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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - COURAGE

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Astrology, 212:is a religion of devotion, fanaticism, of high courage, of idealism, of the spiritual emphasis uponAstrology, 532:the balance and there is no need to despair. The courage of those fighting for freedom remainsAutobiography, 6:has to go to a luncheon party, has to muster the courage to ring the bell; who is very domestic andAutobiography, 7:have been gained and if I can give strength and courage and a sense of reality to other workers andAutobiography, 65:to do the right thing. At dinner time my courage failed me and I had to do some more praying. ButAutobiography, 150:alone in a house and cannot claim to have any courage, except that I have not permitted it toAutobiography, 193:very much whether we should have had the courage to even make a start. Had I appreciated theBethlehem, 24:as one treads the path Christ trod, takes courage of the rarer kind. To cooperate sanely and wiselyBethlehem, 105:also unassailable. Upon this basis we move with courage from the known towards the unknown. It isBethlehem, 124:for the life of the Soul. Nothing but high courage, joined with faith and aspiration, makes theBethlehem, 124:towards perfection) faced a similar issue with courage, faith and aspiration, but the question wasBethlehem, 232:men and women full of confidence, enthusiasm and courage, ready to face persecution and death,Bethlehem, 240:by B. H. Streeter, pp. 175, 176. It takes courage to face the fact of death, and to formulate withBethlehem, 241:to arrest their attention. Others face it with courage, making the best of what may not be evaded,Discipleship1, 12:to a fellow disciple, stimulating him to greater courage, to finer purity of motive and to deeperDiscipleship1, 58:and later, in other lives, as I now do it. The courage and the strength to know all, to realize allDiscipleship1, 89:glamor. [89] So I beg of you to proceed with courage, joy, understanding, extreme caution and - atDiscipleship1, 116:perhaps for a higher quality of faith and of courage than do drastic purgings. But I have no fearsDiscipleship1, 129:or maybe of several life cycles. But you have courage and a steady will and can achieve much inDiscipleship1, 151:and these tendencies they should face with courage and clear vision: Lethargy or the failure to useDiscipleship1, 157:you to face the future with joy and optimism. Courage you always have but joy you lack. With you,Discipleship1, 161:to the West. Go forward into this work with sure courage and with no sense of pressure. Blend theDiscipleship1, 173:picture stage by stage. [173] Go forward with courage, hope and joy, plus understanding, myDiscipleship1, 227:Ponder on these three words - understanding, courage or fearlessness, and love - for the remainderDiscipleship1, 240:of humor!) disappear. Go forward with fresh courage. Learn from the past but refuse to be held byDiscipleship1, 263:which are inwardly sensed. You have poise, courage and knowledge and the "way of the disciple",Discipleship1, 271:This fear to which I refer is not due to lack of courage as it is to fear of definite action, ofDiscipleship1, 277:Third: Go forth upon the future way with courage and no fear. Stand in strength beside your fellowDiscipleship1, 419:that quality you can transmit. Be of good courage, my brother, and lose yourself in service. Discipleship1, 478:which you face but I also know your strength and courage. You will succeed - some day. Keep inDiscipleship1, 515:which reveals the glory of the Self. Be of good courage, my brother, and fear not. Fear itselfDiscipleship1, 527:things you are unalterably sure - of love, courage and the soul. Use not the mind just now butDiscipleship1, 527:includes mine, flow through you; permit the courage of your soul to strengthen you. This courage isDiscipleship1, 527:the courage of your soul to strengthen you. This courage is not a fighting courage or any sort ofDiscipleship1, 527:strengthen you. This courage is not a fighting courage or any sort of struggle to be what is calledDiscipleship1, 527:struggle to be what is called "brave." It is the courage of sure knowledge, held steadily andDiscipleship1, 578:and problems. These you faced, as usual, with courage. The past lies behind you and though I lookedDiscipleship1, 649:MY BROTHER OF OLD: You have handled life with courage, with inspiration and with temper. Is thisDiscipleship1, 650:difficulty. Much dross has been burned out. Your courage has carried you through and theDiscipleship2, 42:of your goal. I do, however, question your courage. It takes courage to make spiritual decisionsDiscipleship2, 42:I do, however, question your courage. It takes courage to make spiritual decisions and to abide byDiscipleship2, 42:decisions and to abide by them; it takes courage to adjust your lives - daily and in all relationsDiscipleship2, 42:the hour and to the service of mankind; it takes courage to demonstrate to those around you thatDiscipleship2, 42:lives and your humdrum contacts; it takes courage to discard the alibis which have prevented youDiscipleship2, 42:today the activities of the Hierarchy; it takes courage to make sacrifices, to refuse time toDiscipleship2, 42:if it were free from all impediments; it takes courage to ignore frailties which may be present,Discipleship2, 43:strain which are the common lot today; it takes courage to attack life on behalf of others, and toDiscipleship2, 85:can, however, form a strong foundation and give courage to the young ones. Most of you are tooDiscipleship2, 160:fusion, now finding voiced expression, and take courage from the massed approach to the Source ofDiscipleship2, 445:Life is difficult