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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - COUNTRY

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Healing, 666:and by the greed of prominent men in every country. The world of men (through the obviousness ofHealing, 669:of such men, so I refer not here to that vast country, as many of her enemies might surmise. RussiaHercules, 28:service to your fellowmen. Go forth into the country guarded by the second Gate and find and takeHercules, 41:are two lessons learnt. Rise soon and seek the country, guarded by Gate the third, and find theHercules, 54:And thus the word went forth. Far in a distant country grew the sacred tree, the tree of wisdom,Hercules, 96:side of the great Gate which guarded firm the country of Nemea, he dropped the panoply of war,Hercules, 118:as in other cases. The word went out only to the country where the queen of the Amazons ruled herHercules, 125:and capture the wild boar; salvage a ravaged country, yet take the time to eat." And Hercules wentHercules, 128:and the man who goes and lives for a while in a country, and really knows its people. Sometimes oneHercules, 134:cherishes the dream of harmony; in the far country, he remembers his Father's house. In memoryHercules, 195:he came to Erytheia. Upon a strand in that far country, Hercules debarked. [196] Not longHercules, 201:the new message, and repeat himself in every country. It is already happening today. in everyHercules, 201:country. It is already happening today. in every country there are to be found those who know; IIntellect, 23:army of educators at work on the youth of the country, nor has there ever been before in theIntellect, 33:modified for each person, for each generation, country and race. That education is intended toIntellect, 266:with one another. They are to be found in every country in the world, yet daily they meet in theMagic, 407:economic relief measures to be found in every country are its exoteric manifestations. A divisionMagic, 409:is so rampant today, and the splitting of every country into warring political groups, thoughMagic, 416:Let me be somewhat explicit. In every European country, in the United States of America, and inMagic, 417:nationality in the sense that they regard their country and their political affiliations as ofMagic, 421:all those isolated disciples working in every country in the world, to become aware of one anotherMagic, 533:of life; pain is the journeying into the far country, resulting in the welcome to the Father'sMeditation, 27:comes to himself (as did the prodigal in the far country) and says: "I will arise and go to myMeditation, 89:This is only being done to a few in each country, and is directly under the eye of a Master,Meditation, 194:of the microcosm will affect the surrounding country and environment. It will cause correspondingMeditation, 299:the ability of all to read and write in such a country as America or among the other Anglo-SaxonPatanjali, 128:and which send [128] him forth into the far country to eat of the husks of mortal existence. It isProblems, 15:between countries and with the type of rule each country developed. These lines of demarcation areProblems, 16:the reactionary elements can be heard in every country, plus the demands of certain radical groups.Problems, 26:control, or which relate all parts of this vast country through roads and waterways. America is aProblems, 28:pride and the attainment of interior unity. Each country today is divided within itself by warringProblems, 28:conditions is right human relations. Every country also has much to contribute but as long as thatProblems, 28:be given in aid of right human relations. Every country must also receive from all other countries.Problems, 28:to take from others on terms of equality. Every country has its own peculiar note which must beProblems, 43:Pilgrim Fathers and the gradual taking of the country from its rightful inhabitants and perhaps theProblems, 44:land to another; welfare workers have gone from country to country, serving the soldiers, salvagingProblems, 44:welfare workers have gone from country to country, serving the soldiers, salvaging the sick,Problems, 44:no matter what the color of their skin or the country in which they live, resemble each other. WeProblems, 44:States is composed of people from every known country; over fifty different races or nationsProblems, 46:be taught to [46] the children of every country. They are: the value of the individual and the factProblems, 49:to be faced. Men and women of vision in every country must be found and mobilized and they areProblems, 50:[50] and many centers of learning in every country, we have not yet succeeded in giving our youngProblems, 60:today, and among them many educators in every country. The errors and mistakes of the pastProblems, 60:teachers and educational authorities in every country is today a crying need and would provide aProblems, 68:of Capital, Labor and Employment In every country without exception there are the good and the badProblems, 71:the widespread misery to be found today in every country in the world lies predominantly at theProblems, 76:the issue of the common man. Men in every country determined to fight for freedom and their properProblems, 94:and an adequate educational system. In every country the great sin of separateness is again rearingProblems, 96:in every land and claimed citizenship in every country; within the nation of their birth, theyProblems, 96:been any strong anti-Semitic feeling. In every country and down the ages, the Jew has turned