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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - COUNTRY

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Psychology2, 682:similarity of ideas and vision, so that in every country and major city the World Servers can findPsychology2, 682:The Secret Services and Intelligences of any country must find all literature and informationPsychology2, 692:effort must be made by the workers in every country to increase the numbers of those who use thisPsychology2, 693:and the varying circumstances of place, country and environing conditions. [694] ThePsychology2, 730:organizations, the educational systems of every country and the great army of thinking men andPsychology2, 738:whilst others of their fellowmen, in the same country, have too much and hold on to it, andPsychology2, 739:life look out upon the world they see in every country, in every race and in every religious body,Rays, 19:these is legion. They are to be found in every country. There are not, however, so many who areRays, 123:its most advanced brackets and groups in every country in the world - be normally clairvoyant, andRays, 142:all our great schools of learning in every country in the world and is the goal of much of ourRays, 271:for students in the political realm, where every country, under differing names, has its chosenRays, 428:same extent as it is to be found in any other country in the world. Freedom is an essentiallyRays, 428:struggle in which we are all participating. The country which is the most free from selfishnessRays, 429:her judgment is sound. The most [429] selfish country in the world today is France, with the UnitedRays, 552:everywhere, with the license present in every country and the apparent breakdown of the marriageRays, 552:this planning, will demonstrate in every country; a creative thinking will be apparent which willRays, 554:Group of World Servers. They appeared in every country, conscious of their task of crystallizingRays, 584:and recorded. Thousands of aspirants in every country (as a result of conscious effort toRays, 595:divine impulse underlying the ideology of that country, is the determination she demonstrates atRays, 596:the coming of which is threatened only by one country, Russia, owing to its separativeness (and notRays, 596:its ideology), and by one world group in every country, those guilty of financial greed andRays, 612:and right and balanced human relations. In every country and among all types of men - sincerely orRays, 623:which at present is not to be found in any country in the world - they can be trusted to swing theRays, 623:could be seen in full expression in that unhappy country during the years 1947-1948. India is oldRays, 625:through the soul, the indications are that the country concerned is nearing the Path ofRays, 627:or Ray of Will or Power, whilst the soul of the country is conditioned by the Ray of Love-Wisdom.Rays, 629:6th Ray of Idealism, which is the energy of the country's personality, and the 2nd Ray ofRays, 629:of Love-Wisdom, which governs the soul of the country. I would here point out to you that it is theRays, 629:and hidden in the material philosophy of the country. The youthful interpretation of this idealismRays, 632:- all blended together within the borders of one country. The U.S.S.R. is also seeking to blend andRays, 670:acceptance of the law of the land in any given country and at any given time, the present disorderRays, 687:place in the world today is the use, in every country, of the word Freedom; it was that greatRays, 742:a few powerful men or groups of powerful men. No country is free from this control, or from thisRays, 759:I would have you call all the people in every country in the world (whom you are in a position toRays, 765:The cone stands between the man and a fruitful country. Rises the cone from out the arid waste.Rays, 765:but its glare is seen. Its flames have swept the country and left the desert bare. It radiatesRays, 765:deep it veils all the distance. From out the country full and green, across the arid waste hadReappearance, 32:radio in Europe and in America and there is no country or island in the world where its use isReappearance, 63:God by any other people, at any time and in any country, are regarded by the orthodox Christian asReappearance, 95:also standing attentive to direction in every country in the world, united in their idealism, inReappearance, 125:concerning the mysteries of initiation. Every country is full of spurious teachers, teaching theReappearance, 162:the desperation of the little man in every country who sees no security or hope anywhere, the workReappearance, 162:the lack of any clear voice or leadership in any country - all these things make the average manReappearance, 166:Christian or spiritually-minded man in every country - Eastern or Western. The lack of money forReappearance, 174:of the money spent, prior to the war in every country in the world (and spent today in the WesternReappearance, 177:of spiritually-minded men and women in every country who, when they come to the point ofReappearance, 181:are everywhere, and are functioning in every country and in all the organized religious groups and
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