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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - COUNTLESS

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Astrology, 83:and all the twelve constellations, subjected to countless combinations of forces and energies -Astrology, 249:intend "to tip the scales." Today, there are countless numbers and hence the intense activity ofAstrology, 637:the possible combination of their aspects are countless. As each planet can stand to each of theAstrology, 642:the possible combinations of their aspects are countless... Each planet can stand to each of theAutobiography, 9:wonderful in comparison with the early years of countless thousands. Many people say that childhoodAutobiography, 10:As I look back over my childhood, it is not the countless hours of uneventful happiness, theAutobiography, 83:on the road in front of the compound and at the countless hordes and throngs of Indians - Hindus,Autobiography, 264:groups, the Rosicrucian orders and the countless mystical and metaphysical organizations. They areAutobiography, 288:consistently accepted and followed, have led countless thousands from "darkness to light" and outDiscipleship1, 493:conditions with those which today face countless millions and in which and through which they mustDiscipleship1, 722:consummation of the [722] wishful thinking of countless minds down the ages. He will be the solaceDiscipleship2, 132:a veritable sea of moving forces, qualified in countless ways, conditioned by countless minds,Discipleship2, 132:qualified in countless ways, conditioned by countless minds, misdirected oft, directed wiselyDiscipleship2, 207:work and is also leading to the initiation of countless disciples, thus rendering them far moreExternalisation, 185:questioning, suicide and murder; the smoke of countless fires blackens the skies; the seas areExternalisation, 292:Emergence. They are known, loved and followed by countless millions. I would ask you to ponder onExternalisation, 368:conquest of India, bring about a slaughtering of countless thousands, and permit Germany to joinExternalisation, 377:This concept is already present in the hearts of countless thousands and carries with it greatExternalisation, 377:name "God." This is the vision and it is holding countless thousands steady in the path of duty,Externalisation, 389:of world servers who can be reached (there are countless numbers of whom you have no knowledge) andExternalisation, 409:race these Approaches were rare indeed. [409] Countless ages passed between them. Today, owing toExternalisation, 429:in the Eastern - can precipitate disaster upon countless millions. A minority are realizing thatExternalisation, 463:the symbol of enlightenment or of illumination. Countless millions down the ages have recognizedExternalisation, 524:this sense much can be noted. For aeons and for countless cycles, the Hierarchy has functionedExternalisation, 625:are today with the expenditures - running into countless billions - necessitated by the need toExternalisation, 625:physically, not only the physical bodies of countless millions of men, but entire cities,Externalisation, 659:This means that, due to the effort of countless thousands of men and women everywhere, energiesFire, xvii:Lift up thy head, O Lanoo; dost thou see one, or countless lights above thee, burning in the darkFire, xvii:sky? I sense one Flame, O Gurudeva; I see countless undetached sparks shining in it. (SecretFire, xviii:sequence the numberless Universes comprising countless Manifesting Stars and Solar Systems. EachFire, 228:this will proceed until there is "one flame with countless sparks" within it, until the heat isFire, 472:formerly done, serving as seeds to grow the countless births; the store of former actionsFire, 740:third major Ray. The time is not yet, but lies countless aeons ahead. It is the first appearance ofFire, 840:from One Who watches, silent hitherto, through countless aeons. They send forth breath. SomethingFire, 862:and secondly, that vibration set up through countless ages on the physical plane, which is latentFire, 1093:the sixty thousand million human Monads and the countless streams of deva monads: fire on everyHealing, 668:and its periphery or magnetic field is drawing countless thousands of aspirants towards it. The warHealing, 668:They are relatively few compared to the countless millions of men, but are exceedingly powerful;Hercules, 145:an end instead of a means shrinks the lives of countless men and women. Thus, the task ofHercules, 147:to acquire the jewels of the spirit. Fear. In countless ways the phantoms of fear torment the sonsHercules, 156:pads. At twilight when the marsh was dense with countless birds, Hercules returned. The cymbalsInitiation, 119:initiate face to face with the One with whom for countless ages he has had to do, and havingIntellect, 74:there is a method which has been followed by countless thousands and a scientific process which hasProblems, 72:or to avoid income taxes; they provide work for countless thousands but see to it that theseProblems, 75:a great impetus to capital and provided jobs for countless millions. Educational facilities alsoProblems, 78:labor has over capital is that it is working for countless millions whilst the capitalist works forProblems, 105:American regarded as "raw savages", divided into countless tribes, living in a state of nature,Problems, 106:Africa is potential and the destiny of its countless millions of inhabitants is still in theProblems, 110:The hitherto unused and unorganized power of the countless millions of Africa is something that theProblems, 115:inherent in human nature and is the product of countless centuries of fostered growth and the wrongProblems, 122:of faith and the witness of the Spirit, down countless ages, to the fact of God. Christ lives andProblems, 126:religious law and the irrefutable truths of countless millions. In the last analysis, what haveProblems, 135:else, men throughout the world in their countless millions are registering a deep spiritual need,Problems, 136:appeal of Christ and to the spiritual demand of countless millions? Or will they work forPsychology1, 91:general reservoir of forces and atoms. Of the countless millions of human beings who have lived andPsychology1, 94:immutable Being, belief in Whom has sustained countless millions down the ages? Is the soul aPsychology1, 168:time when our Logos formed within Himself the countless centers of divine consciousness, each onePsychology2, 219:and the realization that it is but one of countless (literally countless) greater and smallerPsychology2, 219:that it is but one of countless (literally countless) greater and smaller universes, yet there isRays, 235:poured into and through our planetary Life for countless aeons. Each time that they cyclically makeRays, 393:along correct lines - a relative few among the countless millions of the ignorant. While theseRays, 710:to him to be a fact but which is testified to by countless thousands down the ages. The wholeRays, 758:will come when thousands of the sons of men and countless groups will be able to say with HermesReappearance, 6:between man and God; Christ is believed by countless millions to act as the divine mediator betweenReappearance, 11:They are known, trusted and loved by countless millions. The nucleus of spiritual energy which eachReappearance, 16:of transportation will make Him available to countless millions, and by boat, rail and plane theyReappearance, 20:everywhere today a unique emphasis upon light. Countless millions down the ages have recognized theReappearance, 86:disciple but the general experience of countless thousands towards the close of the Aquarian Age.Reappearance, 105:known and recognized as truths today by such countless millions and by so many intellectuals that -Reappearance, 111:of this energy of love will be twofold: Countless men and women in every land will form themselvesReappearance, 174:are today with the expenditures - running into countless billions - necessitated by the need toReappearance, 174:physically, not only the physical bodies of countless millions of men, but entire cities,Soul, 19:of the body, and so start and determine the countless processes we call Life. Life, body and soulSoul, 143:grouped into molecules which, taken together in countless millions, form all of the bodies which we
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