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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - COURSE

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Astrologysuggestion and to test out conclusions over the course of a few years. If you can do this, thereAstrology, 33:our planet. [33] Unconscious reaction will of course exist, but it will be on a general or massAstrology, 53:point appears a center of reception." This is of course pictorially expressed, but the meaning isAstrology, 177:the power to see the vision and to direct one's course towards it. This is the work of Mars, theAstrology, 303:body of humanity, the solar system and - of course - the planet. I would here point out that theAstrology, 306:has already been touched upon above and is, of course, easily apparent to you if you have theAstrology, 336:and it has its spiritual importance, and this of course is only revealed at the major initiations.Astrology, 373:permitted to pursue too long and too terrible a course, can most definitely further the ends ofAstrology, 389:and also in Aquarius and Pisces. This of course refers to effects upon man upon the reversed wheel.Astrology, 410:- from the angle of extreme illusion - in the course of one year, corresponds to the life of theAstrology, 464:- The Triangles and the Centers It will be of course obvious to you that it will not be possible toAstrology, 469:correct and appropriate. This statement of course means little to any student at this time. When,Astrology, 638:by karmic law - is separated from their physical course. The calculations of the best astrologersAtom, 40:of the microbe to select and reject, and in the course of his remarks he says: "When the microbeAtom, 45:and selective power, but will, in the course of aeons, reach that more advanced stage ofAtom, 59:have three factors again present, provided, of course, that the basis of our reasoning is correct:Atom, 62:form as a means of expression, and then - in due course of time - liberating itself from theAtom, 86:Just as the atom pursues its own internal course, and just as it also has later to be drawn intoAtom, 92:of culmination in man, then proceeding on its course till it demonstrates as the planetaryAtom, 143:give a lecture on Cosmic Evolution, because, of course, it is a subject which neither I nor anyAtom, 154:the goal may be God consciousness. Now, of course, when you consider the solar Logos words fail,Atom, 155:him towards them, and making him, in due course of time, radioactive. In the Eastern books they sayAutobiography, 9:a feeling of great dislike of it all. That is of course a bad note upon which to begin the story ofAutobiography, 16:and the crescent moon. The latter harks back, of course, to the Crusades in which some of myAutobiography, 30:done?" I had discovered this book one day in the course of my inquisitive prowling and made aAutobiography, 49:wants as do the theologians of the world. In the course of my life I suppose literally thousands ofAutobiography, 62:the different types of drunks. There is, of course, the quarrelsome drunk and many is the drunkenAutobiography, 64:for her at once, emphasizing that I was not, of course, much good but that she had no one else atAutobiography, 68:about five or six thousand feet up and were, of course, summer stations. From May till September weAutobiography, 77:I do not understand the feminine mind. This, of course, is a generalization and like allAutobiography, 81:play cards, swear, or go to the theatre and, of course he mustn't have anything to do with women.Autobiography, 94:infant taking refuge in dramatics. She was, of course, deeply disappointed in me. I had done theAutobiography, 97:United States and there to take a theological course and so become a clergyman of the EpiscopalAutobiography, 104:one of our great universities for a postgraduate course, I received a letter from the president ofAutobiography, 104:to my husband because, he stated, never in the course of his long experience with thousands ofAutobiography, 111:nobody good enough for me to associate with. Of course, I did my duty as the rector's wife and I amAutobiography, 116:the mother to bed and take care of her too? Of course I did, and for three days I had two sickAutobiography, 117:though I was quite unaware of the fact. Word, of course, had gone around the village of everythingAutobiography, 121:though the bishop of that diocese would, of course, have to know the details. I remember well theAutobiography, 126:which could be believed. The theological course which I took on arrival did not help me at all. AnyAutobiography, 126:arrival did not help me at all. Any theological course would undermine a man's faith if he isAutobiography, 129:apparently. I was obviously too good and, of course, exceedingly proper and they did not know whatAutobiography, 132:a university in the east to take a postgraduate course. I seldom heard from him. No money came fromAutobiography, 144:in those days. The movie industry was, of course, the major industry, but the town remained at thatAutobiography, 145:and they are grand and [145] human folk. Of course there is a bad element but I would like to knowAutobiography, 145:a nice Gentile and I naturally replied, "Of course. In fact, I think I am one myself." He nextAutobiography, 151:the public. They are in the majority, of course, quite sincere but their emphasis is wrong. TheyAutobiography, 152:joyously accepted the responsibility. It was, of course, strictly vegetarian, [153] and I had beenAutobiography, 154:I worked this out in my own consciousness in due course of time but not rapidly. Autobiography, 211:me a photograph of himself, autographed, of course, and after a year or so this