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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - COURSE

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Fire, 667:of divinity are equally blended, and in the course of the mahamanvantara the imperfect Gods becomeFire, 694:This is in process of demonstration during the course of evolution. We are dealing here with theFire, 703:constructed, and thus to put himself - in due course of time - into the line of another type ofFire, 706:and adepts - will be left to pursue the natural course of evolution on this scheme. The mystery ofFire, 710:lies concealed at the heart of the lotus, in due course of time to stand revealed when theFire, 712:force, so as to bring the fifth spirilla in due course of time into full activity and usefulness.Fire, 717:the threefold lower man, so that they may in due course of time intelligently express the will andFire, 719:The Egos awaiting opportunity will not, of course, enter in until the human type of that era isFire, 738:'Who goes to Devachan?' The personal Ego, of course, but beatified, purified, holy. Every Ego - theFire, 738:the effects of the causes produced by them." "Of course it is a state, one, so to say, of intenseFire, 770:family karma. The individual urge, which is, of course, a reaction to group urge, is the result ofFire, 819:and solar fire irradiates; it lights up in due course of evolution the lower sheaths; it graduallyFire, 853:loads of Egos from the moon chain. He has of course materialized the idea far too much; if the sameFire, 882:will be concerned with when he becomes in due course of time a solar Pitri, or divine manasaputraFire, 884:to what might be termed the "key" petal. This of course differs according to the unit of forceFire, 894:channel along which that fire will travel in due course of evolution, and finally we find at theFire, 901:devas of the fourth cosmic ether will, in due course of evolution, work out the plan in objectiveFire, 903:the earth devas of densest matter become, in the course of evolution, the devas of the waters, andFire, 953:has himself constructed and nourished during the course of his previous incarnations, and whichFire, 975:his thought-forms. The little evolved do not, of course, employ the third eye for the stimulatingFire, 1012:of life), impinges upon the gland and in the course of years gradually increases its secretion,Fire, 1051:upon any center in His body corporate. It is, of course, all under cosmic law, but beyond theFire, 1052:hidden in Their cyclic karma, - a karma which of course will incidentally involve those monads andFire, 1054:of Mind 3. The Law of Solar Evolution It is, of course, a truism to state that the Law of SolarFire, 1055:body (whether dense or subtle) pursue an orbital course around the central energetic positive unit.Fire, 1055:to the heart center. The throat center is, of course, ever vibrant in all the Logoi, as all areFire, 1065:electron. The positive life of any atom in due course of evolution becomes negative to a greaterFire, 1068:into the sheath at the moment of liberation. In course of time and with more knowledge, trueFire, 1068:further than that it will not go, and when the course of nature has been run, when the wheel ofFire, 1071:- Spleen. The planetary egoic center is, of course, the transmitter to all the others, and itFire, 1077:themselves into some greater sphere in due course of evolution. These are: The mineral monad of theFire, 1084:sphere, and suns of all degrees, follow its course. The night of time is lost in it, and kalpasFire, 1084:wheels, spheres within spheres. Each pursues his course and attracts or rejects his brother, andFire, 1105:or the thought currents sent through in course of time from the physical brain. The activities ofFire, 1114:second Logos, planetary or solar. This is, of course, only true of this solar system, being theFire, 1135:to from the side of Matter. These are not, of course, due to the Logos of a system, but are theFire, 1152:is seen and known in our solar system. This, of course, has been oft emphasized in different occultFire, 1157:and demonstrating with a freer flow as the course of evolution is pursued. As far as man isFire, 1159:gaps (if I may so express it) which have (in the course of evolution) to be bridged by theFire, 1166:of preservation, which, in strictness, of course, belong to Vishnu." - Pranava-Vada, pp. 84, 311. Fire, 1184:liberated jiva enters one of these Caves in the course of his pilgrimage, he takes an initiation,Fire, 1221:balance or scales of the sign Libra, but in the course of the ages its true form was distorted. NotFire, 1249:the life of the solar Logos. This center is of course one of [1250] the seven constellations. As itFire, 1251:and a knowledge of rhythm. These words will, of course, mean nothing to the uniniated but to someGlamour, 15:will necessarily be only relative, but in the course of the next few years, your knowledge of theGlamour, 27:of the individual aspirant. This is, of course, necessary, for the mass is made up of theGlamour, 34:your free will, to meet your need and clear your course to service. Glamour, 37:of consciousness; the group glamor and, of course, the world glamor remain to him as yet a bindingGlamour, 50:a group teacher or teachers (of whom I might, of course, be one) but are the outcome of theGlamour, 71:national psychological traits. These are, of course, based on ray tendencies, past history, andHealing, 37:through