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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - COUNTRY

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Discipleship2, 294:approach to initiation which disciples in every country and of all schools of thought and ofDiscipleship2, 457:- identical manifestos being issued in each country by all the groups who stand for world unity andDiscipleship2, 464:your psychic participation in the fate of your country and in your sensitive reaction to racialDiscipleship2, 492:surrounding need - as far as you can in your own country and allied nations. This may come to youDiscipleship2, 498:regrasped." You started work for us in another country. Your major karmic destiny lies there, evenDiscipleship2, 680:not constructive. Also the cleaning up of your country by ardent search for undesirable citizensDiscipleship2, 725:The minds and some of the best minds in every country in the world are formulating them. Your plansEducation, vii:is now. Japan was not aggressive until the country learned the trick from the West. Before herEducation, vii:Orient, but whereas Japan was a relatively small country, China, India and their neighbors are vastEducation, 9:his life makes compulsory under the laws of the country in which he lives. A sense of values and ofEducation, 15:fundamental things; they teach the youth of the country to read and write and to attain a fairEducation, 39:serving thus to make a man a citizen of his own country but not a human being with world relations.Education, 45:Pilgrim Fathers and the gradual taking of the country from its rightful inhabitants, and perhapsEducation, 46:one land to another; welfare workers went from country to country, serving the soldiers, salvagingEducation, 46:to another; welfare workers went from country to country, serving the soldiers, salvaging the sick,Education, 46:no matter what the color of their skin or the country in which they live, resemble each other. WeEducation, 46:States is composed of people from every known country; over fifty different races or nationsEducation, 47:ideas should be taught to the children of every country. They are: the value of the individual andEducation, 79:processes and many centers of learning in every country, we have not yet succeeded in giving ourEducation, 87:among them [87] many, many educators in every country. The errors and mistakes of the pastEducation, 87:teachers and educational authorities in every country, is today a crying need and would provide aEducation, 103:step is taking place. Everywhere and in every country men are being taught in their earliest yearsEducation, 104:Piscean Age which is passing, the youth in every country has been brought up under the influence ofEducation, 123:groups found in the world today, in every country, were to be listed, certain underlying andEducation, 128:- the time element varying according to the country of birth and social status. This has entirelyExternalisation, 53:the World. Rule by the leader of some democratic country, who is usually called a president, or byExternalisation, 63:themselves. It is caused by people in every country, who have sought to cast the blame forExternalisation, 74:in response to the presented conditions in any country or countries that is of moment; the "humanExternalisation, 81:spiritual aspiration are to be found in every country without exception of any kind, in everyExternalisation, 84:the use of the spoken and written word in every country, group loyalty, group adherence to theExternalisation, 97:New Group of World Servers and who can (in every country) function in group formation if theyExternalisation, 116:of differing viewpoints are going on in every country on a large scale with varying results, basedExternalisation, 120:driven forth for one reason or another into the country - the lords of evolution are forcing theExternalisation, 127:of the condition in which the populace in any country lives and it has become focused, expressiveExternalisation, 131:but of quick assimilation. It is in that country also that people are most sensitive [132] to theExternalisation, 134:as by groups which are actively working in every country for their own ends or - as is more oftenExternalisation, 135:men - idealistic, mistaken, lovers of their country, egoists, impressionable, foolish, cunning,Externalisation, 136:find their adherents and their workers in every country though some are subjected to greaterExternalisation, 171:righteousness. The seeds of evil are in every country; those who war against that which is good areExternalisation, 172:of materialism. These forces are active in every country; the Hierarchy in its consciousness doesExternalisation, 177:in the air. From the economic standpoint, every country is involved, and ruin stalks in the wake ofExternalisation, 177:becoming actively a part of the war faces every country not yet actually in the fighting line. TheExternalisation, 185:entire districts are shifted from one part of a country to another; families and homes are brokenExternalisation, 197:under the control of a handful of people in each country. These are: first, the recognition thatExternalisation, 204:even if they are not called upon by their country to do so physically. I write at this time forExternalisation, 205:in number: The finding of those people in every country who react to the vision of the new worldExternalisation, 212:of thousands by the world aspirants in every country. The emergence of certain clear lines ofExternalisation, 214:before the thinking people [214] in every country, and upon their decision rests the fate of theExternalisation, 221:today, doing their duty as citizens of their own country but cultivating ceaselessly andExternalisation, 235:lying propaganda and plant their agents