these days but you lack not courage, and the sense of inner reality will hold youDiscipleship2, 480:Sound the OM softly seven times. May peace and courage abide with you, my brother. Discipleship2, 501:guards the heart of the hierarchical life. With courage and with determination, my brother and myDiscipleship2, 507:renewed endeavor, enlightened understanding and courage, go forth again, my brother, in the serviceDiscipleship2, 661:the fruit of your month's meditation. Be of good courage and let not physical liability hinder yourDiscipleship2, 755:along these lines and take with patience and courage the effects produced. For these you will beExternalisation, 81:then indeed you can go forward with courage and with hopeful faith. If this is a statement of factExternalisation, 119:region of the adrenal glands, producing animal courage and resistance to shock. But the dualism ofExternalisation, 193:forms of national government must be faced with courage and insight; the restoration -Externalisation, 247:days. Men and women are needed who have the courage and the insight to stand with steadfastness andExternalisation, 336:attitude of love, of hopeful expectancy, of courage, of spiritual demand and of directed will isExternalisation, 354:be steadiness, selflessness and silence, plus courage and confidence - confidence in the strengthExternalisation, 428:borders they do not possess enough people with courage, understanding, or with the ability to thinkExternalisation, 428:campaign, argues a general weakness, lack of courage and a natural predilection for evil guidance.Externalisation, 459:and to hope with greater conviction and courage for a better world set-up; their hitherto wishfulExternalisation, 487:a true spiritual perspective, with undaunted courage, [488] sure faith and the firm conviction thatExternalisation, 616:Instead, they should be faced [616] with courage, with truth and understanding, as well as with theExternalisation, 628:a vast opportunity before them if they have the courage and the patience to do the needed work.Externalisation, 628:my brothers, that the most needed quality is courage; it takes courage to put aside diffidence,Externalisation, 628:the most needed quality is courage; it takes courage to put aside diffidence, shyness and theExternalisation, 629:Therefore I say that the first prerequisite is courage. The second requirement for the workers ofExternalisation, 630:support is required. People may have the courage to speak, but an intelligent presentation is ofExternalisation, 631:naught to add in the way of an appeal for funds, courage or understanding. If the courage of theExternalisation, 631:for funds, courage or understanding. If the courage of the Christ, as He faces return to thisExternalisation, 650:the Christ and the salvaging of mankind demand courage, organization, [651] business acumen,Externalisation, 670:give to all men and women of goodwill the needed courage to go forward. You ask me (and rightly) ofExternalisation, 672:of the Hierarchy, take heart and renew your courage. The Hierarchy not only stands (as oft I haveGlamour, 21:regarded as presenting the final test of man's courage, and as being in the nature of a giganticGlamour, 68:I ask you to set to work, therefore, with fresh courage and determination and with freshGlamour, 250:campaign which will call for all the strength, courage and endurance of which he is capable.Healing, 286:[286] in the field of occult healing, the same courage must be shown and the same risks assumed.Healing, 388:be induced, bringing with it the restoration of courage; the restoration of an affirmative attitudeHealing, 443:dealt with by the use of another factor such as courage. They must be met by the omniscience of theHercules, 4:and destiny that he will go forward with fresh courage. We shall trace the story of Hercules andHercules, 23:he always wore the lion's skin as a proof of his courage, and the motto of that sign being "theHercules, 56:Hercules went on, sure of himself and with new courage for the search. Now to the west he turnedHercules, 95:not the trial which lay just ahead. He felt his courage strong. He rested from his labors, and timeHercules, 123:Pisces, the opposite pole, the keynote given is courage, and the Piscean temperament is called aHercules, 125:the test of friendship rare and the test of courage unafraid. The Teacher had instructed him toHercules, 145:that Hercules had to express were humility, courage and discrimination: humility, to see his plightHercules, 145:objectively and recognize his shortcomings; courage, to attack the monster that lay coiled at theHercules, 208:aspirant, and he will go forward with fresh courage as he gains a sequential picture of universalHercules, 226:personality is characterized by that determined courage which is the gift of people born in thisInitiation, 25:of personality reactions and interactions; by a courage which is the result of that experience, andInitiation, 25:the characteristics of knowledge, dynamic will, Courage, and silence. "To know, to will, to dare,Initiation, 160:intention, and a stern self-control and courage, the power to further the purposes of the Ego, whoIntellect, 12:of fresh crisis, we can go forward with true courage, for the portals into the New Age are far moreIntellect, 203:can approach the study of meditation with good courage. He can begin to organize his life so thatMagic, 23:but what these words really signify, who has the courage to declare? We call this unknown somethingMagic, 153:go forward during their period of training with courage and with joy, knowing that they are membersMagic, 231:disciple comes forth to battle and faces with courage (and often with clear vision) the forces
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