the process of initiation. This of course only happens when the man is consciously upon theHealing, 53:of desire of a high or low caliber. This is, of course, a broad generalization, for that basicHealing, 68:specialist and the charlatan are rare; they of course exist, as do the corrupt and the undesirableHealing, 73:and the other below the diaphragm. It is of course apparent that where there is a free flow ofHealing, 132:of difficulties, problems and diseases are of course those of people upon all the rays, but firstHealing, 198:physical disability of any kind (except of course those due to accidents and, to some [199] extent,Healing, 199:vitally involved and responsive. This covers, of course, the head, the throat and the torso. TheHealing, 342:Absence of mind. Soullessness. This is, of course, a wide generalization and has no reference toHealing, 342:These latter diseases involve the brain of course, indicate mental imbalance, produce various typesHealing, 401:regard this presentation as acceptable, and of course among those we must class the unthinkingHealing, 420:of the cells of His body) pursues the same course; He ceases to be attracted downward or outward,Healing, 430:life essence or prana. The whole subject is of course most obscure, and for those on strictly humanHealing, 453:path of progress differs, and each pursues its course. As has been noted, for a long period of timeHealing, 457:let there be silence in the chamber. This is, of course, frequently the case. It must be rememberedHealing, 481:training from infancy will do much in the course of a few decades. Wrong [482] conditions have beenHealing, 546:be stamped out and only good control. It will of course be a gradual process, and in the earlyHealing, 556:to heal will face, as you can see, a very severe course of training before his own equipment -Healing, 563:sleep - to astral control. The cure, as you of course know, is a full creative outer life,Healing, 632:touched upon this subject several times in the course of this teaching upon healing. It isHealing, 642:to plan or the necessities of the work. This, of course, refers only to initiates of high degree. IHealing, 671:use, but it might be stated that the entire course of history and of the evolutionary progress ofHercules, 2:steps." [2] The swiftly passing aeons ran their course. The great wheel turned and, turning,Hercules, 181:your life and fortune will be in my hands. Of course, I do not think you can fulfil your boast, butHercules, 215:of months in the year, or in its diurnal course, when the divisions marked the hours of the day andHercules, 218:sun appears to follow amongst the stars in the course of a year." The Zodiac, therefore, is theInitiation, 17:very definite difference. Every initiate has, of course, for his primary or spiritual ray one ofInitiation, 32:the mineral and vegetable kingdoms. In due course of time scientists will recognize that everyInitiation, 44:to energize it within the form so that, in due course of time, that form can be discarded and theInitiation, 78:may but achieve the goal, and who steer a steady course through circumstances, keeping the eyesInitiation, 85:Path. At this initiation, should the ordinary course be followed, (which again is not at allInitiation, 90:the Adept has to take a very intensive course in planetary occultism. A Master wields the law inInitiation, 104:that the force he has generated will in due course of time bring to fulfilment the plan; he knowsInitiation, 143:solar and cosmic astrology; this being based, of course, on the correct figures, the trueInitiation, 156:Specific direction of energy. This, of course, on the planes in the three worlds. 4. The aspirant,Initiation, 163:ceremony to the initiate. It is apparent of course, that only the fact of the secret, and anInitiation, 163:body with information. Thereby (when in due course of time he stands before the Initiator) he willInitiation, 176:are under natural law, and come in due course of time to every soul without exception. In a lesserInitiation, 177:man's own unaided effort, which leads him in due course of time to find his own center ofInitiation, 197:spine, or the heart would eventuate. It must, of course, here be recognized that no hard or fastInitiation, 225:These potentialities will be unfolded during the course of evolution. This Triad forms theIntellect, 111:to desire. This offers it again, in the ordinary course, to the second power, called judgment,Intellect, 193:Meditation The Method in Christianity It is, of course, easy to find many passages which link theIntellect, 199:them from the obstacles which hinder their course to perfect Contemplation." Michael de Molinos,Intellect, 233:not knowledge be just as divine as feeling? Of course, this way does involve hard particularly atIntellect, 257:parallel the meditation work with some course of reading and study, so as to preserve the balanceMagic, 23:which is abstracted or withdrawn when the life course is run. What this something is, who shallMagic, 28:movement, activity and change. This is of course putting it crudely, but it suffices to sum up theMagic, 51:Some Basic Assumptions We are entering upon a course of study wherein the entire tendency will beMagic, 67:- Rule One - The Way of the Disciple It is of course of vital interest to appreciate theMagic, 79:be considered a detriment. All has been in due course of evolution, and later when the Orient and
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