in every country and every state - preparatory to aExternalisation, 248:work with watchfulness for the good of your own country, whilst at the same time swelling the tideExternalisation, 320:- will fight every effort to commit their country further than it is at this time committed, andExternalisation, 321:appearing, the nature of His emergence, or the country of His choice. These are the details whichExternalisation, 322:such as the compiling of mailing lists, in every country, of those who think and express goodwill;Externalisation, 323:public. Its members are to be found in every country, are unorganized except by their spiritualExternalisation, 327:disorganization of all human affairs in every country in the world - directly or indirectly - andExternalisation, 329:Triangle work in every possible way and in every country open safely to contact. Plan this workExternalisation, 347:world aspirants. These are to be found in every country and their task is to react to the stream ofExternalisation, 354:your inner endeavor must be your work for your country and for your fellowmen in humanity's hour ofExternalisation, 365:by a long period of mental quiet in every country; they believe that people everywhere are tooExternalisation, 368:sacrifice all immediate hope of freedom for that country, permit the Japanese to realize an easyExternalisation, 370:they choose to live. They will decide in which country they prefer to claim citizenship and theExternalisation, 370:for a planned education of the masses in every country; and the principles of freedom, and theExternalisation, 372:Educators and psychologists of vision in every country must be mobilized and the "pattern of thingsExternalisation, 375:nationalistic spirit is not dead as yet in any country. It must be helped to die. Minorities withExternalisation, 379:of political and economic conditions in my own country, not to speak of other lands? Humanity is soExternalisation, 385:and form a vast mailing list of people in every country who will work along these indicated linesExternalisation, 385:and spiritual - of the children of every country. They have been the victims of wickedness. LetExternalisation, 391:work of the hundreds of relief agencies in every country - to mention only a few of the myriadExternalisation, 446:connotation. Thinking men and women in every country stand with massed intent, determined, ifExternalisation, 452:aid of enlightened men and women from every country - hence the inauguration of this Cycle ofExternalisation, 474:responsive to their evil promptings in every country; they found also that it was possible to takeExternalisation, 475:nations. The Germans marched into Poland. This country was the recipient of the first impactExternalisation, 485:also "standing attentive to direction" in every country in the world, united in their idealism, inExternalisation, 499:to prevent this; the reactionary groups in every country will neither recognize the need for, norExternalisation, 499:by any group of men, anywhere, in any country. We believe the determination of Great Britain, theExternalisation, 544:the Messiah when He came to them in their own country and let it be known that He came to the wholeExternalisation, 553:of the Buddha and the Christ that in each country there should eventually be someone who will actExternalisation, 553:then from the Christ to those disciples in every country who can be over-shadowed, and so act asExternalisation, 556:later be externalized at some center in every country. A trained nucleus and a devoted band ofExternalisation, 558:on as large a scale as possible and in every country. It is of great potency, and when used by menExternalisation, 570:national languages in daily use in any country. Externalisation, 575:of peace") is not the chief city of a small country called Palestine or the Holy Land; the word isExternalisation, 613:is a short time since the firing ceased and no country has as yet recovered from its dire effects.Externalisation, 626:of the money spent, prior to the war in every country in the world (and spent today in the WesternExternalisation, 628:of spiritually-minded men and women in every country who, when they come to the point ofExternalisation, 651:control of the human spirit (no matter in what country they are found, and they can be found inExternalisation, 651:are found, and they can be found in every single country without exception), become dominant, theExternalisation, 665:the concepts of the labor party in every country, and of industrialists, thus turning them towardsExternalisation, 668:task; the evil personalities which, in every country, are responsible for the chaos andFire, 202:within the [202] heart of the Pilgrim in the far country; the prodigal son draws comparisons; heFire, 755:groups in every city of any size, and in every country, which will work aggressively for unity,Fire, 757:They are sending into incarnation, in every country, disciples who have the opportunity offeredFire, 910:impulse of a widespread [910] nature to seek the country and wide spaces. One of the main interestsGlamour, 188:such as the scientific investigators in every country, who together are searching for light on theHealing, 223:world are everywhere and are spread over every country; racial transmigration is a universalHealing, 250:a disease of the middle classes in every country, that diabetes is a major trouble among theHealing, 261:other stocks which are not indigenous in this country, and the Constitution is theirs also. As yetHealing, 269:upon the part of the nationals of [269] every country to assimilate the Jews, to intermarry withHealing, 378:next. Two small children - one living in this country (U.S.A.) and one in India - will work out a
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