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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - COURSE

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Discipleship2, 148:about nine years ago and the second during the course of the war. I would ask you to use it dailyDiscipleship2, 170:mental and hence exceedingly powerful - this of course when rightly done. "Energy follows thought"Discipleship2, 203:Hierarchy and Humanity. Such a relation has, of course, always existed, and always there have beenDiscipleship2, 269:initiate of the New Age must have. Love is of course needed; wisdom must be present, but the senseDiscipleship2, 273:national spiritual objectives. They have of course been prostituted to signify nationalDiscipleship2, 273:to the soul of the people. Not yet, equally of course, is the "point moving forward into the circleDiscipleship2, 292:but when man saw and could focus and direct his course by sight, it marked a stupendous unfoldmentDiscipleship2, 335:which he deals with his personality. This is, of course, not [336] apparent to you, on account ofDiscipleship2, 338:What do you understand by vision? I refer, of course, to vision which is true, and which thereforeDiscipleship2, 367:of form will be the revelation. This is, of course, a platitude of which you are well aware but itDiscipleship2, 476:and steady use of the head center. You are, of course, a "heart" person. The task ahead of you inDiscipleship2, 500:accepted disciple. Until such time as your outer course of action appears clearer to you, and untilDiscipleship2, 548:the teaching from the group angle. There are, of course, three basic principles governing all workDiscipleship2, 587:with a first ray astral body, provided, of course, you have in this life reduced the usuallyDiscipleship2, 596:1948 BROTHER OF MINE: Today in the ordinary course of events and as part of my final planning inDiscipleship2, 643:grade reactions to circumstance and people is of course true but I question whether anything is toDiscipleship2, 723:your fluidic and active mind; this, in due course, results in a restless, constantly changingDiscipleship2, 760:succeed in this endeavor immediately, but in due course of time and with persistent effort youDiscipleship2, 767:Forth into the light of day he came and ran his course. He runs until today. Great is the mysteryEducation, 15:whereby the process is carried on, but it is of course far more personal in its implications.Education, 104:and contained within the divine plan. It is of course entirely true that the process is spoiled andEducation, 106:equipped as never before. The effort is, of course, largely to enable them to meet material andEducation, 131:the premises which I have laid down. It is of course impossible for me to do more than indicateExternalisation, 11:are easily deceived. For example, it is of course obvious that on the astral plane there is aExternalisation, 44:which may eventually end in death will, of course, still be prevalent. The overcoming of death isExternalisation, 47:has ahead of it a rich and most interesting course of study and an illuminating objective. ItsExternalisation, 48:higher expression - the intellect. Thus in due course of time a large group of animal-men becameExternalisation, 64:building of the world antahkarana, working of course in group formation. This they can do if theyExternalisation, 85:Berlin is the throat center. London is, of course, the heart center for Great Britain (andExternalisation, 91:it to the kingdoms of nature. There are of course several meanings to these ancient writings. IExternalisation, 98:was the leaving of a minority to the ordinary course of evolution. These latter today constituteExternalisation, 229:action or refrains from action (which latter course is just as determining for good or evil as isExternalisation, 253:[253] it is not their affair, and that in due course of time the process will be worked out andExternalisation, 260:the responsibility imposed upon them, the course of world affairs and world events might have beenExternalisation, 278:whether it must not perforce run its appointed course. I would remind you that the law of cycles isExternalisation, 301:resolve, directed will and open minds, plus of course, essential purity of form. These AvatarsExternalisation, 340:triumphing is, therefore, to be expected. The course of the war hitherto has demonstrated this.Externalisation, 488:about nine years ago and the second during the course of the war. I would ask you to use it dailyExternalisation, 520:been carried on "behind the veil" and are, of course, only a very small part of the total work ofExternalisation, 536:obstruction on the physical plane. It found its course impeded and discovered it was faced withExternalisation, 537:much and bring about great changes in due course of time. You will note, therefore, that theExternalisation, 585:and conscious of a similar vision. It is of course wise to remember that all such disciples areExternalisation, 632:you to carry on where I leave off. I refer of course to my exoteric work. That the work which I amExternalisation, 638:freedom in a democratic world - modeled, of course, on American democracy. Other motives are anExternalisation, 680:of the units in the ashram; this is, of course, diversified by the ray quality of the aspirants andExternalisation, 686:Masters and initiates. These statements have, of course, implications which will not be understoodExternalisation, 693:In the application of this science there is of course no infringement of the human prerogative ofFire, VII:or of any other