts. Secondly, we have telepathicMagic, 295:Energy and Fear This astral body has in it the counterparts of the etheric or laya centers, andMagic, 500:or force threads. These underlie or are the counterparts of the nervous apparatus - the nerves andMagic, 592:confuse the centers and their protective counterparts, for the latter have a radiance and light ofMeditation, 70:of the centers, and their astral and mental counterparts. Some of the effects, such as theMeditation, 73:a powerful will. Then the spleen, with its inner counterparts, will progress and be in a healthyMeditation, 78:vitality playing through. They have their mental counterparts, and in their awakening as aforesaid,Meditation, 80:and demonstrating etherically whilst the mental counterparts may be quiescent; others may have thePatanjali, 82:these seven head centers are awakened that their counterparts are also safely awakened. These sevenPatanjali, 322:meditation the aspirant becomes aware of the counterparts of the five senses as they are found inPatanjali, 334:Desire Smell The Nose. Plane VII. The physical counterparts to all of these. Another method ofPatanjali, 350:and this likewise in relation to their counterparts on the astral and mental planes. The fivePsychology2, 64:nerves, with the millions of nadis or "thread counterparts" in the etheric body, form a unit, andPsychology2, 432:seven centers which are the transmitting counterparts of those found in the etheric body. ThePsychology2, 435:It also possesses centers of force which are counterparts of those to be found in the etheric body,Psychology2, 577:and separativeness. The three great spiritual counterparts are love, selfless sharing andRays, 206:of the Great Council) are expressions of the counterparts on cosmic levels of the energies latentSoul, 11:we call the brain. Why not, then, the psychic counterparts of the thyroid, adrenals, and the rest?Telepathy, 102:convey. They contact with facility the astral counterparts of the higher worlds, which areTelepathy, 147:mechanism with its corresponding dense physical counterparts; it therefore, as will be noted from
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