disappeared. ItAutobiography, 215:the two men I had married. My experience, of course, was that of every parent who launches youngAutobiography, 221:river and docked at Antwerp. The girls, of course, had never seen a foreign city. Everything lookedAutobiography, 228:later I went down to Washington, D.C., to give a course of lectures in the New Willard Hotel. AtAutobiography, 250:A Treatise on White Magic, been adapted as a course of study and that at the very earnest requestAutobiography, 254:and to the spiritual life, though based, of course, on the ancient rules. Those instructions willAutobiography, 299:the physical plane, to do this work but he, of course, had other activities and responsibilitiesBethlehem, 74:already reached, let us persevere in the same course." - Phil., III, 8, 9, 12, 16, WeymouthBethlehem, 76:the sun appears to pass on its journey in the course of a year, and during its greater cycle ofBethlehem, 91:upon the human consciousness, thus changing the course of human affairs, is the story of history;Bethlehem, 103:conception, it was implied as a matter of course that through the trial of suffering he must becomeBethlehem, 127:character, and how is it produced? First, of course, it is produced by the wheel of life and theBethlehem, 166:and yet He went forward undeviatingly upon the course assigned Him, although prevision of disasterBethlehem, 169:their root in our relationship to God. That of course is the basis of service. It must be, as itBethlehem, 170:A.E. Haydon, p. 106.) This idea of service is of course in complete conflict with the usuallyBethlehem, 177:markedly similar as we find them. "I cannot of course go at length into these different cults, butBethlehem, 180:itself down to this, Have there been in the course of human evolution certain, so to speak, nodalBethlehem, 210:of the service of one's own desires. In the course of enunciating these new truths concerning loveBethlehem, 219:and agonized Word. The number three is, of course, one of the most important and sacred numbers. ItDestiny, 55:just [55] and loving understanding. That is, of course, the ideal before her, but not as yet theDestiny, 70:are crystallized and have nearly run their course as personalities; others again are coming underDestiny, 126:disciples. The problems of the Hierarchy are, of course, no real concern of those who have notDiscipleship1, 5:is not recognized, time will pursue its onward course and revelation will ultimately come. I exact,Discipleship1, 5:results and for phenomena which has deterred the course and the progress of many would-beDiscipleship1, 54:experiment. If successful, they will, in the course of the next 275 years: Anchor on earth certainDiscipleship1, 85:from each other. These must go. There are, of course, other requirements but if you can understandDiscipleship1, 89:law that "energy follows thought." This, of course, everyone interested in occult study recognizesDiscipleship1, 128:old standing. Of this latter cause, I am, of course, more conscious than you can be. It isDiscipleship1, 128:easy for a person of your type to enter upon a course of self-discipline under the suggestion ofDiscipleship1, 131:is rare, but you can give it. You will, of course, endeavor to conform to group requirements, willDiscipleship1, 143:you are constantly oriented towards giving. Your course is obvious but more I cannot say nor shallDiscipleship1, 149:which the second ray type embodies. This is of course in itself the principle of manifestation andDiscipleship1, 258:Expression of the will-to-love. There are, of course, many other qualities and tendencies but IDiscipleship1, 344:at this time possible is psychological. This, of course, produces physical results. When a healerDiscipleship1, 448:leaves them. The initiate walks ever a straight course between the pairs of opposites, serene andDiscipleship1, 461:the gains will be there and will register in due course of time. The ajna center (the centerDiscipleship1, 461:which exists within the form. Such is the true course of symbolism to which you, as a disciple, areDiscipleship1, 511:the glamor will then disappear. Glamor is, of course, such a subtle thing that it ever masqueradesDiscipleship1, 530:for all the flowers bloom all the time, and of course there are many in that long [531] flowerDiscipleship1, 578:and interposed my help, though you, of course, knew it not. Can I, at this point, convey to you aDiscipleship1, 586:state of fever, with (symbolically speaking, of course) periods of violent activity, amountingDiscipleship1, 624:quality of power is expressing itself. That, of course. But I mean primarily that you areDiscipleship1, 670:brain consciousness. The keynote of this is, of course, alignment. Have this thought of alignmentDiscipleship1, 706:or in shaping their decisions. I refer of course to the leaders of the Forces of Light upon theDiscipleship1, 769:and status of the disciple, though there are, of course, many other indicatory evidences. Discipleship1, 782:A Treatise on White Magic, been adopted as a course of study and that at the very earnest requestDiscipleship1, 786:and to the spiritual life, though based, of course, on the ancient rules. Some of theseDiscipleship2, 84:the last five years that any correspondence course for, the School has been arranged around one orDiscipleship2, 96:individual instructions and then - during the course of the year - answer six questions which IDiscipleship2, 108:and ask them to serve the human race; this of course means, incidentally, serving the Hierarchy andDiscipleship2, 134:living and service. This is registered in due course by the brain. This is of major importance and
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