of the books. During the long course of the work the minds of the Tibetan andFire, 47:of the evolving Jiva. We now come, in due course, to the point of merging or to the end ofFire, 122:The fifth race, the Aryan, is now running its course on this globe concurrently with a large partFire, 131:of the cells of His body) pursues the same course; He ceases to be attracted downward or outward,Fire, 138:make adequate response. Hence it is only in due course of evolution, and when the matter of theseFire, 145:lost in the maze of illusion, begins in course of time to recognize (under the Law of Attraction)Fire, 162:of the centers has pursued a parallel course, and that (apart from his active participation) theFire, 175:it forever and ever. The deviation of each one's course, and his rate of progress from Nirvana toFire, 193:for, to speak is to work in ether which of course rules the lower quaternary of elements, air,Fire, 193:classes of Devas and those elements are of course the vowels and the consonants. The details of theFire, 193:to the domain of true Mantra Sastra which of course is in the hands of the knowers." - SomeFire, 195:which that something lies. This apprehension, in course of time, calls into being another sense,Fire, 219:song. The functions of the Vedas must of course vary according to the standpoint. If you take theFire, 219:for, to speak is to work in ether which of course rules the lower quaternary or elements, air,Fire, 219:classes of Devas and those elements are of course the vowels and the consonants. The details of theFire, 219:to the domain of true Mantra Sastra which of course is in the hands of the knowers." - From SomeFire, 252:three into the one. Each Heavenly Man has, of course, His primary coloring or principle as has manFire, 252:instance in whose body it finds place. This, of course, is in connection with the [253] physicalFire, 278:or lesser, in which some life runs some specific course, in which some particular period begins,Fire, 284:to the "ONE WHO IS ABOVE OUR LOGOS." This is, of course; beyond human conception, but must beFire, 286:senses, and by experiment. Experiment in due course of time and after many cycles of incarnation isFire, 290:attained by the aid of mind, transmuted in due course of time into love-wisdom, and entail theFire, 292:same way as a planetary Logos pursues a similar course. This is achieved when all the Heavenly MenFire, 303:of more importance than the physical. In due course of time the astral cycles will be betterFire, 324:comprehended, human evolution will have run its course. A Master has solved the problem ofFire, 330:of the Law of Attraction. Paralleling them, of course, during evolution are their opposites,Fire, 381:will eventually become exoteric. In due course of time systemic information along the lines of: TheFire, 393:for final emancipation, Moksha. Till then, of course, the Karana Sarira, the seed, the result ofFire, 397:(conceived of in the abstract mind) in due course of evolution crystallize into concrete form byFire, 402:human units - as cells in Their body - are of course included in all that is posited about Them,Fire, 405:there are called the Pitris, which of course means fathers. These Pitris are often heard of in aFire, 414:(S. D., I, Section IX, Vol. I, 176-200) In due course of time another merging in the scheme willFire, 418:In studying all these points the emphasis is, of course, to be laid upon the future, and I enlargeFire, 438:divisions can be studied separately and in due course of time (when it may be safe to transmitFire, 458:which may be under consideration, should in due course of evolution give birth to offspring, whoFire, 463:latent mentality will ensue, leading in due course of time to the crisis in the next round. MoreFire, 475:change, through the application of heat, is of course universally recognized, but the key to theFire, 500:consummation is achieved, and man has found his course. Let us, therefore, look for a brief momentFire, 506:solar fire. This central blaze inevitably in due course burns up the third fire, or absorbs itsFire, 510:of mind, the above enumeration suffices. In the course of his many septenary lives, and as theFire, 525:longer [525] part of an esoteric process. In due course of time, it will be found that theFire, 532:As the permanent atoms become radioactive in due course of evolution, the result within the centerFire, 533:of which the earth is not one, but who in due course of time will come to be recognized as having aFire, 537:the planetary schemes, which also in due course of time pass into obscuration, and transmit theirFire, 544:destructive, if left blindly to follow their own course. Before taking up this matter, however, IFire, 554:(functioning in a material body) will in due course of time consciously, and fully, respond. HeFire, 556:if he meditates and studies: First. That in due course of time, as the Logos [557] achievesFire, 558:hold His life, though not for long. In due course of time the entire scheme will be obscured, andFire, 571:His actions, in the same way as the ego - in due course of evolution - controls the humanFire, 573:linked by one large circle. Both symbols are, of course, in the higher dimensions. The symbol forFire, 591:the evolving personality builds up, during the course of many lives, the causal body; it fixes theFire, 613:germ of positive life or force, which, in due course of time, demonstrates as a planetary scheme,Fire, 641:indicate certain broad general lines. In due course of time, as the human family becomes centered
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