toProblems, 97:and of migrations; he has wandered from country to country and from city to city, and in the courseProblems, 97:of migrations; he has wandered from country to country and from city to city, and in the course ofProblems, 104:The situation also exists wherein no country anywhere wants to open its doors and offer theProblems, 111:Negro in the southern states is a blot upon the country; there the fight is to keep the NegroProblems, 111:him political recognition and, in a democratic country where all men are entitled to vote, he isProblems, 112:freedom and liberty to the Negroes of their own country. For their attitude and conduct there isProblems, 113:for all time; he cannot be asked to defend his country and then have his country refuse him theProblems, 113:be asked to defend his country and then have his country refuse him the ordinary rights ofProblems, 167:no vision. The fanatical ideologists in every country - communistic, democratic and fascist. [168]Problems, 177:to travel everywhere in any direction and in any country; by means of this free intercourse,Problems, 178:action of the men and women of goodwill in every country. These men and women of goodwill must beProblems, 180:events. To create mailing lists in every country of the men and women of goodwill who can beProblems, 180:principle and technique. To provide in every country and eventually in every large city, a centralPsychology1, 171:of the world, and also serve as agents in every country and in every group. Thus all groups whichPsychology1, 174:work and the workers, and has driven out of the country (by death or exile) some of its bestPsychology1, 273:of the little minds. What is morality in one country or in one specific relation can be quite thePsychology1, 303:of the legal impositions upon mankind in his country. In the recognition of these four laws, - ofPsychology1, 341:going on on a large scale ever since; in every country, through the various experiments which arePsychology1, 387:to fuse and blend. Brazil (or rather what that country will then be called, for the time of thisPsychology1, 390:seemed closely to interlink. The newly forming country of the United States is likewisePsychology2, 58:in the quarry of experience, far from its own country, with inadequate tools, and in completePsychology2, 96:home when he chose to wander forth into the far country. He wasted and sacrificed his substancePsychology2, 143:Disciples working along these lines in every country today are more active than at any other timePsychology2, 164:impulse to return until the pilgrim in the far country had come to himself or to his senses, as aPsychology2, 166:with the pilgrim's existence and life in a far country and his return) so concisely or soPsychology2, 344:the ideological conflicts now going on in every country. We will deal with the work of thePsychology2, 407:education; and hence also the emergence in every country on a wide scale and in increasingly largePsychology2, 407:people. 4. That at the same time in every country, men and women are proceeding towards a stillPsychology2, 487:The suspense, fear and apprehension in every country are most adversely affecting the mass of thePsychology2, 512:in its initial stage in practically every country. In the interim, however, between thePsychology2, 539:active among men and women everywhere. In every country millions of people are over-sensitized,Psychology2, 633:enough to appeal to material desires, to love of country, and to hatred of those who possess morePsychology2, 642:active group. Every man and woman in every country in both [643] hemispheres, who is working toPsychology2, 643:prevent them from being good citizens of the country where their destiny has cast them. They willPsychology2, 644:lists of officers; it has only servers in every country, who are occupied simply with the task ofPsychology2, 645:in the affairs of every day life, in every country throughout the world. In terms of ChristianPsychology2, 646:demonstrating to them the fact that in every country in the world, without exception, much is beingPsychology2, 648:or the group, as it is here described. In every country they are found and actively are working.Psychology2, 648:good will can be nurtured and developed in every country, and eventually turned to practical use.Psychology2, 650:members of this group are to be found in every country in Europe, in China and Japan, in North andPsychology2, 655:good will which will enable a man in any country to identify himself with his brothers in otherPsychology2, 670:swayed, regimented and standardized. In every country in the world today, men of good will and ofPsychology2, 671:demagogue, and the man with a true love of his country (but with his own selected ideas as to thePsychology2, 671:selected ideas as to the right solution of that country's problem) are today availing themselves ofPsychology2, 672:women of good will and understanding in every country and in every nation. Steadily and quietly,Psychology2, 673:executives. The men of good will in every country must be discovered, and all who respond to thesePsychology2, 673:methods. Through their knowledge of their own country, and of the best way to bring these basicPsychology2, 677:possible, and will be so strong that, in every country, acts of cruelty, of oppression, of enforcedPsychology2, 679:to work, must be found and contacted in every country. Secondly, these men and women of good willPsychology2, 681:to unity, peace and plenty. To provide in every country and eventually in every city, a central
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